Scalebound Producer Shoots Down Rumors Of Nintendo Switch Revival

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About a week ago, rumors sprang up concerning a possible Nintendo Switch conversion of the canceled would-be Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, but a former PlatinumGames producer has taken to Twitter to dispel those claims. Though the game never saw life on Microsoft’s console, fans wanted to believe that this hardware-pusher could somehow see the light of day on a system much less powerful than the one for which it was initially being developed.

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“I’d highly doubt this is a thing,” ex-PlatinumGames developer Jean Pierre Kellams stated on Twitter in response to the rampant speculation concerning the ill-fated production. “It’s not like Scalebound was a beloved IP,” he continued. “It never got a chance to be that.”

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Though Kellams left PlatinumGames in 2017 following the game’s cancellation and can’t know the true ins and outs of the studio’s plans, he has an undeniable point. How could a game once considered to showcase everything Microsoft’s powerhouse of a console had to offer possibly be made to run on a much less capable system? Sure, 2016’s epic twitch shooter Doom was made to run on the Switch, but that came with a set of marked caveats which separated the experience significantly from its console counterparts.

Stranger things have happened, of course. Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive, of all things, and few could forget the mature yet underwhelming Devil’s Third, which was also exclusive to Nintendo’s 2012 touchpad console. What’s more, it’s no secret that the Switch has had a dearth of third-party exclusives, and a Scalebound revival tied to the console could serve to boost Nintendo’s already booming sales figures.

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There’s another major sticking point for those hoping to see the game live on in Switch form, however. Though Scalebound was officially axed by Microsoft back in January of 2017, they still maintain the rights to the IP. This means that a Switch conversion would face yet another roadblock in the form of property ownership, and Microsoft probably wouldn’t be eager to make the trade all that worthwhile for Nintendo.

Yet, the two gaming giants have been rumored to be working together, and whispers of Microsoft’s Xbox Live making its way to Nintendo’s console have been intriguing and confounding gamers for a few weeks now. Nobody can say with certainty what’s in store for PlatinumGames once-canned video game blockbuster, but it’s hard to imagine the studio going through the effort to release would essentially be a Scalebound demake.

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