Sea Of Thieves Celebrates Banjo-Kazooie's 20th Anniversary With New Figurehead

Rare, developer of both Sea Of Thieves and the classic Banjo Kazooie for the Nintendo 64, celebrated the latter's anniversary with some new gear.

If you’re a gamer of a certain age, this might be a little uncomfortable to think about, but… Banjo-Kazooie released twenty years ago this month. Whatever type of way that makes you feel, let’s just be glad that Rare are marking the occasion in Sea of Thieves.

Now, Sea of Thieves certainly has been tossed around in the foamy brine of gamer opinion since its release. A console exclusive for the Xbox One, an incredible concept (open world pirate PvP-ing against other crews; what’s not to like)… this one certainly did garner some interest prior to release. Sadly, the game was tainted by a lack of launch content and some questionable decisions on Rare’s part.

Still, much as with Pokémon Go, the game has been privy to some nice updates, with more to come (as was teased at this year’s E3 event). Besides, speaking of questionable decisions, here’s one that definitely isn’t. Happy birthday, Banjo-Kazooie.

1998 was a fantastic year for gaming. This was the year that Pokémon Red and Blue, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and all manner of other iconic titles were released. Banjo-Kazooie, Rare’s classic N64 platformer, also touched down that year. And so gaming’s most beloved bear and bird platforming duo (not that they had much competition in that regard) was unleashed on the world.

Via: Windows Central

This was the first outing for the duo, and it’s still renowned as one of the best titles for the system. It’s only right, then, that Rare throw a little tribute to the duo into Sea of Thieves.

The Bird and Bear Figurehead, as the item is known in-game, will be available only for a limited time. It doesn’t technically depict Banjo and Kazooie, but we all know who this item is a homage to. It’ll be available at all outposts via the shipwright, throughout the month of July. How much will it cost? That’s right, 1,998 gold. It’s not subtle, but we can support it nonetheless.

The game’s recent update also offers bug fixes and a couple of other super-minor enhancements (such as ships rocking under cannonball impact). Banjo-Kazooie fans will want to hop back on board now.

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