SDCC: Thor: Love And Thunder Will Bring Female Thor To The MCU, Played By Natalie Portman

Marvel just made a lot of big announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, with a lot of them being focused on newer heroes. After all, Cap is retired and Iron Man is gone, leaving little of the original Avengers left. Some familiar faces are returning, but with a new twist. Black Widow is getting a prequel movie. Doctor Strange will be delving into the multiverse and will cross paths with Scarlet Witch. The biggest twist of all, though, is that Thor movies are getting Jane Foster back. And she'll be taking up the hammer.

The news comes courtesy of Screenrant editor Rob Keyes, who live-tweeted the Marvel Studios panel. During the successive announcements, Marvel brought out some of the Thor cast. Tessa Thompson spoke briefly about Valkyrie's future, saying she wants her newly crowned ruler of Asgard to find a queen. That led to the title reveal, Thor: Love and Thunder. That led to the announcement that Natalie Portman is back as Jane, and will also become Thor.

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While this might seem like a shocker, it actually comes straight from the comics. In Jason Aaron's THE MIGHTY THOR series, Thor is named unworthy of Mjolnir due to a previous event. The hammer seeks out a new wielder, who happens to be Jane Foster. The problem is that Jane has cancer. It leads to a dynamic of Jane being a mighty Asgardian sometimes and a dying human the rest of the time. It was a compelling take on the Thor myth, so it makes sense that Marvel Studios would want to borrow from it.

There's also the running complaint that Marvel doesn't have enough diversity in its casting, especially when it comes to female heroes. The announcement of Jane Thor, and a Black Widow solo film, seem timed to address these criticisms.

As for what this means for the Thor we already know and love, nothing was said. We also don't know what Jane has been doing all this time, or how she gets the hammer. Only time, and maybe another Comic-Con, will tell.

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