Marvel At SDCC 2019: What The MCU Could Be Bringing To Comic-Con

The 2019 San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, and Saturday afternoon is likely going to be a massive day for Marvel fans to learn what lies ahead in the future. The event is a whopping 90 minutes long, and even the briefest glimpses of certain properties or shows might send the crowd wild. There is so much to be potentially revealed, so we've rounded up some of the most exciting things we might see.

Black Widow movie details

This should definitely be included in the event. Right now, Black Widow is the only movie in Phase 4 that is filming, with director Cate Shortland at the helm. Fans would love to know more about the movie's premise. Some have speculated that we will get an origin story, but that might feel a bit out of place nearly a decade after her first appearance in Iron Man 2 and months after the events of Endgame.

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Origin stories are about as predictable and formulaic as they come these days, so fans are expecting more. So, what could it be? Well, we know that Black Widow has an encounter with the Winter Soldier, had some remarkable experience in Belfast with Hawkeye, and basically ran operations for the remnants of Earth’s defenses following the events of Infinity War. So, take your pick; all of these would be great stories to dive into.

Disney Marvel TV Shows 

This is certainly something fans want to know more about. What exactly will our favorite characters be doing in their spin-off series? Captain Falcon and Bucky are sure to be an exciting watch, as is Loki in what must be considered one of the alternate realities in the MCU.

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Most are wondering about the premise of the Scarlet Witch and Vision series. When will it take place? Right now, it seems as though the only possible time frame is the few short years between Vision’s creation in Age of Ultron and his… uh, involuntary decommission and dismantling in Infinity War.

Keanu Reeves Giving Us Another “Breathtaking” Moment

It is no secret that Keanu Reeves is a fan of Marvel. He has stated for years that Marvel is something he is interested in, but nothing ever came of it. Now, however, there have been whispers across the internet that Reeves might be joining the cast of The Eternals. The Eternals are a powerful group of individuals who are related to humans but diverged during their evolution.

Tasked with defending humanity by the Celestials, the Eternals often find themselves at odds with their counterparts, the Deviants.

Seeing Keanu Reeves emerge on stage to announce that he was going to be appearing as an Eternal would probably be one of the best moments at the Comic-Con, so let’s hope it happens in style.

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Shang-Chi casting

Little has been said about the project for an upcoming Shang-Chi movie. Because of this, we might simply get a teaser title for the movie, learn a bit about its premise, or maybe even learn about who will be playing the lead role.

So, who would be the best actor for Shang Chi? Before the MCU grew into the cultural juggernaut that it is today, we might have thought about an actor for a single movie or at best a trilogy. Now, however, with the beginning of Phase 4, the MCU needs to consider culminating what will be Endgame 2.0 in 2030.

Since deaged Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg looked great in Captain Marvel, many fans want to see Jackie Chan take on the role. However, this seems unlikely.

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Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Disney hired James Gunn, fired him, and then rehired him. We all know the movie is in production since the recent discussion has been all about the kerfuffle that was Gunn’s removal from the project and how the cast didn't want to budge without their beloved director.

The question is going to be if - and how - Thor will be involved. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was penned in script form by Gunn long before the controversy began, and likely before Chris Hemsworth decided that the new Thor is far more enjoyable than the old, stuffy Thor. So, will he be added to the story, or quickly discarded?

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Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4

These three movies are basically set in stone, so there are a lot of high expectations.

We already have a good indication that Mordo will be back to cause trouble for Doctor Strange, or else his entire character arc would have been a waste of screen time. Black Panther 2 is a bit of a mystery, but we did get a strong clue in Endgame when Okoye says: “It’s an earthquake under the ocean” to Black Widow. Who lives beneath the ocean and has a beef with humanity? Namor, the Sub-Mariner, and the people of Atlantis.

This would be another fitting role for Keanu Reeves…

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Who's going to show up

The MCU is getting so big that it's anyone's guess as to who might show up. Given that Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Evans are effectively finished with their characters, many fans are hoping that we'll see them one last time to celebrate all that they've accomplished.

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The rest of the main Avengers cast may also be there, but likely for their own respective projects. Scarlett Johansson might be the one to give us news about Black Widow, as might Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth.

Past that, Taika Waititit could show up since he is directing the next Thor movie. We know that the Russo brothers will likely be in attendance, too. With the success off Spider-Man: Far From Home, many fans are hoping that Tom Holland will also swing by to celebrate.  Past these main players, we could see anyone from the many movies that are already out or are currently in production.

Either way, make sure to stay tuned for all of the newest updates taking place at SDCC.

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