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Overwatch: 10 Things The Comics Add To The Canon


For all its colorful characters and engaging worldbuilding, Overwatch is a little light on canon — fans have had to piece together the game’s history and lore from cryptic tweets and in-game clues lik...

Video Game Heroes Who Share Your MBTI Type


Every game has a main character and every gamer has a favorite type to choose among those characters. The reason for their picks might be spurred by an existing correlation between the two personaliti...

The 10 Best Gifts For Overwatch Fans


Overwatch has become a major competitive game. Blizzard took the class-style of Team Fortress 2 and added a fast-paced environment full of crazy characters and ridiculous mechanics. The result is a so...

Overwatch: A Beginner's Guide To Baptiste


Overwatch's new hero, Jean-Baptiste Augustin, is here -- well, not completely, as he's only available to play with on the PC version's Public Test Realm (PTR), but he should be available on all platfo...

Overwatch Gets A Permanent 50% Price Drop


For the five people who still somehow don't own Overwatch, Blizzard's got you covered. The developer and publisher announced today that the game will be permanently dropping in price, with the Standar...

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