SDCC 2019: Latest Picard Poster Hints At A New "First Officer"

Jean-Luc Picard may be boldly going to a PetSmart in the near future, if a new Star Trek: Picard poster is anything to go by.

Revealed on Sir Patrick Stewart's official Twitter account today, the poster depicts the decorated captain standing against the sunset. At his side is a pitbull, sitting pretty and decked out in a snazzy collar with a Starfleet insignia.

The tweet doesn't really give us much else to go off of, but for many fans, this small taste will be more than enough.

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Observant Trekkies might note that Picard is standing in what looks to be a vineyard. From both this and the first teaser trailer, it's clear that the former captain is likely overseeing wine production on a massive scale. Fans might remember this callback to Season 4, Episode 2 of The Next Generation, which dealt with Picard's strained relationship to his brother, Robert. Robert was overseeing the family vineyard, and resented Jean-Luc for running off to join Starfleet. That bitterness resulted in a tense dynamic that eventually came to blows - not to mention a tumble into a mud puddle.

It's unclear from both the teaser and the poster, however, if this vineyard is the same one. While it's a safe bet, perhaps Jean-Luc has struck out on his own and continued the family business on a new plot of land. Only time will tell.

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But we won't really have to wait that long - CBS has already promised to show off more Picard at San Diego Comic-Con this month. How much of it, exactly, remains to be seen, but with a projected 2019 release, it's safe to assume that the curtain will be pulled back sooner rather than later.

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