SDCC 2019: Scarlet Witch Has a Role To Play In Doctor Strange Sequel

Marvel Studios revealed a lot of Phase Four during its San Diego Comic-Con panel, including a look at the more magical side of the MCU. They officially announced a Doctor Strange sequel called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As the title suggests, the movie will once again show the Sorcerer Supreme exploring weird side dimensions. However, audiences were surprised to learn that Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, will appear in the movie. Not just that, but events from her Disney+ series WandaVision will tie in to the movie.

The movie was revealed alongside several others, and this is Marvel Studios we're talking about, so there wasn't a lot time spent revealing the secrets of the movie. What we did learn, we learned thanks to Screenrant editor Rob Keyes. He live-tweeted the panel, breaking down the juicy bits, including the distinct tone the movie's director is aiming for.

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As the story goes, Multiverse of Madess' director Scott Derrickson showed interest in the way Doctor Strange fights non-earthly threats. If he was going to do this movie, Marvel Studios would have to let him embrace truly creepy and "gothic" elements. Because of this, it's being called Marvel Studios' first "scary" movie.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Olsen had already been onstage to talk about her WandaVision series. So it seemed like the perfect time to reveal that the witch is going to have a role in the Strange sequel. Marvel went a step further by saying that WandaVision itself would also tie into the multiversal exploits of Doctor Strange.

Marvel Studios has only gotten more willing to experiment in light of all their recent successes. So it makes sense to have Doctor Strange's sequel go full multiverse. Fans have already proved willing to embrace the wildness of Guardians and Thor, and the time-travel antics of Endgame. Even more interesting, however, is that they're now willing to have the movies directly reference a TV show. The desire to keep the two separate proved to be a hinderance for Agents of SHEILD and the Netflix shows. Now, with Disney fully on their side, Marvel seems ready to finally have a multimedia universe. After today's panel, we're ready too.

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