Battle Of Giants: San Francisco Shock Come Out Victorious In Epic 5-Map Match Against The Vancouver Titans

The two best teams in the league put on a show for everyone during Overwatch League's Kit-Kat Rivalry Weekend. San Francisco was able to overcome the Vancouver Titans in an epic 5-map match on the first day of the weekend.

The match was the fourth time that the Shock and the Titans have faced each other this season and San Francisco's win brings the head to head matches to a 2-2 record. Each team has one a regular season win against each other. The Titans also beat San Francisco in the Stage One finals while San Francisco beat the Titans in the Stage Two finals. This last game between them during the rivalry weekend was a possible Grand Finals preview and it did not disappoint.

Vancouver got off to a strong start and dismantled the shock 2-0 on Lijiang Tower. San Francisco battled back to take map two on Volskaya. The two teams alternated wins the rest of the match with the Titans taking map 3 and the Shock taking map 4. The fifth and final map went to San Francisco as they showed their dominance.

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These two teams have been consistently dominating their opponents all year and they combine to have four of the five MVP finalists alone. They both have two with the San Francisco Shock's Sinaatra and Super while the Titans field Jjanu and Twilight. We haven't seen much of Sinaatra and Super in stage four and the same was for this match. Sinaatra played on King's Row and Super didn't play at all. Surprisingly, Twilight did not play in the match for Vancouver.

Nonetheless, the match produced fireworks and some of the most exciting Overwatch of the season. The DPS for both teams truly shined and the arguably two best off-tank players (Jjanu and Choihyobin) in the league played exceptionally like usual.

The match between the two giants of the league lived up to the hype and moved the lifetime record to even going into the season playoffs. The Titans and the Shock have a solid chance of seeing each other again in the Grand Finals and if that happens, the best of the best all year will have the chance to prove once and for all who the best team in the 2019 season of the Overwatch League truly is.

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