Stranger Things' Barb Is An SDCC Exclusive Lego Minifig

Barb Holland from Stranger Things is back. Sadly not in Hawkins, but instead as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive LEGO minifigure. Back in May LEGO announced a set of the Byers house and its duplicate in the Upside Down. Now SDCC attendees have a chance to acquire Barb to go with it, allowing her to face a LEGO version of the Demogorgon responsible for her untimely ending.

Currently fans are mostly talking about the latest series of Stranger Things. Released earlier this month, on July 4, Stranger Things 3 has brought new highs and heartache to viewers of the series. For those who have watched the Netflix show since its inception this isn’t the first time we’ve been devastated by the events in Hawkins. Back in the very first season we experienced heartbreak when fan favorite Barb was dragged into the Upside Down and never returned.

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Now LEGO are giving her a new (plastic) lease of life. The figure features her iconic glasses, hair and signature style, based on Shannon Purser’s portrayal in the show. It comes in exclusive packaging branded with both SDCC and Netflix logos. The exclusive figure will be part of a randomized instant-win draw which will be held on the second day of comic-con, Friday July 19.

Barb is not the only SDCC exclusive being brought to the table. LEGO also announced sets based on Captain Marvel, Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. There’s also a LEGO PS4 Spider-Man Exclusive minifigure listed on the SDCC website.

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The Sith Trooper is by far the most impressive, standing at six feet tall and clocking in at a gigantic 34,307 bricks. It’s estimated to take around 259 hours to build. For those who prefer their LEGO on a smaller scale there’s also a much smaller 484 piece bust to accompany it. These sets are not readily available and attendees must register their interest through the Exclusive Portal to be considered for them.

For all those Stranger Things fans attending the convention, may the odds be in your favor on lottery day.

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