Sea Of Thieves Is This Week's No Man's Sky, Hits 5 Million Players As Massive Update Rolls Out

So, you thought Sea of Thieves was like, so six months ago? Well, friends, you might not want to write it off so quickly. Firstly, this isn’t Mean Girls, and second, the game’s fortunes seem to be taking an abrupt about turn.

Now, the gaming industry can be a wacky old place at times. Back in the day, the game that arrived on release date was the game that you got. There were no patches, no later updates or DLC, no dice. In the brave new world of 2018, anything’s possible after the fact. Developers can slap a big band-aid on just about any issue.

Bloodborne’s notorious loading screens, Mario Tennis Aces’ broken Bowser Jr, a myriad of other issues… all can be fixed thanks to the wonder of post-release patches. Some devs do tend to use this as a get out of jail free card, but it’s encouraging that formerly content-starved games don’t have to remain so.

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A case in point? Rare’s Sea of Thieves. The Microsoft-exclusive title has attracted its share of criticism, most worryingly for the barren nature of its vast, free-roaming ocean. At E3 2018, though, the team announced new content coming to revitalise the game.

As we learned back in June, the Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores content packs are set to make port this year. The latter is due in September, while Cursed Sails launched this past Tuesday. It’s quite an extensive addition to the game, with the Brigantine 3-player ship, Skeleton Ships and the all-new Alliance feature (which allows players to meet in-game, form an alliance and adventure together) among the new possibilities now available.

Apparently, this new content, and the prospect of more to come, has done wonders for the game. Xbox Wire has proudly announced that the game has reached a total of five million players since launch. This includes, they go on, enthusiastic content creators who have reached 300 million YouTube views and 40 million hours of live broadcasts on Twitch. The message is clear, in short: Sea of Thieves may have taken its share of flak, but Rare are dedicated to continuing to support it and its fanbase.

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