Doom: The 10 Most Terrifying Demons, Ranked

As a game about taking on the hordes of Hell, Doom (2016) is naturally full of demons for players to shoot, burn, blast, and generally just destroy. But as much as the game is about the thrill of mowing down the countless legions of the damned, the enemies you face can still be pretty frightening, as the character design pulls out all the stops to make for unique and intimidating foes.

While not every demon in Doom represents a major threat, they can all cause problems in one way or another, and their unsettling appearances and destructive attacks can throw players off long enough for them to get overwhelmed. Let's examine 10 of the the most terrifying demons in Doom.

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10 The Possessed

The Possessed come in at the very bottom of the list, beating out weaker foes like the Unwilling and the Lost Souls, each of which can be dispatched very easily. The Possessed, however, take a bit more planning. Some of them are weak, melee fighters that you can ignore - unless you're facing a large group of them. Others have guns and shields, and can pose a real problem.

While these weaker enemies are generally there mostly to act as resource drops for Glory Kills, forgetting about them can have deadly consequences. No one wants to take down a mob of angry demons, only to be left with one point of health left and then be killed by a shambling zombie.

9 Imp

Just above the Possessed in terms of danger, Imps are nimble demons that enjoy hopping around the map, keeping their distance, and throwing large flaming projectiles at the player. They don't have much variety in their attacks, but like the Possessed, ignoring them can come with dire consequences.

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Since their attacks do a significant amount of damage, that means that Imps can't just be passed off as a distraction. While there may be more dangerous demons on the battlefield, Imps will almost always accompany them to burn down your health while your focus lies elsewhere, making them a threat not to be taken lightly.

8 Hell Razer

Next up is the Hell Razer, effectively an upgraded version of the Possessed Soldiers. These demons shoot out larges beams of pure Hell energy at the player, cutting off escape routes and threatening those at low health. While these are again mostly support troops, they are still dangerous.

Hell Razers can take quite a bit more damage than their Possessed counterparts, and will need at least a few seconds of time dedicated to draining their health. While that doesn't seem like much time, in a fast paced game where every moment counts it can mean the difference between life and death.

7 Hell Knight

The first real danger introduced to players is the Hell Knight - big, bad, and able to soak tons of damage before going down, these demons demand attention. While they don't have any ranged attacks, their devastating claws can lash out quickly and their massive jump lets them cover distance in a single bound.

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The best strategy to handle the Hell Knight is to keep your distance and hit it with everything you've got until it stops moving. They never spawn alone, though, so be prepared to deal with Imps, Possessed, and Hell Razers while you're keeping an eye on the massive Knight heading towards you.

6 Summoner

The Summoner, if not the most terrifying demon, is certainly one of the most frustrating. These creatures stay true to their name and call forth lesser monsters from Hell itself to fight alongside them. They tend to avoid direct confrontation, often sprinting away the moment you get too close, and can also send massive waves of Hell energy at you from afar.

Summoners are an absolutely critical target to eliminate in a fight, which makes their squirrely nature all the more infuriating. Distance weapons are the best bet against them, but if you can get close enough a shotgun will make quick work as they aren't the strongest demon, physically.

5 Revenant

A horrifying combination of technology and monstrosity that arose when someone asked the question, "What if we gave a demon a jetpack?" the Revenant is an agile threat armed with devastating rocket attacks. They are quick and wily like imps, their barrages can deal incredible damage from a distance, and on top of that they can fly.

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The rockets move slowly enough that they can be dodged as long as the player keeps moving, and their flight is generally used for additional mobility as opposed to gaining the permanent high ground, so the Revenant isn't the most dangerous foe you'll face. Still, their powers make them a force to be reckoned with.

4 Pinky

The Pinky - and their invisible cousin, the Specter - is a fast moving threat easily recognizable by its squealing roar. These beasts boast an armored front that can absorb an incredible amount of damage before giving way, which makes head on attacks nearly useless. That, combined with their tendency to charge directly at the player, makes them a tough demon to face.

The Pinky is not higher on this list, however, due to one simply weakness. They can easily be dealt with by going for their unarmored back, where consistent attacks can quickly take them down. Pinkies generally try to face the player, though, so this is by no means an easy vantage to obtain.

3 Mancubus

Large and in charge, the Mancubus (along with the upgraded Cyber-Mancubus) is a massive tank of a demon. It's got armor protecting its chest and back, and two massive cannons instead of arms, dealing huge blasts of Hell energy. Getting too close is dangerous as well as it can pound the ground around it, damaging players and knocking them back.

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Constant, steady damage to the Mancubus's exposed stomach and its face are the best bet to take it down. That, plus high damage weapons like the chaingun and rocket launcher, are the only sure way to handle these intimidating demons.

2 Cacodemon

The spiky balls of murder otherwise known as Cacodemons are introduced once the player enters Hell for the first time, and they fit right in. Aside from the fact that a Cacodemon is basically a giant, pointy mouth with a sinister green eye glaring at you, they also shoot out disorienting projectiles that cloud your vision, making them even more difficult to fight.

The good news is that Cacodemons and their projectiles are relatively slow moving, meaning that they can be safely ignored for a little while as you deal with more immediate threats. The bad news is that this strategy can often lead to players turning around and staring straight into a toothy maw of death. Cacodemons may be slow, but that does not mean they can be dismissed as they are one of the most dangerous demons in the game.

1 Baron Of Hell

Finally, we arrive to the Baron of Hell, who unlike barons on Earth concerns himself more with murder and death than afternoon teatime. These massive creatures are the largest standard enemy in Doom, with a variety of attacks. Up close, they can either swipe or stomp players into dust. From a distance, they are able to send out devastating projectiles akin to the green energy of the BFG.

A Baron of Hell is always that biggest threat on the battlefield, and needs to be taken down before any other demons can even be considered. They are slower than the player, although like Hell Knights they can cover great distances by jumping. That, in addition to their malicious roar and classic demonic appearance, make for the most frightening demon in all of Doom.

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