Scuf Partners With Movember For Men's Health Charity Livestreams

Scuf Gaming, a creator of high-performance gaming controllers, has announced that it will collaborate with global charity Movember for #SCUFMO.

Scuf Gaming, a creator of high-performance gaming controllers, has announced that it will collaborate with global charity Movember for #SCUFMO. This will now be the second year in a row that the two will work together through livestreaming events towards raising awareness of men’s physical and mental health.

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Throughout the month, Scuf will also be donating a portion of its controller sales to the charity. Speaking to Business Wire, CEO and Founder Duncan Ironmonger states, “With #SCUFMO, our aim is to help the Movember movement and raise awareness for the importance of mental health, not just among esports athletes, but among all the gamers in the world.” In their effort to raise awareness, SCUFMO will feature such well-known individuals as Censor, Syndicate, lain Stirling, and Nepenthez.

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The idea of collaborating with a charity to raise funds through streaming is not new, but now commonplace and picking up steam as bigger and more well-known individuals become involved. One of the most successful individual streams to date occurred in June of this past year, where popular streamer Ben “Dr.Lupo” Lupo played Fortnite and raised nearly $1 million in less than five hours. In that case the funds were raised for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

While not all streaming can be as successful Dr. Lupo, the example set can certainly be seen to inspire others when it comes to raising funds. In August, Dominique "SonicFox" McLean streamed for 72 hours and raised $22,000 for The Trevor Project by playing fighting games. In less than a week’s time, an all-star cast of Dungeons & Dragons streamers will join for a one-night game in front of a live audience with the goal of raising funds for the Autism Society of America.

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#SCUFMO meanwhile looks to raise funds and awareness for men’s issues, and works alongside Movember, which traditionally sees the growing of mustaches during November to also raise awareness for similar issues, which revolve largely around anxiety, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide. The goal of Movember is to encourage men to engage in activities lead to early cancer detection, diagnosis, and effective treatments, all towards reducing the number of preventable deaths.

Players looking to purchase a new controller and who are interested in supporting the project can click here, and have until the end of November to see 5% of the sales go towards the Movember charity.

Source: businesswire.com

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