In Case You're Still Playing, Sea Of Thieves Is Getting A Big Content Update This Month

Something’s coming from beneath the sea, and gamers will be facing it later this month. At least, those gamers that are still playing Sea Of Thieves. Rare’s open-world pirate game caught a lot of criticism for its lack of content when it launched, something the developer has been assuring fans it will fix with meaningful updates. The first of these updates, The Hungering Deep, is coming on May 29th.

A trailer introduces the update in one of the most pirate-y ways possible: with an old man telling an ominous legend from the sea. He explains that in ancient times, sailors encountered terrifying beasts from the ocean’s depths. They worshipped these beasts as gods and even gave them sacrifices, soon learning that these offerings and rituals could actually summon the monsters at will. Now, in the current age of pirates, ships have been mysteriously disappearing. Perhaps the stories were more than stories after all…

via: youtube.com (sea of thieves)

The old man’s tale is the entirety of the trailer, with no mention of exact gameplay or content additions. Of course, this is probably by design. In an earlier article we reported that the Hungering Deep was planned to feature a mysterious foe, something "crews will have to work together to discover and defeat.” Clearly hunting this mystery sea monster is meant to be part of the appeal, so Rare won’t want to show its hand too early.

One thing the earlier report did say is that May is also supposed to be the premiere of weekly events in Sea Of Thieves. While players wait for the beast to rise from the depths, they can take part in regular challenges to earn special rewards. The consistency of these events is meant to reward players who keep playing the game regularly. After all, an open-world game needs a constant player base to stay alive.

Hopefully the captains who decided to stay with this ship feel justified as Rare tries its best to patch the holes. Who knows, maybe the ones who jumped ship early will come back. A pirate’s life is certainly rough. But then again, that is part of the fun.

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