Scooby-Doo: 29 Photos Of Velma That The Scooby Gang Is Proud Of

Daphne isn't the only girl in the Scooby-Doo gang, and Velma is here to prove it. Better hope the gang doesn't find out about these photos, though.

Ah, Velma Dinkley. The genius of the group, the science whiz, and an underrated member of the gang. For so many years she’s had this image. She is, after all, one of the first cartoon girls to portray a truly smart girl character. However, when the live-action Scooby-Doo films came in and showed Velma in that swimsuit and sleek jumpsuit, there was a definite shift in the fandom.

Let’s not blame the live-action films, though. It’s best to evade that bubbling debate and move on. The cartoons did show some surprises for this intellectual lady. The franchise did some solid development on all the characters, but they made Velma have a solid strength and fire to her. There’s just something about a sassy Velma that shows all kinds of appeal. This transfers to fan art.

Oh sure, there are all kinds of weird versions of the mystery-loving gal, but fans often make it so that she looks cool. There’s just so many renditions that can be done of her. Yeah, some get a bit curvy. Outside of those types of photos, however, there are more than a few pictures that leave us shook, for lack of a better word. One thing’s for sure, though: these are some photos the gang would not want you to see for a variety of reasons.

29 She Ain't Afraid Of Anything

via: alangutierrezart.deviantart.com

To start things off, let's look at something that's a little close to what we're used to seeing from our girl Velma. This piece shows her wearing familiar clothes, so we're a bit grounded in reality here. But then you look at the look on her face, and things change a bit. What would the gang think of this picture? Is it something that she's taken without them knowing? Was it taken for Shaggy or even Johnny Bravo? Yes, Johnny Bravo... more on that later. I don't know. There's just something about her expression in this one that shows a different side of our girl that I'm not used to seeing. But she looks great!

Art by AlanGutierrezArt.

28 A Little Bit Unexpected

via: sakimichan.deviantart.com

Oh no... have we interrupted something here? By the look on Velma's face, the position she's sitting in, and the way her glasses are falling off her face, I'm willing to bet that we did. It's possible she's just waking up from a nap or something, I guess. But it's also likely that she's been engaging in some extracurricular activities. We just have to wonder with who! Our best bet is likely Shaggy, since Daphne and Fred are definitely a committed thing. But what if they were on a break? What if Fred is actually her true love? I guess we'll never know, but we'd love to be a fly on the wall watching her fall in love with whoever she chooses to be with.

Art by Sakimichan.

27 The Girl Deserves A Badge

via: kairu-2ri.deviantart.com

You can already hear “Hands in the air, spook!” just by looking at this. It would make so much sense for her. The way that KAIRU-2RI drew her here just adds to the whole gritty detective idea. From the dark lighting to the way she’s working both that badge and that gun, P.I V. Dinkley or Detective Dinkley sounds like a pretty interesting character. When you think about it, though, it wouldn’t be that surprising if she did manage to get either title. No wait, even better. If she does get badge and manages to create her own division for solving mysteries involving the weird and supernatural, then the group name might turn into the “Mystery Division.” Maybe it might be too cheesy. But it’s an idea to chew on.

26 That's Mrs. Dinkley To You

via: mistermadigan.deviantart.com

We feel like we're watching a tender moment happen here. We all remember Johnny Bravo, right? Well, a lot of people on the internet seem to ship him and Velma. And we mean a lot. It's kind of cute, to be honest, if you look beyond his womanizing ways. And this moment of them hanging out on the beach together is more than a little heartwarming. Honestly, if you're not a fan of this ship already, this sweet drawing would probably be enough to change your mind. Velma has never looked so serene and happy. And to be frank, it's refreshing to see her outside of her normal orange sweater look!

Art by MisterMadigan.

25 This Needs To Become Real, Like Yesterday

via: colorcomicsbadly.deviantart.com

Hey look, someone actually came up with the idea to make a gritty novel involving the Mystery Gang! Oh wait, it’s just an awesome piece courtesy of one colorcomicsbadly, which should really be made a reality. Really though, Velma with fire powers and Scooby being semi-anthropomorphic? And look at those villains looming on in the shadows. Is that a league of villains in the making? Come on, it’s an epic dark tale that’s just waiting to happen. Just imagine, it’s just another night for the gang as they head on over to a rumored haunted house. Instead of finding a spook, something goes horribly wrong. The gang are no longer just a group of young mystery solvers as something sinister crawls out of the shadows...

24 Jinkies!

via: hunky-dory-artist.deviantart.com

Jinkies, Velma! We're not sure we've ever seen this much of you before. What happened to the nice, shy girl who hid behind her glasses and sweater and just tried to solve mysteries? We can't even believe that this is the same person. Velma here really seems to have come into her own, and she's just exuding confidence. We're really happy for her, though. It must be hard to sit around and be in the shadow of someone like Daphne all the time. And honestly, it's about time for Velma to shine. So, you go, girl! Show some skin, and really own your own looks. You're an amazing person and the world deserves to know it.

Art by Hunky-Dory-Artist.

23 Do Genius Zombies Exist?

via: peekabooga.deviantart.com

It’s one thing to have a ferocious and ravenous type of zombie, but it’s way scarier if there was a zombie that was intelligent and still had the instinct to eat brains like Velma here. Why, peekabooga, why did you have to make an exceptional zombie Velma? Look at her grey skin, the lost eye, and everything. This makes for a classic but awesome looking monster. Still, though, we’re talking about a genius girl here. Who knows, what if those smarts remained but the zombie side was stronger? She looks like she's cleaning up her last victim. Get your zombie shelters ready, people, because shotguns may not be enough.

22 Why Must Cartoons Be So Adaptable?

via: sugoiboix.deviantart.com

You know there’s been all kinds of crossovers done over the years, but Dragon Ball Z and Scooby-Doo? You would think that it would be the weirdest crossover idea to ever be done for the cartoon. But SugoiBoiX thought differently and managed to create this, which frankly, is leaving a lot of mixed feelings right now. HOW DO CARTOON CHARACTERS ALWAYS LOOK GOOD IN ANYTHING?! Seriously, when it’s not meant for comedy, cartoon characters somehow manage to look good. The artist gave Scooby muscles here, and “Angel Velma” is an ironic name given how maniacal she looks. Like, that halo that’s she sporting here? Imagine if she used that as a weapon. Say hello to concussions and knocked heads, everybody.

21 Somebody Else Smell The Hollywood Touch?

via: kfour9.deviantart.com

So… this little piece here done by KFour9 is titled as “Battle for the Scooby Snacks.” There’s just so many questions to be asked here, but there’s no denying that the artist pretty much created an awesome scene. It looks like it’s mean to be for a comic book. With all of the lasers and explosions going on here, you would think Michael Bay had a hand in making the piece. But you know what would have made this better, more accurate, and just a little bit funny? If there were just boxes of Scooby Snacks just flying all over the place like nobody’s business. Maybe one of them would be holding a box and a villain of some kind is coming in from the distance trying to steal it. Come on, it would make for a perfect blend of a comic book story and the show.

20 This Is Conspiracy Theory Bait Right Here

via: adamwithers.deviantart.com

Raise your hands if you’re feeling just a bit scared of this circle of people as I am. We’re talking about the smartest people in the cartoon world here. If they wanted to rule the world, they would be able to do it in minutes. Thankfully, they’re the good guys. Seriously though, this work done by AdamWithers is both awesome, but also conspiracy theory inducing. He described the work as them deciding the fate of the world. Don’t tell me that not one of you guys didn’t begin making theories the second you saw the title. Just imagine: what if they decided to create their own organization to aid certain problems on Earth while they lead from the shadows? Oh man, the idea makes so much sense. They’d be an amazing phantom organization.

19 Hunter? Mercenary? Rogue? What Is It?!

via: pinterest.com

Let’s get this out of the way first: those tattoos are awesome, and so is that sword. But the really important point here is… what is she?! She looks awesome and ready to take on the world, yes, but seeing as this work was shared by Chi Chi Andasola with no details, there’s just a list of questions we have. Is she some sort of monster hunter with Scooby as her tracker. Do the weapons have some special qualities? Or did she become some sort of mercenary taking on mysterious cases? I swear that if this is another post-apocalyptic outfit here… just, come on. It’s nice idea. But a girl with a sword and two guns can be so many things.

18 Is This A Lost Ad?

via: pinterest.com

Anybody know about pop art? That old comic-style art featuring blonde beauties and looking like cartoon ads? Yeah, let’s just drop that and focus back on this rather chic image right here. First, kudos to ganaimn1000 for presenting this work. It looks like something that would look great as a poster. This here looks like a mish-mash of all kinds of ages, and Velma is rocking it. From the tattoos to the newspaper background and the way she just looks like she’s giving someone a hard gaze… really, is this some sort of commercial right here? Because there was a time that certain characters were used to commercialize the white sticks. That’s right kiddies, do your research, a certain stone age pair was the most well-known one, in fact.

17 So, Is She Going To Be A Part Of The Batfam Now?

via: scoobykun.deviantart.com

Velma is pretty much the best sleuth in the group. Can you even imagine if she were to join the Batfamily? The family with the best detective in the world? Yeah, never mind the drama of her having to choose between taking on a suit or staying with the team. What’s most interesting in this piece done by ScoobyKun is how exactly the dynamic of this team would work. Would she be the information gatherer? She'd be staying at home base and transferring information to the rest of the team while they’re out doing their patrol or tracking someone. Or is she the analyst, helping find villains’ weaknesses as a long-ranged fighter. Either way, it’d be no surprise if she got an invite to the Bat Team.

16 This Is A Dream Team Right Here

via: scoobykun.deviantart.com

Nothing is more intimidating than facing down a group of strong and intelligent women. And if those women are the ones that have been illustrated by ScoobyKun, then I say good luck to anyone that tries to go against this squad. Sure, Velma may not have the powers and the gizmos that the others have, but this is one girl with her own crazy amounts of smarts and a surprising set of strength. That makes her the wildcard of the group. While she may have a weakness with her near-sightedness, with the way that he character was developed and was drawn right here, there’s a definite fire hiding behind those glasses and orange sweater. This is a girl that’s not afraid to tackle down a few villains herself.

15 She's Carved Like Marble!

via: bickpen.tumblr.com

Now, this just isn’t fair anymore. It was one thing that she had the chance to become superpowered, a part of a secret organization/squad, or even some warrior/fighter girl. But for her to look like usual and rock a solid six-pack? Curse you bickpen, curse you. We were just getting used to having seen all the curves she’s rocking, and now you throw this at us. Oh sure, we knew she’s got a surprising amount of upper strength to her, but this is taking that idea to a whole new level. Now we have the image of her going to the gym and working the weights. Maybe this is being a little extra, but look at those abs. Unless she managed to form them without meaning to. That makes it worse.

14 Looks Like A Close Shave

via: scoobykun.deviantart.com

You can already the chase soundtrack, the shots and even the way the she’s snapping on those bandages all going on in this pretty sleek piece done by ScoobyKun. If not for that belt and the clear way that the suit is designed her, you would think that she was some sort of secret agent making her escape after a close calls from a few shooters instead of one of the Bat team cleaning herself up while Scooby acting as a watch. Either scenario though, are pretty awesome, you know what? Why not combine the ideas? She had gone into a stealth mission for the Dark Knight himself but something had gone wrong and it was a close one with her escape. ScoobyKun, what have you done, you’ve started a storm.

13 She's Ready To Strike Back

via: ilewolf.deviantart.com

She looks like she’s about to dive back in into a fight and ilewolf made her look her amazing in the process. The look on her face is just screaming, “You wanna go? Go ahead, try me.” The way her lens is shattered and the other is glinted to emphasize her glare adds a nice touch to her look. Speaking of that, while she still has her signature look, the way that the artist styled her is in a way that she looks like an adventurer who's prepared for any surprises that may come at her. From the gun to what looks like a mini medical kit and the clearly stocked up belt, she's got it all. And if we put the stake aside and replace it with a whip, she’ll officially look like a female Indiana Jones. Let’s just not add the hat, though. Her free flowing hair is a nice look.

12 Never Gonna Happen

via: ancalinar.deviantart.com

They do say that a picture can say a thousand words, and this one here seems to have a story that may go one way or the other. When it comes to the gals of Scooby-Doo in the world of fan art, there are way too many drawings of them being tied up. But on the other hand, there are also quite a few of them being drawn as well, large. Some of them can get extremely weird. According to artist ancalinar, this is a Velma who decided to let herself go, and all the mysteries along with it. Yeah, everybody’s thinking it aren’t you? “Not in a million years.” The artist apparently thought that she would get tired of living out her “glory days,” but we all know that it was never about something as small as that. It was about the mystery, and always will be.

11 Beach Mode Velma

via: pinterest.com

Can we all just agree now that the white swimsuit that they gave her in the cartoon didn't do her justice? This piece right here by tabbykat does. First off, we all know that orange is Velma’s signature color. So what on earth were the artists thinking giving her white? Oh sure, it looked good on her, and there was a chance that the orange might have caused some color clashing. But Daphne was able to keep her signature color, so why not Velma? Okay, ranting aside, this right here is the ideal beach image for our mystery-loving gal. She would most definitely be one of those people who would chill on the sand under a shade and reading a good book.

10 Presenting The Fabulous Miss Dinkley

via: twitter.com

A showgirl costume and Velma? You would think that these two things wouldn't go all that well together, without Velma hiding away or the outfit ending up not suiting her. However, someone found a way to not only to make her look good, but made her look fabulous as shown by this lovely image shared by one Dennis Covington. Just look at her face. She looks like she’s looking at a mirror and can’t believe what she’s seeing. Shouldn’t be a surprise though; there was that one time that she wore that white swimsuit. There’s a high chance that few fans might have gotten shook by it. Getting back to this, though, there’s just so much that she’s rocking here that she only needs a stage and a spotlight on her. You may as well hear the piano playing right now.

9 Well, Things Got A Little Too Heated Here

via: tophatturtle.deviantart.com

There’s just so many things to say about this piece done by TopHatTurtle that it’s hard to pick where to start. Here’s a question to fans/those who watched the show: any FredxVelma fans here? The girl’s been paired with all kinds of people and art wise, this is one of the rare pieces on the two. So the question is pretty valid. Still, the amount of drama, tension, and passion that’s just happening all over this picture… is this a movie scene right here? Cause it sure feels like one. Just picture it: the two are arguing about who has the better plan and he’s just retaliating her and it gets to be too much. It’s a classic scene from all kinds of chick flicks and yet it works for these two.

8 Let The Shippers Rejoice

via: doubleleaf.deviantart.com

First, this picture done by doubleleaf is adorable. Second, if that little picture next to them says anything, and with the way that Velma’s legs are looking, the two are pretty much living a solid domestic life. Ever since his one appearance in the Scooby-Doo cartoon and his interaction with Velma, it somehow began the wave of VelmaxJohnny that both does and doesn’t make sense given Johnny’s general character. Putting the hilarity and intrigue on how they started dating aside, the idea of Velma settling him down is a far juicier story. This means only one thing: someone get the fanfics, fan art and Tumblr posts rolling.

7 She's Ready For The Runway

via: pinterest.com

She’s known as the genius that rocks her orange sweaters and other baggy clothes, but can you just imagine for just a moment what it would be like if she decided one day to become a fashion queen of her own calibre? We get this lovely piece shared by one Priscilla Rose, and it’s a mighty fine one at that. It looks like it’s meant for a magazine. All it took was a few adjustments, an addition of a black top and stockings with a stylish pair of heels. It's turned what a number of people thought as the nerd of the group into a lovely model with smarts. Even Scooby here looks all styled up and ready to go. Just imagine them on a runway.

6 She's Got The Smolder Eyes Locked Down

via: supajoe.deviantart.com/vpizarro626.deviantart.com

If it weren’t for her catchphrase and half her signature outfit here, it would be hard to believe that this piece of vintage fabulousness was actually Velma. Just look at those eyes: they’re practically burning the camera, especially with the way that she’s handling her glasses. Heck, she doesn’t even have her usual skirt on. With the look of those thighs, there’s no doubt that she’s gonna have more than a few tongues wagging. Still… there’s such a huge personality gap here. What happened here and where did the mystery solving genius of the group go? There’s just so many conflicting feelings about this. But one thing is for sure: VPizarro626 did an amazing job in completing the sketch done by SupaJoe.

5 Rebel Velma In Style

via: pinterest.com

Is this a late teenage rebellion phase for Velma? Because she’s owning that look like nobody’s business. We have Teela Golden to thank for sharing this piece. It was known that Velma had a hidden feisty side to her, but if she’s taking a new turn of leaf, then it's a pity to all those that try to mess with her. She’s clearly a roaring rage of flames now. That hair and outfit though! Can we all agree that the way that she altered her outfit and added that belt, necklace, and bracelets are just on point? That hair though, just… there's barely any art where Velma has anything but the bob haircut. This hairstyle and the awesomeness that’s emanating from it is leaving some shook feels.

4 Terminator Velma

via: pardoart.deviantart.com

What? It was one of the first things that popped into your head when you first saw this piece. Don’t try to deny it, people. Oh sure, the arms may seem a bit much, but this is a beyond awesome cyborg design right here. Courtesy of pardoart, there’s a lot of story that we can get from this. With the size of those arms, it’s no question that there’s more than a bit of firepower underneath all of that. Imagining her charging into battle as the long-ranged fighter of the group is something epic. And the way that the artist still managed to incorporate Velma’s classic look into this design is an added bonus. So maybe the whole Terminator name may not work. But she does deserve a code name, for sure.

3 She's Got A Big One, But It Ain't For Blastin

via: steftastan.deviantart.com

Welp, looks like the apocalypse/sci-fi age age has set in here. First off, let’s take a minute to admire that amazing looking gun here because it looks like it’s gonna be able to create some big explosions with that size. Really though, Steftastan did a real solid job here. The whole grey and blue scale of the piece just makes it look like some sort of artistic flashback. And then we learn that her gun actually shoots books, and so much more about this makes less sense when just looking at it on the surface. Still, the image of her blasting out books and knocking back baddies is both an awesome and hilarious image. The amount of book puns that could come out of this idea would fill a book!

2 Battle Maiden Velma Ready Is For Battle

via: adrianohq.deviantart.com

The Mystery Gang has gone through all kinds of themes and adventures over the years, from dealing with pirates, working the rodeo in the wild west, and even travelling through the cyber world. How about something showing them as warriors/rogues next? Adrianohq clearly has a pretty solid design for Velma right here. Come on, people, Velma with a battleaxe and looking like a war-hardened maiden? This has got a different dimension story or even a time travelling thing written all over it. Add in a tragic hero, some good battle scenes, and maybe even have Scooby in some battle gear. Boom, one unorthodox Scooby-Doo film right here. Okay, it might be difficult to slip in a good mystery with all the fighting, but this is a pretty solid theme/design idea right here.

1 Get Out Of The Way, People, Velma's Taking A New Look

via: ratrien.deviantart.com

Somebody crank up some rock music right now, cause this right here is amazing! That jacket, that bike, and the chains on her hand has officially given a tough as nails look and we have Ratrien to thank for this. Just look at that face. That’s a face that’s just screaming, “Don’t mess with me ‘cause I ain’t afraid to knock your teeth out.” And hey, out of everything on this list, this is pretty much the most likely thing to happen to her. What? She’s got the fire and she’s got the strength. The only thing left is for something to push her hard enough and make her angry enough. Well, the whole bike thing and gangster look may take some work.

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