SDCC 2019: Detective Pikachu To Get Its Own Event

In anticipation of the upcoming digital release, the smash-hit pokemon movie Detective Pikachu is getting its own interactive installation at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Outside the Omni Hotel will be an "immersive walkthrough pop-up" recreation of the movie's main setting, Ryme City.

Warner Brothers' press release states that attendees will have many "instagrammable" places from the city available to explore, such as the "neon cityscape [and] Ryme City marketplace," as well as film prop displays and an infinity room.

Via Warner Brothers

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Where previously these larger-than-life installations have mostly been limited to Western media recent examples being the ambitious Castle Rock and Westworld activations from last year this will be Pokemon fans' first opportunity to actually experience and explore their favorite world brought to reality.

As for what to actually expect, fans can probably look to some of the events and attractions that were made available during the Detective Pikachu pop-up that opened in London early last May, just before the film's release. The previous installation included a coffeeshop with a variety of menu items served with a special themed print at the top, as well as a karaoke room decorated in the neon-noir aesthetic of many parts of the movie. Though, considering that the London pop-up was an installation limited to a two-story building and the upcoming SDCC one will supposedly include multiple city settings, most of these attractions will probably be scrapped or hugely updated to the scale of the installation. The "infinity room" mentioned in the press release, though, will most likely be a larger version of the one they showcased in London: a Yayoi Kusama-style infinite mirror room with glowing lightning bolts instead of glowing lights or strange objects.

Yayoi Kusama, "Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity" via https://hirshhorn.si.edu

Hopefully the installation will be popular enough to be brought to other cities and conventions, even if in a smaller format similar to the London exhibition. For now, fans are eagerly awaiting to see if the attraction will live up to the hype either by attending in person or seeing photos online.

The Detective Pikachu attraction will be open to the public during all days of SDCC 2019, including the preview night.

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