Sea Of Thieves Devs On Player Complaints: 'We're Listening, And We Will Change'

Developer Rare’s pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves has been using the same formula for a while now. Players have dropped the game for lack of something new and refreshing. For a multiplayer game like Sea of Thieves, community engagement is imperative; players should voice their opinions and developers need to respond. Fortunately, Rare shares this mindset and just stated that they are indeed listening.

The game has been lacking new content for a while now, and Rare has spent the last months working on how to address this problem. Sea of Thieves’ executive producer Joe Neate, senior designer Shelley Preston, and design director Mike Chapman spoke with GameSpot about the game’s development since its launch.

“With Sea of Thieves, our goal at launch was to create a new IP, create a community around it, and make a new type of multiplayer game that's a different experience," says John Neate.

"And success for us meant landing all of that, which would give us the right to go and build on it more.”

Neate continued by talking about finding solutions to common problems, new content to the game and the social interaction the game provides.

“So it's all been about driving what we love about the game, that social interaction where you're encountering strangers and doing stuff together. It scratches that itch from the community. That was probably one of the biggest lessons for us," he continued, acknowledging the fact that players were not satisfied with only fighting the human players they could find. He knows there's a lot to work on, adding, "We're listening, and we will change.”

Sea of Thieves is bringing new features, like a limited-time event. They will be introducing the “Gunpowder Skeletons”. These skeletons will be running like crazy towards the player, light the fuse on their keg and try to blow them to pieces. Rare elaborates on this game mode in the video above, they even give tips for the players trying to destroy these skeletons.

The goal for this event is to grant players “Doubloons.” 150 Doubloons will be available in the event, which will run until July 10.

Rare hopes that by adding this event to Sea of Thieves players can be convinced changes are coming and the development process is inspired by their feedback. They keep working hard thanks to fans and continue to better the game every day.

Sea of Thieves is available now for Xbox One and PC.

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