Sea Of Thieves Adds In-Game Easter Eggs Of 26 Early Players

Sea of Thieves, Microsoft’s first big-name 2018 exclusive title for Windows PC and Xbox One, will be released on March 20th. As the release date approaches, it has been uncovered that the developer of the game, Rare Ltd., has paid tribute to players who helped move the game forward considerably during their time spent in the closed beta, which ended just over a week ago.

Twenty-six players have been immortalized in various in-game Easter eggs found throughout the pre-release builds of the beta. These Easter eggs, found in the forms of “Wanted” or “Missing” posters, plaques, or engraved Gamertags on rocks and wood, commemorate the community engagement of the players during the beta as well as achievements reached during their time spent in the expansive pirate MMO – such as drinking a considerable amount of grog during one play session.

Rare’s Easter egg inclusions show how committed the company – along with Microsoft Studios – is for the much-needed exclusive title, and confirms Microsoft’s Phil Spencer’s overarching commitment to exclusive content for the company. Community engagement is a huge asset with moving games forward. If players feel like their opinions and feedback are heard and taken to heart by developers, there is no doubt a correlation that those games become more popular – and ultimately, more playable – within the gaming community.

Easter eggs are a common occurrence in video games. Notably, World of Warcraft is known for incorporating Easter eggs into its game. Movie and television characters (such as Indiana Jones and Friends’ Ross and Rachel), other video game characters (The Legend of Zelda’s Link), and celebrities (Mila Kunis, Dave Grohl) can be found throughout the world of Azeroth. Additionally, developer, Blizzard Entertainment, has also been known to create NPCs based on other real-life gamers who play the game, including working with the Make-A-Wish foundation to bring a ten-year-old boy to life within World of Warcraft.

It has not yet been confirmed whether or not the Easter Eggs will be part of Sea of Thieves when it officially releases, but as far as awesome things go from a player perspective, being immortalized within a video game – at any point – is definitely at the top of any gamer’s list.

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