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The 10 Best Cosplay From E3 2019


E3 is the video game event of the year, every year. Although E3 2019 didn't have any sign of PlayStation, considering they decided to skip it this year, there were still plenty of things to get excite...

10 Feel Good Keanu Reeves Memes From E3 2019


Keanu Reeves has been a part of Hollywood for over thirty years, but it seems like these days the 54-year-old actor is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Having starred in everything from Bi...

10 Surprising Games That No-Showed At E3 2019


E3 is a massive event for both gamers and game developers. It’s the perfect opportunity for game companies to create a lot of hype and interest about their games to get people to preorder and gamers b...

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