SDCC 2019: Take A Look At The 100th Batman Black & White Statue

Todd McFarlane and Batman are a great match. It's obvious to any who have witnessed McFarlane's striking, gritty style. Batman loves a moody setting, and McFarlane can deliver. They are also both icons in the comic book world, and have been celebrated multiple times. But why not keep celebrating them? That seems to be the thought behind a life-size Batman statue erected at San Diego Comic-Con.

As CBR reports, SDCC has a Comic-Con Museum where various artifacts and tributes to comics' greatest influences are displayed. Among those is a six-foot-tall statue of Batman based on the McFarlane style. By based on, we mean that it was taken directly from Todd McFarlane's cover to Batman #423. Here's the cover is all its capey glory.

via: DC Database

Now here's the statue, still with all the caped moodiness but without the woman clinging to Batman. They also took away some of the shadows so that we can actually see Batman's features.

via: CBR

The statue isn't just a random celebration of McFarlane's work, however. It's actually part of a series of figures called DC Collectibles' Batman: Black & White collection. The line takes iconic Batman poses from different artists and turns them into black and white figures. The Batman: Black & White collection actually has 100 figures to its name. This McFarlane-inspired piece is the 100th.

It's quite an achievement for anything to reach 100 pieces. As a comics fan, it's simply amazing to see that Batman has enough material to inspire 100 different figures for one collection. That's not even counting the various Batmobiles, or toys dedicated to villains and other members of the bat family. It gets even more mind-blowing when you imagine all the talented artists that have worked on the character. Batman: Black & White serves as a true showcase to the many talented people that have brought the Dark Knight to life over the years. 80 years, to be exact, as Comic-Con celebrated Batman's anniversary.

"To simply be a part of the 80th anniversary of a character that has always held such a special place in my heart is an honor," McFarlane was quoted as saying. “But in designing this statue I truly feel like I'm adding to Batman's legacy and in the process benefitting a hall of fame that will become an institution both for comic fans and the San Diego community."

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