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Fallout 76: The Ultimate Guide To Perk Cards


Fallout 76 has a huge variety of different perk cards, and the way in which you use these is going to have an incredible impact on the way the game plays. There are plenty of ways to customize your pe...

Fallout 76: The 10 Biggest Changes Since Launch


Fallout 76's perfectly catastrophic launch is likely to follow it throughout the entirety of its lifespan. From the infamous canvas bag controversy to the obligatory Bethesda-style bugs and exploits p...

Fallout 76 Repair Kit Fiasco, Explained

Game News

Bethesda was so close to climbing of the hole it dug for itself over Fallout 76, only to turn around and jump right back in. There were a few weeks recently where Fallout 76 managed to stay relatively...

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