Sea Of Thieves Celebrates Its First Year With A Free Anniversary Update

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Happy belated birthday, Sea of Thieves. The seven people around the world who are still playing are going to love the huge slew of new content that’s coming to mark the occasion.

Recently, when it comes to games that failed to live up to the hype, it’s been all about Anthem. Earlier this week, BioWare acknowledged the game’s disaster-laden launch, while promising that there are some huge things in store for its future.

Back when Anthem was just a glimmer in a panic-stricken PS4’s eye, though, there was another game that was the very last word in squandered potential: Sea of Thieves.

An open-world competitive and co-operative pirate ‘em up is a concept that many of us could get on board with, and the gameplay caught our eye from the first lengthy footage we were shown back at E3 2017. This is what online gaming needed more of, after all: silliness, camaraderie, and swashbuckling, rather than raging, K/D ratios, and hate-mail.

Sadly, Sea of Thieves was a very barebones experience when it hit PC and Xbox One this time last year. First impressions are everything in this industry (as the Xbox One itself found out), and it’s darn difficult to recover from this sort of thing.

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Updates such as last May’s The Hungering Deep helped out, with the game enjoying a big leap in player interest a la No Man’s Sky with the Cursed Sails update), but is anybody still committed enough to be playing a year later? If so, your dedication is going to pay off next month. If not, you might want to dust off your copy of the game, because it’s anniversary celebration time.

What’s coming to the game when the new content hits on April 30th? Well, see for yourself:

That’s quite a lot to take in, right there. New land enemies, pets, story quests, rejiggered naval combat, more survival elements like cooking, the ever-popular minigame that is fishing… a whole wealth of goodies for Sea of Thieves fans.

Do you think the time might be ripe to return to the game? Are you one of the faithful who never left? Do you think these are things that should have been in the game from day one? Are you just grateful to be receiving such a crop of new content? Don’t bother answering these questions, just hold on tight for April 30th and prepare to jump on board again.

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