Sea Of Thieves Is Getting A Closed Beta For Players Who Pre-Order

Rare's upcoming pirate game Sea Of Thieves is getting a closed beta soon.

Sure, it’s super early days in 2018, but it’s never too soon to plan ahead. Whether you’ve got a wedding this summer that you’ve got to tone up for, you’re going to hit 2018 hard work-wise or you’re planning your video game purchases months in advance, it pays to be ahead of the game.

You might already have pre-orders in for the biggest games of early 2018 (Monster Hunter World, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Metal Gear Survive, and so on). On the other hand, you might be a little on the fence about certain games. It’s wise to be that way in this money-grubbing industry. If that’s the case, you might well be intrigued about Sea of Thieves, but want to know more about it before you commit. If that’s the case, we’ve got some good news for you: a beta is on its way.

Rare’s upcoming open world swashbuckler is a title that caught many gamers’ eyes right from the off. It’s not hard to see why, either. With its cooperative, liberating, sailing-and-pillaging concept, Sea of Thieves sounds like a licensed Pirates of the Caribbean game done right (which none really have been to date).

Last month, Rare confirmed that the game was on course for a release date of March 20, only on PC and Xbox One. There’s a long time to wait, but some of us will get to have a taste of the pirate life before then. Yesterday, they released a new blog post, with all the details of the upcoming closed beta.

Via: gamersbliss.com

It’ll kick off at 4am PST on January 24, and run until 12am PST on the 29th. As IGN reports, players who have preordered the game already will have automatic access to the beta, as will those who registered for the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme before December 1 2017. Rare promises that they’ve tailored the experience to give a good taste of what the game will have to offer, while keeping certain aspects of gameplay a secret for the full release. Standard beta protocol, then.

If you won’t be able to play, there’s still good news for you. The Sea of Thieves closed beta is not going to be covered by a non-disclosure agreement, which means that the Internet is free to dissect and share every aspect of it to their heart’s content. Streamers and YouTubers are going to be all over this, so you’ll be free to experience it vicariously at the very least.

We’ll see you on the high seas on January 24, then.

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