Scooby-Doo: 25 Photos of Daphne That Fred Doesn't Want You To See

Daphne Blake. She's the damsel and the pretty one. She could be labelled as monster bait, given the amount of times she gets captured or ends up being the first one spooked by the monster. Well, next to Shaggy and Scooby, anyways! Okay, before any of you start bearing pitchforks, hear me out. I don’t dislike Daphne. In fact, I actually like her. She may be a fashionista who doesn’t have the greatest of luck when it comes to catching the monster, but she's got her own set of skills that makes her a character worth rooting for.

For one thing, the girl has skills with makeup and not just in the face department. The fun thing about her is that she started out as the basic, pretty one with her own set of smarts for the franchise. Over time, she actually turned into this awesome independent woman who would be an amazing role model for girls. The one downside to her whole character, though? Her relationship with Fred.

HOLD IT! I don’t hate the guy. I don’t even hate the ship, but you’ve got to admit that the relationship between the two of them has way too much will-they-or-won't-they. It could use a bit more on the communication and affection department. We all know how they feel about the other, but the tension can be a bit much. What’s more... what if Daphne makes the decision to take on a different route in life and find affection elsewhere? Now, that is something I’m sure Fred won't be all that comfortable with. And if any of the following pictures are to say anything, is that he needs to get his butt in gear and pray no one else in the gang sees them.

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25 Hello, Miss Mercenary

via: deviantart.com

We’re all pretty much used to Daphne being stylish and a damsel. So it'd be a pretty big shock if this lovely lady were to switch her purple dress for a skin-tight outfit and a pair of boots! But hey, the apocalypse has clearly arrived, if the way Scooby looks is any indication. There isn’t any time to be a damsel at this point anymore, and Daphne clearly knows this. Extro pretty much shows that when the world is about to end and Daphne is given a gun and sword, she may as well become a mercenary. From those shades to that cigar, and even the new symbol on the Mystery Machine, it sets a pretty awesome story here.

24 There's No Missing Arm Day With Her

via: deviantart.com

We need more damsels turning into able fighters, don’t you agree? Well, RodneyCJacobsen certainly thinks so, given that he basically turned this lovely damsel into a bonafide Zombie Slayer. Hey, if zombies are roaming around ready to eat your brains, it only makes sense to step up your game. Besides, for monsters like these, I don’t think a simple trap is gonna cut things. And it’s pretty clear that Daphne agrees, if the weapons and downed zombie didn’t already give it away. If the girl is able to double a sword and gun, then it's safe to say she might have become the muscle of the group. Just look at those arms! You can’t help but commend the girl for having a clear heavy workout regime, yet still retain most of her usual self.

23 That's A Real Deadly Smile There

via: pinterest.com

They say never judge a pretty face and this is more than true as shown by this image shared by Ana Clara. Daphne was always labeled as the pretty one of the group, but a pretty face can hide a lot, if that sword has anything to say about it. Oh sure, she has a black belt, escapist skills, and flexibility to back her up now, but the artist behind this work pretty much turned her into a straight-up assassin with the way that sword looks. Add to the fact that she still has a hidden dagger pretty much unscathed outside of that rather suggestive tear? This is one damsel that not only picked herself up, but went above and beyond that.

22 Is It Bad That She Still Looks Good?

via: deviantart.com

Scooby-Doo has given us all kinds of monsters that the gang keeps catching. With all the monsters that they face and unmask, what would happen if they somehow turned into the very monsters they caught? I present this frankly chilling piece by Ceshira, as they give a possible idea on what were to happen if the girls did end up being turned into ghosts. And don’t you think it adds to the creepiness level that Daphne is actually working the ghost look way too well? I mean, look at those eyes, you can already imagine her popping behind some sort of mirror and scaring the wits out of her friends. And I’m pretty sure the idea of traps can be thrown out the window for Fred!

21 Can Someone Call An Exorcist?

via: deviantart.com

Okay, first, where is the nearest hiding place? Second, what on earth was MJBivouac thinking when they created this terrifying piece? Look at those eyes and tell me you wouldn’t want to run away, especially with the way that she’s holding that knife. Honestly, she looks like something straight out of a horror movie with how she’s designed here. Those eyes are looking ready to kill, and from the look of the blood spatter, she already had her first victim. Really, how is it that the prettiest of ladies somehow turn into bonafide monsters if they turn psychotic? On the other hand, this may also be some type of possession… anyone have holy water on them? Really, this is a gal who earned a black belt and could make an escape using makeup accessories, we need all the ammo we can get.

20 I Wonder What's Under That Robe...

via: deviantart.com

Many know Daphne as a charming character, but the way that MJBivouac designed her? She looks like professional seductress, with the way she has that robe on. The fact that the artist made this as an image for a crossover fanfic, where Daphne is trying to root out information from the male with her feminine wiles, adds a special touch of plot for the piece. Just look at the guy here; he looks like he’s lost the ability to talk. Outside of the whole plot and charm thing here, this piece pretty much looks like its meant to be for an old novel. Now just imagine if the gang were watching in the wings, I smell jealousy in the air. Someone might need to hold Fred back!

19 Even The Dog Has Better Game Than Him

via: pinterest.com

When it comes to the relationship game in the cartoon world, Fred and Daphne’s is a pretty question with how much the two danced around the other or how Fred was too oblivious/messed up something up. Now taking a look at the fandom side of things, it makes sense that quite a bit of people would pair this lovely lady with other members of the group. And hey, if an artist is willing to have a dog do better than the guy in showing appreciation like LazyPerfection did, then it’s pretty clear that the guy has to step up his game. Then to add insult to injury, it’s clearly Valentines Day and Fred was late or had forgotten at the last minute. I’m betting it’s the latter.

18 At Least It's Not Ropes This Time

via: deviantart.com

Is typing people up a thing for artists when it comes to damsel in distress-types in cartoons? I mean, really, the amount of art that has Daphne tied up in some sort of way is enough to fill a book. Either there is someone out there continuing with some weird joke or there is way too many artists who are into drawing characters tied up. That aside, this piece is actually one of the tamest works of Daphne being captured, and it doesn’t even involve an innuendo, thankfully. In fact, in this piece done by TheDiDSquid, we actually get an interesting story involving a sort of spider monster. Honestly, the girl has the worst luck.

17 Daphne 2.0

via: deviantart.com

Who knew that Daphne would actually look good as robot girl? Apparently quite a few people, especially Beedalee-Art with their own rather sleek design of the character. There are all kinds of retro and rough looking designs for Daphne, but here you can already imagine this era’s concept of “the future” where she has upgraded to some sort of special android who advises her friends and has her own set of special skills. From the shades to the tablet and even the boots, this actually looks like a possible concept art for the cartoon, so kudos to the artist on this. It’s always nice to see the character having all kinds of designs that features the character in a unique way.

16 The Shipping Force Is Strong Here

via: deviantart.com

Shipping was pretty much inevitable with this kind of list and with the amount of chemistry that goes on in certain parts of the franchise, this image done by artist nandomendossa is not too far off in possibilities and may as well set off all the shippers of the franchise. I mean, when you look at this image here, they do seem to have quite the spark going on here. Add to the fact that it looks way too close to the official art of the cartoon that you can’t but want to start having conspiracy theories over this one piece of work. Honestly though, this is a lovely piece of the two characters and they would work rather well together if given the chance.

15 All The Right Curves In All The Right Places

via: deviantart.com

Who says that we've gotta have the slim and thin versions of this lovely duo? Wagnerf certainly doesn’t, as they give they give their own rendition of the mystery solving duo with a highly curvaceous and thick look to them. Basically, we have an actually thick version of the red headed mystery solver, and it more than works. So used are we to the model looks of the character, or her looking like she just came out of the gym, that having her with all the big curves and a certain enhancement is a pretty interesting change. Add to the fact that she still looks amazing even with all the new curves in this piece? Well, this is a look that Fred may want to keep to himself.

14 Ain't No Damsel Here

via: tumblr.com

There are all kinds of amazing and weird versions of these lovely duo. We've seen them as zombie killers, gothic, and tied up one too many times. How about having a piece of these two lovely ladies looking not only ready to take on the world, but also having the looks to back it up? Here we have a piece that pretty much emulates the idea by one gingerhaze. Not only does Daphne pretty much look like a rebel, with that hair and those tattoos, but you can already imagine her running through a barrage of bullets. Given that this Daphne is described as a bodyguard for a rebel Velma? Yeah, the damsel title is pretty much in the stratosphere at this rate.

13 Someone Fire Up A Jukebox

via: tumblr.com

Ever thought about how Daphne would turn out if he wasn’t as stylish nor as feminine as she’s portrayed in the cartoons? Well, how about having a punkish styled Daphne with a near 50s look given to her? Gingerhaze presents this idea in the most perfect way. Come on, Daphne in a leather jacket? You can already imagine her cruising down a highway in a good ol’ pair of shades with a cigarette in her mouth. Or how about imagining her becoming the muscle of the group? Wearing brass knuckles and knocking the living daylights out of monsters seem to suit this version of Daphne. And with the way she’s holding Velma’s hand, well, the two do work well together in most cases...

12 A Little Fun In The Sun

via: tumblr.com

With all the mystery solving and monster catching that the group does, it’s always good to have down time when given the chance. And hey, if that down time involves going to the beach, then I’m pretty sure that Daphne would be more than happy to get some stylish but appropriate swim gear. Alexandro Mesa pretty much took this idea and turned the female duo into a pair of golden beach beauties. They look like something meant for a magazine with the way they’re designed and how retro the vibe is. Of course, there is a little show of suggestive skin but hey, they’re at the beach, they’re on break, the ladies need some rest from all the troubles that they have to face from their sleuthing.

11 Getting Into The Trend Like A Queen

via: tumblr.com

Daphne is pretty much known as the fashionista of the group, while Velma sticks to her orange and red look. With the fandom, we get all kinds of pretty amazing pieces of these two lovely ladies. They're often in pretty racy or old-fashioned looks. So how about having a fashion piece that takes on a more modern style? Flowersilk presents a near hipster looking style for these two lovely ladies with their piece and really, the two look more like a pair of modern models ready for their close-up. Just look at the way that Daphne works that coat and Velma does that hat. There's way too little stylish art of the two that isn’t way too revealing or weird in some way. Add in that killer makeup, and this may as well be a new official look for the duo.

10 Well, She Got Tired Of Waiting

via: deviantart.com

You know there is only so much dancing around before a girl gets tired of things. Sure, there is a confirmation that Fred has feelings for her too and is just too shy about it. Even when there was something between the two, the guy seemed to have his fair share of mess ups, given his love of mysteries and traps. Nothing against the guy, but if he doesn’t properly step up his game, this image by Fallen-Seraphim is getting a high chance of actually happening. Think about it: Shaggy may be a glutton and a coward, but he knows when to step up, is a sweet and funny guy, and it’s pretty clear he has his own canine wingman. And just look at them here, how can you not think them sweet? Am I a Shaggy and Daphne shipper? You could say that!

9 So, Is It Darren Here?

via: deviantart.com

Daphne is pretty much known for her stylish looks and damsel in distress status, but how about if things got a little flipped around? What if it was gender-switch flipped around? No matter the franchise, there's always at least one gender switch work that exists, as shown by this piece by LadyStarPanda. With how much of a jock-type Fred is, I’m pretty sure that knowing how a female version of him looks is not on his list. What’s more, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Daphne makes for a pretty attractive guy, given that he’s working the whole male eighties look. And given how charming Daphne is, it wouldn’t be a surprise if her male version has all the girls’ attention. Sorry, Fred.

8 Looks Like It's Early Chemistry Here

via: tumblr.com

Now, before we throw any shade over the pretty obvious implications of this piece, let’s think things through. There isn’t much known about the gang before they were formed, other than that they were the typical stereotype for the most part. But what if that was only a part of the truth? There are already tons of talk and jokes of Shaggy being into substances, so is it really a surprise that an artist like dunyun-rings would take on the bandwagon and create this exact scenario? I mean, a pretty prep girl like Daphne having a rebellious side to her? Shouldn’t be surprising. And with the way they’re looking at each other here? Yeah, Fred’s chances may have already been gone before they even met, yowch.

7 They're Just The Best Girlfriends

via: deviantart.com

We all knew that this was going to happen at one point in this list, and if the previous Velma and Daphne pair didn’t build up to this then I don’t know what else will. Seriously though, look at how the two look at each other in this design by Hyacinth-Zofia and say that they don’t look good as a pair. There have been all kinds of hints throughout the series, but seeing as it’s meant to be a “family show,” there was no actual confirmation. So, am I a shipper of Daphne and Velma? No, I am in fact all for Daphne having a happy relationship without all the dancing around and actually having sweet moments like this. The two are already best friends, if given the extra push then I’m pretty sure sweet cuddles like this are bound to happen.

6 So Would It Be Mystery Busters Or Ghostbusters Inc.?

via: deviantart.com

Now, this is a crossover that I can get behind. Hey, they already catch people who dress up monsters, so it’s not that big of a stretch if they were given the chance to be actual monster catchers. Look at this design by CoranKizerStone, you can already hear the Ghostbusters theme song in the background as they go through the rubble of the city. We've got all kinds of action type styles of Daphne on this list, but personally, this one takes the cake. We just love how supernatural it is! Now, just imagine Daphne jumping right into the middle of a fight and just taking out all the monsters with a few well-placed shots. There’s quite a lot of people who think she would be amazing shot, don’t you think?

5 That's Not A Good Reflection

via: deviantart.com

There are all kinds of stories about alternate selves and mirror worlds, and tsuaii decided to take on the idea of that with our lovely redhead here. Just imagine: behind that mirror is a much darker Daphne waiting to come out and cause all kinds of chaos for the group. Look at those eyes in the mirror, they’re practically leaking with cool confidence. And that smirk? Yeah, you can already tell this is a version of Daphne you wouldn’t want to face if she has the smarts for some manipulative work. What adds more to the creep factor is that you can see how startled the real Daphne is. And those cracks spelling out her name? Her best bet is either smashing that mirror or running for her life. Would you want to face off against a femme fatale version of this usually charming lady? I don’t think so.

4 Is She Being Bait Or A Model?

via: pinterest.com

Daphne is, by all accounts, one of the most well-known beauties in the cartoon community. If she was designed in the same way as this image shared by mary, then she might as well turn into the poster girl for damsels in distress. In fact, this even looks like some sort of photoshoot, with the way she's positioned herself. And with the way that her dress is clinging to her and leaving very little to the imagination? Pretty sure there was some adjustments being made here. But hey, she’s rocking the look and those monsters look pretty good as a background set-up. At least she’s not being made to wear some sort of lingerie or some other weirdly sensual outfit mixed with her usual look.

3 Finally! Something Simple!

via: pinterest.com

Finally! After all the risky imagery and the action/horror works on the character, there is actually one work that features Daphne in an absolutely sweet way. Look at this piece shared by one Belen Silva, she looks almost like a doll. And the way she looks like she’s either doing a little bop or curtsy just makes it ten times more adorable. How about we just take a moment to appreciate this little needle in the haystack? From that bouncy hair to the way her makeup is, everything is on point. Okay, it may only look like a rendition of Daphne given how cutesy the style is, but hey, better a pastel-style work than another that features her feet or something.

2 She's A Superhero In The Making

via: pardoart.com

This right here is awesomeness brought to life and needs to be made into a movie, like, yesterday. We’ve gone through all kinds of designs for an action type Daphne, from being from the apocalypse to becoming the muscle of the group. This design by Pardoart pretty much blows all of the other art of an action Daphne away. Okay, they’re still awesome in their own way, but just the way that the artist managed to meld all kinds of characteristics on Daphne as a sci-fi character is pretty on point. I mean, having the ability to fly and looking like a rendition of Starfire from Teen Titans? I’m pretty much sold on this 100%. As a side note, it’s a little cute that the artist maintained her whole green bandana look, as it really ties in the whole thing.

1 She's Got A Whole Deal Of Camera Love Now

via: deviantart.com

We’ve had an apocalyptic Daphne, killer Daphne, and even male Daphne, but the original Daphne has all kinds of charm. Most especially, she has model qualities with how professional she looks here. What’s more, the pin-up look was still a thing back then, and if she looked even as half as good as she does here? Well, good luck to Fred in getting past her new fans. And if that leash is any indication, her friends were with her for the photoshoot. Now that’s one story I’d like to know very much! Still, with all the varieties of images we’ve had with this lovely redhead, I think it’s safe to say that this is one picture that Fred would want to heavily guard.

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