Sea Of Thieves Smugglers Fortune Is Here, Thankfully With No Puking Monkeys

The newest Sea of Thieves updates has arrived, and in Smuggler’s’ Fortune, players will haves to lots of new and exciting content. More Voyages await, along with the new Pirate Emporium, providing several new cosmetics and companions.

Smuggler’s Fortune – New Voyages

Players have worked diligently in delivering all those Reaper’s Chests to Duke during the Dark Relics content update, and now the payoff comes for all! Players can pick up a free Reaper’s Grave Voyage and head on out to Shipwreck Bay. Once there, dig around to find buried crates and then cash them in at any of the designated Seasposts. These crates can be traded in for a repeatable source of Doubloons, which is perfect since we are also seeing the launch of the Black Market in this update.

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The Seapost to Seapost Voyage is probably the most straightforward of the bunch, where some Seaposts require assistance in moving their crates to other Seaposts on the outskirts of the world.

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The Legendary Reaper’s Grave Voyage is available to Pirate Legends who are tasked with a Reaper’s Grave Voyage that demands they load even more cargo onto their ships before venturing out to their designated Seapost. With more work, comes more pay!

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The Black Market

Duke has opened the Black Market following the large number of Reaper’s Chests collected during Dark Relics. Here players can find limited time cosmetics that will rotate out at the start of the next content update. This means players will need to grab the items they want soon or miss out on them for good. The following items and changes now live:

  • Fearless Bone Crusher Clothing – These are a twist on the previously available Bone Crusher clothing set. Available for Doubloons, players can acquire the Fearless Bone Crusher Jacket, Fearless Bone Crusher Dress and Fearless Bone Crusher Hat.
  • Fearless Bone Crusher Ship – Duke is also introducing the Fearless Bone Crusher ship livery range. Available for Doubloons, players can acquire the Fearless Bone Crusher Hull, Fearless Bone Crusher Sail and Fearless Bone Crusher Flag.
  • Deep Ocean Crawler Weapons – This twist on the Ocean Crawler set can be purchased with gold, and players can acquire the Deep Ocean Crawler Cutlass, Deep Ocean Crawler Flintlock, Deep Ocean Crawler Blunderbuss and Deep Ocean Crawler Eye of Reach.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Since players can reliably earn Doubloons through the on-time delivery of Rag and Bone Crates and hoarding of Reaper’s Chests, in addition to the Mercenary Voyages being made available for free, Duke is restricting the flow of Letters of Recommendation. Players will now be only able to purchase a single Letter of Recommendation for each Company in each month.
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Pirate Emporium

The new Pirate Emporium is finally open! Players will find the rarest of smuggled goods for real world money. This may or may not interest certain players, since it can be frustrating to see content gated behind only cash purchases. Parrots, Monkeys, Sea Dog Pet outfits, Bear & Bird Ship Collection, emotes and more are available for Ancient Coins, which can be purchased from the in-game shop on a player’s Microsoft account.


The release of pets is the final new inclusion of this update. Players can name their pet, provide outfits, and then instinctively follow you as you play the game, from adventuring to stopping for a drink in a tavern. Luckily, they cannot be hurt, and make great companions on your travels.

Via: seaofthieves.com

Source: seaofthieves.com

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