• Fans of all things Fortnite are in for a real treat as the San Diego Comic Con 2019 Funko reveal a Loot Llama! 1 / 9

  • The second exclusive is from Overwatch, in the form of Mc.Cree. 2 / 9

  • For now it is unclear if these will be the only two SDCC exclusive Funko Pops associated with games 3 / 9

  • The official SDCC website from 2018 stated that this year we would get over 75 total new figures 4 / 9

  • Eager collectors are left waiting in the meantime, but those lucky enough to be in attendance at the event can check out the Funko booth 5 / 9

  • The Loot Llama will be joining the long list of other Fortnite Funko Pops previously released and available now for collection 6 / 9

  • Currently, there are many other Funko and action figures available, although some are exclusive to certain stores 7 / 9

  • As for the remainder of the SDCC reveal, we can only hope that more exclusives are coming for our favorite Fortnite characters 8 / 9

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