22 Hilarious Scooby-Doo Comics That Are Extra Sweet

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! was originally released by Hanna Barbera in 1969. Considering that fans continue to google Velma and Daphne cosplays in 2018, it’s safe to say the franchise was a success. There were a couple of movies in the early ‘00s that did well at the box office, even if they weren’t critical smash hits. Those movies did give us Linda Cardellini’s Velma and we are eternally grateful for that.

There’s no doubt that show has had enduring appeal. New reboots have made their way onto the airwaves with regular frequency for the past few decades. The main aesthetic of the characters has even remained unchanged, except for Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! which only aired between 2006-2008. You can see fans don’t take too kindly to change when it comes to the ‘Doo. They like their Scooby snacks in one flavor, thanks.

Since TheGamer seems to have a soft spot for the characters, we thought it would be a good idea to compile the best Scooby-Doo comics out there. These comics try to show the more romantic side of the show. Daphne and Fred get shipped in these pages; Velma lets out her other side; Shaggy, well, Shaggy-like food and Scooby. Don’t worry, there are plenty of giggles to be had as well. What honest, self-respecting ‘Doo article wouldn’t have some hearty chuckles after all?

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22 No... I Am Your Culprit


Art by: Americanninjax

Oh snap! This may be the great unmasking of all time. At the end of every episode of Scooby-Doo, the gang reveals the real culprit. It always seems like something paranormal is at foot in the beginning until it’s then shown that there was a real guy responsible all along. I guess some corporate exec at Hanna-Barbera in the sixties thought it would be too scary if there was a real monster. So they went with the infinitely more plausible explanation that each culprit is a Halloween-enthusiast who likes to get dressed up before committing crimes.

Here the gang pulls off Darth Vader’s mask to find out that the real culprit wasn’t a mon— no, no he totally was a monster.

The Younglings. Also, don’t Darth Vader, like, need that helmet to breathe and sound like James Earl Jones and whatnot? By removing his helmet they are effectively cutting off his oxygen supply. In so doing, Anakin will cease to breathe and that will make all the Scooby gang co-conspirators in a lethal crime. They will be the ones behind bars shortly. That might sound like a stretch but he seriously needs it to breathe.

21 The Mystery Team Gets A Makeover


Art by: Fukari

This is artist Fukari’s take on using the Scooby-Doo characters as inspiration for his own original characters. While these are unique to the artist, I can’t help but notice how the girl bears an awfully close resemblance to both Daphne and Velma. Of course, she’s wearing Velma’s shirt. That much is straight-up lifted from Scooby-Doo. But the red hair makes her look exactly like Daphne yet with Velma’s style. Gotta say, I’m digging it. I also quite admire the dragon monster thing in lieu of Scooby-Doo. Even if you’re a fan of Scooby Doo, it’s likely you’re not the biggest fan of Scooby-Doo himself. How greater would the shows be with a dragon monster thing that eats every criminal once they’ve been unmasked? Exponentially better, that’s what. This is the cast of characters according to the artist’s deviant art page:

Starring :

Josh - FredOffelia - DaphneGeorge - ShaggyFuki - ScoobyChelle - Velma

G : I'll be Fred.J : no way. I won't wear these junky clothes of Shaggy.G : but you can't be the 'athlete guy'J : you can't be the boss.G : why not?J : being a "brain of operation" isn't your destiny.G : . . .

20 Scooby-Doo And The Breakfast Club


Art by: CodexNoirmatic

Here’s a nifty poster of the Scooby gang. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m getting some major Breakfast Club vibes. The artist has pointed out how each member of Mystery Inc. hails from a different clique. Shaggy, of course, is identified by his smoking. Fred is the pretty boy. I would’ve thought Jock, but sure. Daphne is, of course, the socialite. Lastly, Velma is everybody’s favorite geek. Oh right and there’s the dog, Scooby. I’m a big fan of the art style.

While still cartoonish, there’s a maturity to the character depictions.

I like the message too — we shouldn’t judge them based on their social caste. They’re all best buds after all. Still, they’re identified by their social standing so go figure. The arrow points to each one and rigidly defines them as a traditional clique from The Breakfast Club. If you don’t want us to be so judgy about people, Mister Arrow, then maybe you shouldn’t act like you know who these people are either. Daphne is way more than a sociality. She’s also… uh, she also likes fashion and stuff. Alright, maybe there’s not a whole lot going on with the characterization in their original incarnations.

19 Day At The Beach


Art by: MjBivouac

Velma. Every nerdy Scooby-Doo fanboy’s not-so-secret fantasy. Velma is a big cosplay hit, especially in recent years. Artists also love to take the nerdy and unassuming Scooby gang sidekick and show just how much of a catch she is. Here the gang is getting an eyeful when they kick off their clothes for a day at the beach.

Velma finally gets some attention.

She’s so confused as to why that she assumes it’s because of the beach ball. Notice a jealous Daphne frowning in the background. Alright, cut it out, Daphne. You get to be ogled every day of your gosh-darn life. Give someone else a chance. Notice Scooby’s tail. He’s quite shocked by her appearance. It’s something you’d see in a list of eyebrow-raising jokes in children’s films. I guess Velma’s been working on her beach bod. Also, anyone notice how all their footprints lead back to the same pink tent? Were they all using the same tent together? That sounds like it isn’t too sanitary. Like, jinkies, why did Scooby need to go in there with them too? It’s not like he changed.

18 If Scooby-Doo Was Real


Art by: Collegehumor

Wow, what a downer. This comic comes courtesy of CollegeHumor, the notorious website that is always finding new ways to change our childhoods. This comic in question is part of a series that asks “what if cartoon pets were realistic?” Well, Scooby can’t really talk anymore. Y’know, besides some gruff barks that sound like “Raggy.” Even sadder, the Mystery Inc. Team looks like the worst people in the world. They’re exploiting Scooby by filming him so they can get those sweet sweet likes from Mark Zuckerberg. Darn millennials! They ruined Scooby-Doo! If we’re being completely realistic though, they were teens in 1969 so that would make the gang around sixty-eight years old give or take. Who’s laughing now? Nobody reading this article. That’s for sure. Well, just add Scooby Doo to the list of things that millennial ruined. Kidding, that was the baby boomers’ fault with the first film. Kidding again. That stuff was James Gunn-certified. For those who don’t know, the Scooby Doo director is the same one that gave us Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes I and II! Fancy that! He’s the master curator behind those sick soundtracks we can’t get out of our heads.

17 Splitting Up Together


Fred, you devious devil. In each episode, it seems like Fred has the brilliant suggestion to split up the team. He always seems to go with Daphne or Velma. That leaves Shaggy happy ‘cuz he gets to bro out with Scooby. Fred enjoys spending time with the ladies instead. Unless, of course, you take the Ascott business to mean something else altogether. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! originally began its run in 1969. It was a time of free love and hippy ideals. Fred must be desperate to spend some time alone with his friends away from the van.

Gotta say, I feel bad for Scooby and Shaggy. All they get is some snacks, body odor, and the power of friendship.

You know, when you put it like that, maybe they do win after all. Fred doesn’t care about those girls. He’s going to have a meaningless string of dates. If you want to know the reason he’s handsy it’s because he’s preparing to unmask some culprits.

16 Velma To The Rescue


Art by: Edgar Sandoval

This is a really nifty piece of work. There’s a lot to love about the art style. Specifically, I’m a fan of the style the artist chose to draw Velma in. Okay yes, he’s taken more than a few liberties in portraying her but I think it’s right on the edge of tasteful. I also appreciate how it’s Velma who is protecting Shaggy and Scooby from the baddies. Confession: I’ve never cared that much about Shaggy/Velma shipping but I could totally change my tune now. I’d read a whole comic done in this style where Velma is the Superman to Shaggy’s Lois. Let’s not leave out Scooby either. He looks like he’s got a heckin’ good frighten.

Everybody always asks Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Nobody ever asks Scooby Doo, How Are You?

I like how Velma is protecting Scooby and Shaggy from the baddies with a magnifying glass. In one sense, you could say it’s symbolic of the fact that knowledge annihilates fear and ignorance. Or, in another sense, you could say she’s so badly armed against a lethal foe that she’s doomed to get destroyed with the rest of them. Really up to you.

15 Fred's Gift


Before there were weird text messages from guys you’ve connected with on Tinder, there was the onslaught of regular old photographs. To snap a pic, a guy had to get the right lighting and get to work processing the negative in a dark room for hours. That still beats the old daguerreotype. Guys had to keep their poses for an hour as the camera worked to get something half-way decent for their lady friends. It seems here that there’s been some form of mix-up. Velma has her hands on a special photo of Fred that Daphe claims was meant for her. I don’t want to take sides, but I think the photo was meant for Daphne. Daphne is supposed to end up with Fred; Velma ends up with Shaggy; Scooby ends up with his snacks. Now let’s spend the rest of this entry guessing what’s on the photograph. Fred playing tennis shirtless? Fred dancing? Fred volunteering? Fred going to the mall looking fab? Honestly, it could go any way at all — we'll let the fans come to a decided conclusion.

14 Scooby-Doo Tarot Cards


Art by: Dreamerwhit

Yes, I know this isn’t technically a comic. There’s going to be quite a bit of cheating in this article, you see. But how could I not include this gorgeous fanar— fan comic of Daphne and Scooby-Doo? This image comes from artist Dreamerwhit over at Deviantart. Dreamerwhit says she that her “project was to mix Alfonse Mucha's style with the Pop Art Era from the 60s.... soooo much fun!” She conducted a poll on her page, and although Daphne came in second, she decided to go ahead with her anyway. That might be a bad thing for democracy but we’re not complaining! I love how much this looks like a tarot card. I think I’d quickly pick up on the occult arts if there were more cards like this one. Imagine a whole Scooby-Doo deck of tarot cards. What would Fred’s look like? Or Scrappy Doo? What about Shaggy’s? The occult aesthetics of a tarot card deck lends itself well to the show’s themes. I bet someone could make a pretty penny if they made a whole deck… I mean, forget it. No money to be made there. Excuse me, I have to go do some arts n’ crafts…

13 Shaggy's Mind


Ain’t that just the cutest. Shaggy thinks his parents are horrible monsters. Well, although that makes him just like every other kid in America, he has the experience to back it up. Unfortunately, that means a brutal unmasking attempt. When it turns out his parents aren’t monsters, they’ve just aged naturally, he immediately feels regret. Gee, I don’t know, maybe they should have paid a little more attention on him as he got his That '70s Show camera spinning on in the basement every single day for his entire teenage life. That explains why his brain may be on the fritz. I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s canon in the Scoobyverse™ that the whole show is a product of Shaggy’s addled mind. Pack it up. We’re done here. While Shaggy is clearly in the wrong here, I am going to have to blame the parents. Now I know that’s a typical move, but they were super cool with him just going off and living in a van with his friends for the whole year. All they did was solve mysteries involving Halloween-loving enthusiasts. Are we honestly to expect that Shaggy would remain well-adjusted?

12 If You Know What I Mean


OOOOOOOOOOH yeaaaaah. The Scooby-Doo gang has just heard a noise in whatever creepy haunted house or abandoned graveyard they’ve just entered. Instead of booking it like people with a passion for staying alive, they decide to split up. Despite the fact there’s probably a spooky ghost prowling the halls trying to get each of them alone, Fred also wants to split up. As noted, there’s not a whole lotta room in the mystery van so they need to snatch whatever alone time they can. Y’know, to talk about their feelings. Fred says they need to go searching for clues. What he really means is they need to go searching for clues about their relationship and where that’s going and stuff. Maybe things aren’t going to go all that well for Fred though, considering he has the face of Mr. Bean. I am not a woman nor do I pretend to know what they want like Mel Gibson does, but I’m a quarter percent sure it isn’t Mr. Bean. If it is, then I’ve been doing things wrong for years. Mr. Bean does get the ladies, though. If you’ve seen any of his shows, he has that one girlfriend who must be some kinda saint to stick around with him.

11 Splitting Up


Art by: Lukesurl

Oh, my sweet baby. This one hits hard. I was not prepared to feel today. In this artist’s interpretation, Fred and Daphne are (or were) a couple. That’s not hard to imagine. Both are the classically good-looking members of the group. It makes sense that they’d get together. That is, until Fred tells Daphne that he needs to put his career before her. I’m not sure driving around in an old ‘60s van with your friends trying to find superficially-paranormal crimes and solving them for free counts as a career, but fine. His very last words: “Let’s split up… and search for clues.” Ah geez. Those words have a completely different meaning now. The tears are coming. They’re coming! Instead of just implying that they should literally split up to go explore the house, he’s also saying that they should figuratively split up. He’s dumping her is what I’m getting at. And the time he’s choosing to do it is in the middle of a haunted house excursion where they both might get eaten or something. Great job breaking someone’s heart right before she might get ghost-eaten, Fred. You really are the sharpest bulb in the drawer.

10 When It Finally Happened


Art by: Various, Andy Owens, Ron WagnerCover by: Jill ThompsonVariant cover by: Trevor HairsineWritten by: J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen

Things just got real between Fred and Daphne.

I presume this image is from a more mature series of comic books about the Scoobyverse (note: Scoobyverse is my patented intellectual property and I am litigious).

During some outing where a Halloween-enthusiast is probably trying to end our meddling kids, Fred thinks it’s a good opportunity to tell Daphne about his feelings for her. He goes one step further by proposing to her! Geez Louise. We don’t know what happens next. Nobody does, because nobody in history has ever read this comic voluntarily. I’m hoping Fred and Daphne can work it out. I’m digging the gritty feel of this particular Scoobyverse. Again, that’s my word and I will sue if you use it. This comic is a major U-Turn compared to the one where Fred is dumping her in the middle of a haunted house. Here he’s proposing in a haunted house. Whether it be proposing or dumping or trying to get friendly, Fred can only make it work for himself in a haunted house. I have no idea what that means psychologically. The whole Scooby gang ought to be seeing shrinks for all the trauma they’ve endured.

9 When The Show Got Too Real


Art by: Scooby himself

Meta alert! Alright confession time: this is sorta technically literally from the show itself. But it’s cut up in three different panels so… comic? Yeah, comic. On the road, it seems that Shaggy forgot to pack the luggage. Gee, I wonder what lifestyle habits he has that could make him so forgetful. “Like, what’s the big deal?” he asks. He then delivers this killer line: “We all wear the same outfits every single day anyway.” Daaaang son. When shows get meta, it can usually be hit or miss. Sometimes the throwaway joke, while funny, can pull you right out of the experience and destroy the carefully-cultivated illusion that what you’re experiencing is real. Not here though. This is funny as heck. Alright, but making these characters self-aware poses a few problems. If they know they were the same outfits every day, then wouldn’t they smell and wouldn’t they know that they smelled? Maybe Shaggy meant it as a haha we almost wear the same clothes every day. But no, they literally wear the same clothes every day. Their nascent self-awareness is beginning to creep up and soon they will realize they are nothing but lines and colors in a TV show.

8 Forever Velma


Art by: Random internet artist who feels the same as Velma

In every episode of Scooby-Doo, the gang inevitably splits up. Daphne and Fred leave to go uh search for clues. Scooby and Shaggy leave to go uh smoke out some clues. That leaves Velma. Nobody wants to go with Velma. She’s the perfect embodiment of the Forever Alone meme. Well, that is unless she’s literally any other version of Velma you see in this list. People either love or hate the bookworm. If she’s the Linda Cardellini version of Velma from the movies— MOVE, MOVE, I WILL GO WITH HER. Yeah no, it’s okay! Yeah I’ll totally suck it up and uh accompany her! Yes yes, I’m taking one for the team. No need to thank me. Poor TV Show Velma, though (again: not movie Velma). Maybe TV Show Velma would do well with that other Mr. Bean meme. You know the one, where Fred acts like a major creepo with Mr. Bean’s face. The Forever Alone Meme and that meme could get together a make a little meme family. I don’t really know where I’m going with this. I think it doesn’t matter in the slightest of course.

7 Checking Upstairs


Fred, you big gross potato. I don’t know if this is canonical or not, but since I came up with the word Scoobyverse™ I’m going to decide right here and now that it is. At some point during Scooby Doo’s original run in the 1960s, this happened. The gang decided that should split up. Daphne was going to go with the others when Fred gave her what we’ll politely calls a pointed look. It took her some time to divine the meaning… then she realized she could get to spend some quality time with her best bud Fred! They can talk about cool mystery things they have in common and share some laughs. You can tell by Velma’s look that she’s vicariously into that bonding.

How do the others not understand what’s going down?

Isn’t Shaggy or Scooby a little suspicious that Daphne is constantly going with Fred… to talk about their friendship? I mean, Shaggy and Scooby would like to talk about their friendship too. That’s what being a good friend is all about. Fred and Daphne are excluding the gang from all the emotional and highly philosophical conversations they are having. It’s rather selfish of them.

6 Gravity Falls Meets Scooby Doo


Okay, I am adoring this Scooby-Doo and Gravity Falls crossover spectacular. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it, which I did because that’s why they pay me the big bucks. Both shows are cartoons heavily steeped in mystery. Although Gravity Falls is tonally different from the Scoobyverse™, being more of a comedy, each episode centers on a mystery that the kids must solve. Gravity Falls has an overarching mystery, though, which the ‘Doo lacks. Dipper and Mabel are trying to find out the author of the mysterious journal that Dipper discovers in the pilot. Scooby-Doo and the gang really only have standalone episodes. Luckily for the latter, there are loads of Halloween-lovin’ criminals to contend with. You know what I would watch the heck out of, though? Any episode of Scooby-Doo where Kristen Schaal is dropped into the Scoobyverse™ playing herself. Just take the exact character she plays on Flight of the Conchords or 30 Rock and let her have at it. For those who think this is a non-sequitur, Schaal voices Mabel on Gravity Falls so there! This isn’t as ridiculous an idea as you thought, is it?

5 He's No Tesla


Art by: mcguinnessjohn.deviantart

So everybody’s favorite ascot-wearer got it into his big pretty head that he can do things. In the latest run of Scooby-Doo, Fred is way more hands-on than he ever was in past incarnations. He’s actually useful is what I’m saying. All the others have their thing; Velma is smart, Daphne’s the socialite, Shaggy likes plants; Fred is… well, he’s got that ascot. That was in the past though. Now Fred’s some kinda inventor. At least he would be if it weren’t for the fact that his inventions don’t seem to ever work. He’s no Violet Baudelaire. It seems his incredible bear trap was bested by greenish ghoulie who got away. Sucks for you, Freddie Prince Jr. Maybe you shouldn’t go around trying to catch people in bear traps, Freddie Prince Jr. You already caught the heart of Sarah Michelle Gellar and you’ve kept the relationship alive for sixteen years in HOLLYWOOD. IN HOLLYWOOD, FREDDIE. Celebrities meet each other on films and get married and then divorced before their movies even come out! What more do you want!? Maybe quit it with the bear traps and write a book on romance because we need it, Freddie.

4 Same Old Daphne


Art by: Someone amazing

Alright, this is a random image from an old Scooby-Doo comic but I couldn’t bear to leave it out. I guess Daphne sure gets kidnapped a lot. All it took was Fred to one walk into one room, see one bag, hear one groan, and he recognized it was Daphne. Yep. The Mystery Team’s most popular redhead must be thrown in a bag so often, Fred can tell who she is by just hearing one gasp for air. Maybe, um, I don’t know, Daphne should get kicked off the team? Haha just kidding— because then there’d be zero reason to watch anymore for… some of us. Don’t judge me. I’ve seen how popular Daphne is. The cosplay we’ve never seen? Daphne in a bag cosplay. Think about it. It would be such an edgy choice. All you’d need is to get a potato sack. Find one depression-era grandma and she’s got loads for you to pick from, once you’ve wrestled her for it (things were hard to come by back then and nobody lets good potato sacks go without a fight). Armed and bruised with your new potato sack, you are free to take on the world.

3 Blast From The Past


In newer episodes of Scooby-Doo, the gang encounters past versions of themselves. It’s like a crossover episode for narcissists. The thing is, the main aesthetic of Scooby-Doo’s characters hasn’t changed in over decades. The main exception that rule is Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!

Fans were less than impressed with the change, judging from the census I compiled of literally just one meme on the subject.

Here Daphne confronts her past self over her fashion faux-pas. Well, she finds stuff to criticize even though they basically look the same. I guess it would be heresy if she heard that from me. But she’s not real and I am. I think. If not, then who is TheGamer paying? I don’t know why Daphne is being so judgy of herself. I guess it’s like when you open up your old diary or see old photos of yourself and you can’t believe the terrible style you had. No wonder no girls went out with you, Patrick, you dodo bird— I mean, Daphne. No wonder no girls went out with Daphne. It all makes sense now. But have you considered that maybe old Daphne had it right and new Daphne is wrong?

2 From Where She's Standing


Looks like Daphne doesn’t want to be going on missions with Fred after all. During one outing, Velma gets suspended in the air. I don’t know how that happens considering everything’s got a normal explanation, but sure. Daphne— instead of freaking out at the apparent supernal phenomena— winks at her friend and notes that she likes the view. Um. Well. This is going to do wonders for my fanfiction blog, which is currently only read by members of my immediate family at my urging. They never ever seem to get back to me with feedback no matter how many messages I leave on their voicemail either. This is a whole new side to the Scoobyverse™ that we can get behind. Also, are we simply ignoring the “Get Out Beware” in the background? It’s like we’re not even paying attention to that anymore. There’s a ghoul on the loose in the haunted house trying to ghost them good but all they can focus on is Velma’s dress. Daphne and Velma really have been numbed to paranormal scares at this point. They already know it’s some Halloween enthusiast who likes to scare people for some monetary reason.

1 Velma's New Look


Art by: Aeolus06

Oh my, Velma. This fan favorite seems to have two forms. Either she’s the buttoned-down nerd and meant to be a bookworm foil to Daphne or she’s depicted as classically attractive in her own right. A lot of artists— and cosplayers— like to go with the latter. These are Velma liberators if you will. They reject the notion that geekery and book smarts aren’t appealing. Usually, they portray her in a traditionally appealing light— the whole “let your hair down and take off your glasses” trope from the 80s and 90s teen movies. Nowadays we see what makes nerds so darn cute. They don’t need to let their hair down or dumb themselves down to be loved. You know what?

Now that I think about it, Velma’s disguise stinks. Would you like a wild shot in the dark as to why? IT’S WHAT SHE NORMALLY LOOKS LIKE.

That means it’s a pretty bad disguise, girl. Why don’t you take a lesson from every Halloween-loving criminal you meet and learn to dress up? Each and every culprit you mean is weirdly good at costume design. Are you seriously telling me you haven’t picked up some tips by now?

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