20 Secret Characters We Didn’t Know Were In WWE Wrestling Games

WWE games have always been filled to the brim with superstars but some are way more hidden than others. Here are 20 great examples!

Ah, who doesn’t love a good WWE game? Their recreations of the real thing have become gaming staples over the past few decades, and their popularity continues with developers 2K currently at the helm. For casual fans, they provide some much-needed fighting elements sorely missing from other current-day titles. For wrestling fans, they allow them to play as their favorite wrestlers and create dream matches that they’d likely never see in real life.

And unsurprisingly, it’s the wrestlers who take center stage over everything else. Fans salivate over the roster reveal each year, wondering if their favorite combatant made the cut. And with games like WWE 2K18 hitting whopping figures stretching into the hundreds, there’s never been a better time for those who want more from their rosters.

However, through the years and the many WWE games which we’ve been graced with, there have been those characters who go under the radar. Whether it’s because they are incredibly tough to unlock, they are limited edition exclusives, or they simply get lost in the pack–there have been plenty of hidden wrestlers.

Well, we hope we can flag up some of the most elusive characters for you, because let’s face it, sometimes they aren’t obvious to the untrained eye. You could easily miss them, but we don’t want you to. These are 20 secret characters you didn’t know were in WWE wrestling games. Let’s get ready to rumble!

20 Colonel Sanders (WWE 2K18)

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Thought it was just the WWE games of old that featured stupid secret characters? Think again. In fact, the latest installment of the WWE 2K series has a special character who ranks up there with some of the most ridiculous hidden wrestlers to ever find their way in a WWE game.

Yes, incredibly, Colonel Sanders can be used in WWE 2K18.

However, not in the traditional way which most of them are. No, you have to create him in the create-a-superstar mode, but you’re practically given the blueprint since all of his accessories and attire have been included. Hardcore fans of the current-day product will know that the WWE has recently teamed up with KFC, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to them. Not exactly “finger-lickin' good!” for everyone else though.

19 The Blue Meanie (WWF SmackDown!)

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He was a humorous character in the hardcore promotion ECW, and he successfully carried over his zaniness to the WWE in the late 90s. Yes, it’s the crazy blue-obsessed wrestler The Blue Meanie. However, fans may not know that he’s available as a secret character in WWF SmackDown!. There are a few conditions in place for unlocking The Blue Meanie. First of all, you must face Chyna in the pre-season mode in the normal difficulty setting. Then, just make sure you lose to the “Ninth Wonder of the World,” and voila! You now have one member of the J.O.B. Squad available for use in the game. He’s also a bit of a rarity in wrestling games too, so make the most of the opportunity to nab him here!

18 Kwang (WWF Raw)

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When it comes to ‘90s WWE (then WWF) wrestler Kwang, you either fall into one of two camps. You either don’t have the foggiest idea of who we’re talking about, or you’re still being haunted by him. Yes, he was pretty terrible and only lasted mere months in the organization, but that didn’t stop him from making his way onto the 1995 wrestling video game WWF Raw.

Oh dear... did we really want to see him?

The masked ninja was included in the Sega32X version of the title and could be unlocked by inputting a code on the wrestler selection screen. Just press Down + A + B and you’ll now be able to play as this secret character. However, don’t say we didn’t warn you – Kwang’s about as ridiculously bad as it gets.

17 Ring Girls (WWF War Zone)

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Some of the secret characters on this list are meaningful additions to their respective game’s roster. Sadly, two of the unlockables in WWF War Zone were anything but worthwhile. Yes, you didn’t get Chyna or Sable, but you did get… Sue and Pamela? Yeah, we’re confused too. Apparently, they’re the ring girls in the game (even though they can’t be seen anywhere until unlocked) and they’re also, sadly, rather silly selections for the game. If you like torturing yourself, defeat the single-player mode as either Bret Hart or Owen Hart and you’ll gain access to Sue. If you’re wanting to heap on the torture, then complete it using Sue to unlock her pal Pamela. Umm, four words come to mind: what were they thinking!?

16 John Laurinaitis (WWE ’13)

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What wrestling fan hasn’t wanted to smack around former WWE General Manager John Laurinaitis? The gravelly voiced tyrant was a solid heel in the company, but he wasn’t a wrestler. Well, meet WWE ’13 – a game which lets you take him into the ring.

However, let’s face it: most players will want to just play against him rather than as him.

He’s not the most noticeable of characters from the outset, in fact, to unlock him, you have to first go to Universe mode. Once you’ve done that, create a new Major Show in the calendar on a day that’s free. Finally, create a PPV on a Sunday that also hasn’t been taken, and you’ll now find that you’ve got access to this former GM.

15 Yourself (WWF Wrestlemania Challenge)

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Ever wanted to play as yourself in a wrestling game? WWF Wrestlemania Challenge gives you that chance. If you choose to go down the Championship Mode route, you’ll have to face all of the company’s top stars, with the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Rick Rude, and more, all trying to stop you in your quest to become the top dog. You can also tackle the Tag Team Championship Mode along with a friend, with both playable characters being “Yourself” wrestlers. The “Yourself” character is very generic though, so it’s easy to see why it has never been used in wrestling games since then. When you play a wrestling game, you don’t want to win the title with a faceless character who you’ve no connection with whatsoever. Still, if that’s your thing, feel free to jump in and guide your non-entity to wrestling glory!

14 Legion of Doom (WWF WrestleFest)

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Here’s not just one, but two iconic wrestlers which can be secretly accessed in 1991’s WWF Wrestlefest. Yes, it’s Hawk and Animal: collectively known as the Legion of Doom. Their stints in WCW, NWA, and WWE are the stuff of wrestling legend, but bizarrely in WWF Wrestlefest, they aren’t officially playable.

Thankfully, one intuitive player found a workaround for those hankering for a Doomsday Device.

They serve as the boss tag team in the Main Event mode, but in the Arcade versions of the game, they can be controlled if a second player enters into the game while the match is taking place. From there, both members of the Legion of Doom will be usable if the two-player match is won. Ohhh, what a rush indeed!

13 Bret Hart (WWE Day of Reckoning 2)

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Bret “The Hitman” Hart is undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, not only for his technical prowess in the ring but also for his ability to carry the WWE during its most turbulent period in the mid-‘90s. However, his departure from the company still remains one of the most infamous events to ever transpire in wrestling. Yes, it was known as the Montreal Screwjob, and it made for years of bad blood between The Excellence of Execution and the WWE.

Fast forward to the release of 2005’s WWE Day of Reckoning, and incredibly, both parties had settled their differences. Fans of the Canadian superstar were excited to see his inclusion in the game as a secret character. To unlock him, you have to take part in 20 Exhibition matches against the computer. After that, you can slap on The Sharpshooter till your “hart’s” content.

12 The Bosses (Wrestlemania XIX)

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Um, so yeah, The Bosses are secret characters in Wrestlemania XIX… Certainly not as good as our previous entry, but they’re there for those who have a desire to play as Master Builder, Black Widow, Sgt. Gregory, and more. The 2004 GameCube title featured over 20 of these fictional characters in the game, all of which the player needs to beat to obtain.

Completing each stage on easy mode will grant you access to most of them.

However, the tougher bosses can only be unlocked by beating each level on expert. Still, the lack of incentive to unlock them can’t be overstated, because really, what wrestling fan has ever wanted to play as Agent 001 or Rowdy Smith? We want the real thing – even if that means getting someone like The Red Rooster. It’s certainly better than Bouncer Jack…

11 Jillian Hall (WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009)

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For those not so familiar with the product in the mid-late ‘00s (and who could blame you), you might not know who Jillian Hall is. Well, she is best known as the manager of JBL, as well as a disgusting storyline involving her and The Boogeyman. And if you’re ever wanted to play as her in a wrestling game, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 is probably your best bet – despite the fact that she’s a secret character. Yes, for once you don’t have to partake in hours of matches to unlock her, but rather, just enter a short code instead. Simply go to the Options menu and look for Cheats. Then type in “PlayAsJillianHallSvR” and you’ll now notice that she’s available for use in the game. If only they were all as straightforward as that!

10 Druid (WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011)

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It goes without saying that The Undertaker has one of the most effective entrances ever conceived in wrestling. The gong that starts the music off, the blue smoke that envelops the entrance way, the bone-chilling aura that the wrestler brings to it – all vital components in bringing The Phenom’s icy persona to the fore. Another neat touch are the druids which accompany him occasionally, and incredibly, they made their way into WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 as playable characters.

How do you unlock these hidden entities, I hear you ask?

Well, you’ll have to complete all five of the single player campaigns if you want to use them in a match. Don’t get your hopes up though – they are the least effective characters in the game.

9 Unknown (WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role)

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You’d think that you’d want to show off the marquee names in your company, but in the case of the WWE and The Big Show, no such thing occurred around the time of WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role’s release. Yes, The Big Show was still quite new to the wrestling organization, and because the WWE weren’t wholly content with his weight, the wrestler was sent to their developmental promotion OVW. Because of that, the giant performer was pulled from the THQ title WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role, however, he wasn’t taken out of everything. No, bizarrely, he can be seen in the Royal Rumble match type with the alias of “Unknown.” How flattering… He’s not the only one either, as Ken Shamrock also dons the name.

8 Godfather's Girl (WWF Wrestlemania 2000)

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There was an extensive period when the WWE were quite smutty with their portrayal of woman in their product, and around the time of WWF Wrestlemania 2000, that smuttiness was at an all-time high.

The gimmicky wrestler known as The Godfather certainly fell into this category.

His character functioned as a pimp who brought prostitutes to the ring with him for matches. The video game equivalent was the secret character “Ho” in Wrestlemania 2000, although, she can’t be accessed in the traditional way that most unlockable characters can be. No, the hidden character could only be obtained by way of a Gameshark device, which upon using, will grant you access to Ho. I guess it’s a bonus, however, let’s face it – who would really want to?

7 Howard Finkel (WWF No Mercy)

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Howard Finkel – or “The Fink” to wrestling fans – was such an integral part of the WWE during its golden years that everyone else pales in comparison. Serving as the announcer, Finkel would give wrestling matches a real sense of importance with his booming voice and trademark tone – something which is sorely lacking in today’s product. Rant aside, Finkel can also be used in the incredible WWF No Mercy, despite the fact that he was never a wrestler. To get him, you have to go through two steps. Firstly, ensure that you’ve unlocked referee Earl Hebner. Secondly, enter a specific code in the character selection screen, and thirdly, well, just enjoy playing as him! Yes, he’s a harder to get than the other unlockable wrestlers, so chances are you never knew he was in there…

6 Mike Tyson (WWE ’13)

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He wasn’t known as “The Baddest Man on the Planet” for nothing. Yes, it’s boxing legend Mike Tyson – a man who simply needs to introduction. The WWE played off of his appearances in the product in the late ‘90s with his inclusion in WWE ‘13, but unfortunately, not everyone knew he was even there.

In fact, you had to pre-order the game to be able to access him.

In all honesty, it feels a bit cheap considering what a huge name he is and how many fans would probably like to use him in the game without the need for pre-orders. Nonetheless, those who did pre-order received a code in their copy to download the famous fighter. Those who didn’t? Well, they were left out in the cold. Boo!

5 Turok (WWF Warzone)

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The developers behind WWF Warzone definitely weren’t afraid of a little self-promotion. No, in fact, one of the secret wrestlers in the game was a character from their very own video game franchise: Turok. The dinosaur hunter can be found in the wrestling sim, but only for those who have a Gameshark. With this bad boy, you can find him in the PlayStation and N64 version of the game, but he’s strangely omitted from the Game Boy iteration. Still, his inclusion might be cause for celebration among fans of the protagonist, but for wrestling fans, it was a rather eyebrow-raising decision. His theme song was just a generic one, and his move set was just a carbon copy of The Rock’s, meaning that many fans likely weren’t that interest in playing as him in the first place!

4 Green And Red (WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2010)

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Oh dear. What was THQ thinking when they included these two playable characters? Not much probably, because they remain to this day two of the biggest roster wastes to ever make their way onto a WWE game.

They actually function quite well as fodder to practice moves on in the training mode.

But whoever made the decision to actually put them on the roster must’ve been out of their mind. To gain access to these colorful fellas you must refuse Cody’s help as well as reverse three of Batista’s attacks during the third week of Randy Orton’s Road to Wrestlemania. And just like that, Green and Red will now be available to select. Some might say yay at the prospect of it, but I say nay!

3 The Terminator (WWE 2K16)

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The Terminator is awesome and all, but his inclusion in WWE 2K16 came out of left-field a bit. Because although he did appear in WWE, his appearances were extremely few and far between. Still, fans of the big metallic machine could play as him if they pre-ordered the wrestling title – much like the Mike Tyson tie-in mentioned earlier. Admirably too, 2K provided a quite accurate in-game model of the popular movie character, complete with unique entrance music and walk-out. He also had two attires; one from the first Terminator, and another from the stellar sequel. Will he “be back” again? Who knows, although, it’d be nice to see Arnold Schwarzenegger actually appear on the product a little more often before we get him in the game again.

2 Fred Durst (WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It)

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Love him or hate him – Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst gets people talking. The nu-metal figurehead has been involved in professional wrestling in the past, famously playing The Undertaker down to the ring at Wrestlemania XIX, as well as contributing their hit song “Rollin’” to the wrestler’s entrance. So it should probably come as no surprise that he was featured in WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It as a secret character.

Although, he isn’t the easiest person to unlock.

To do so, you must beat 15 opponents in the grueling Slobberknocker mode using The Undertaker – something which is easier said than done. So despite actually being an interesting roster addition, he’s so tough to acquire that many people probably weren’t even aware of his inclusion in the first place!

1 Head (WWF Attitude)

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Believe us when we tell you that WWF Attitude was a fantastic wrestling simulation, however, it wasn’t without its blemishes either. Case in point: Head. Yes, wrestling aficionados will know Head as the dummy head which wrestler Al Snow used to carry to the ring during the Attitude era. It worked in gaining the combatant some popularity with the fans, but were we really hankering to play as the inanimate object in a wrestling game?

The answer is no but it didn’t stop the developers from including it anyway as a secret character. If you stumble upon this silly addition, you’ll certainly know about it. Because while Head is included, the guys behind the decision clearly realized that it didn’t make much sense. The result? Hands and feet were put in, but the rest of the character (and I use that word lightly) was made up of thin air. It’s creepy more than anything else!

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