This Year's Scariest Halloween Costume: Sonic The Hedgehog

Halloween might still be a little less than six months away, but the scariest costume of all is already on sale.

Halloween might still be a little less than six months away, but the scariest costume of all is already on sale.

The world is talking about the upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and not in a good way. The very first trailer for the ambitious project dropped last month, and unfortunately, it looks just as bad as we were all expecting. Of all the things that appear to be terrible about the movie, the one thing we cannot shake is Sonic himself.

Looking at CGI Sonic, we wonder how a team of designers were okay with signing off on the final product. He looks like he was designed by someone who has never actually played a Sonic game and had nothing but a loose description to work off of. The design has received so much backlash that it is even being completely overhauled.

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Whether Sonic gets the redesign he deserves or not, the knockoff merchandise for current CGI Sonic has already reached the market. As highlighted by Kotaku, parents can already buy their kids a Sonic costume which appears to be based on the hedgehog's movie design. It might well be the only costume in the world that is actually improved when you replace the character's regular face with a human one.

via Kotaku

Just because replacing Sonic's face with your own child's improves the overall look, doesn't mean the overall ensemble won't be any less horrifying. That being said, despite Halloween being a little less than six months away, if you have children, you'd be a fool not to make this investment. Plus, with the movie scheduled for a November release, your kid can wear it when he or she goes to see the movie.

Yeah, okay. We know no self-respecting Sonic fan wants to be seen in public in that costume. The other piece of bad news is that it doesn't seem to come in an adult size. Fingers crossed that CGI Sonic really is being redesigned. That way, we can leave him and the costume above - that is clearly an homage to him - in the past where they belong. Just dress your kid up as Dr. Robotnik, as clearly, that now requires nothing more than popping on a fake mustache.

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