SDCC 2019: The Walking Dead Season 10 Gets A Trailer, Loses A Michonne

During The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con, fans were shown the trailer for the show's 10th season as well as told that it will be Michonne's last appearance. The Walking Dead concluded its ninth season in March, which began the highly anticipated Whisperers arc.

The Walking Dead saw numerous developments in its most recent season. The biggest was the departure of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes. The character didn't die however, and will be brought back for a movie production. Season 9 introduced Alpha and her Whisperers group, resulting in the unexpected deaths of a number of characters. The Walking Dead has a lot coming up in its 10th season, which is readily apparent in the trailer.

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During Comic-Con, AMC unveiled a number of The Walking Dead announcements, chief among them being a full-length trailer for the main show's 10th season. The Whisperer War is about to truly kick off. Check out the trailer below.

There are a number of core things to take note of here. The Whisperer War is going to begin. Negan appears to still be in jail for part of the season, and Daryl will seemingly confront him. However, it seems to be implied that Negan will be allowed to live in the community, and then it appears he's going to fight alongside the good guys. Michonne and Ezekiel appear to be starting a relationship, which is actually what happened in the comics. Speaking of the comics, the "best friend" scene is also from the source material, but with Carol and Daryl replacing Rick and Michonne. The final scene may be the most interesting. Viewers see Michonne wielding Lucille, presumably about to bash someone in.

During the panel, Michonne's actress Danai Gurira also confirmed that season 10 will feature her character's last appearances.

"I can confirm that this is the last season I'll be playing Michonne," she said. "This has been one of the purest joys of my life. I'm very very thankful in ways I can't express right now. TWD family is forever. But it was about my calling and other things I'm being called to."

Via YouTube.com/The Walking Dead

For those who haven't kept up with the rumors, this will come as a shock. Michonne was arguably the main protagonist alongside Daryl after Rick left, so something will be missing when she leaves. However, if Lauren Cohan does indeed return to the show as Maggie, the void left by Gurira might be filled. It is not yet known how many episodes Michonne will appear in.

There's plenty to look forward to in The Walking Dead Season 10. Season 9 had some of the strongest writing in the show's recent history, and that looks to continue in three months. While the comic book ended recently, it doesn't look like the TV series is going away anytime soon. It will be interesting to see how the showrunners handle Michonne's exit.

The Walking Dead season 10 premieres October 6, on AMC.

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