10 Secrets in GTA V You Still Haven't Found

We’ve had the glorious Grand Theft Auto V in our hands for almost six years now – that’s a lot of time to have gone through the entire game, squeezing every ounce of content out of it.

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With Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, we’ve blitzed through missions, delving into their lives, kicking butt and taking names. But this game has a wealth of secrets – Easter Eggs and neat tricks, and hidden references – so many that there are still loads to this day that players haven’t even found yet. Continue reading to discover some of those secrets.

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10 Frozen Alien

The very first mission of GTA V, the prologue, takes place in Ludendorff, North Yankton. The gang pass a train bridge on their journey, and here is where you can find a pretty crazy secret if you know where to look.

Underneath that bridge is a frozen creek, and if you drive down the embankment, there’s a sheet of ice on the ground. Take a closer look and you’ll see an alien is frozen under the ice! If you missed your chance to meet this extra-terrestrial friend, don’t worry; you can see it again during the Bury the Hatchet mission.

9 Sonic Jewelry Store

In Mission Row, you may well have spotted a little jewelry shop on Atlee Street. It’s easy to miss, since you can’t go inside and it doesn’t play any part in the game’s story. But the special thing about this store is its name: Supersonic.

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It sounds like a reference to the famous blue hedgehog. But Sonic can mean any number of things, right? Yes, but the store’s tagline gives us a stronger clue: “the ultra fast ring specialist.” Since Sonic has been known for being speedy and collecting rings since 1991, it’s pretty obvious this is a nod to the fastest guy alive.

8 Jock Cranley’s Wife

Tired of all the shooting and want a little spook? If you had to the eastern peak of Mount Gordo between the hours of 23:00 and 00:00, a ghost will appear there. She doesn’t move, other than temporarily disappearing if you get too close, and shooting her doesn’t do anything.

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The really creepy part is that the word “Jock” appears in blood underneath the ghost. That makes sense, as it turns out that ghost is Jock Cranley’s wife, who he murdered by pushing her off the cliffs by the El Gordo Lighthouse.

7 Live, Love, Laugh

It’s the kind of phrase you’re used to seeing on plaques in picturesque living rooms on Instagram. It can also be found in Debra’s condo; she has a mural saying “Live, Love, Laugh.” However, over the top Trevor writes “Eat s**t and die.”

This isn’t just mindless graffiti, it’s a nod to Duke Nukem, who has the very same charming quote as his catchphrase. It could even be interpreted as a reference to the Gears of War games; when you kill a Locust it’s possible to hear that phrase in response.

6 Destroy Juice Stands

There are a couple of juice stands in GTA V called Big O Fruit Juice. There’s one on the intersection of East Joshua Road and Route 13 in Grapeseed, and another at the Arthur’s Pass Trails in Great Chaparral.

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They have a big orange ball at the top of the stand, and here’s the fun part: if you shoot or walk into the ball it will break off, and roll down the hill. There’s a sense of sweet chaos watching it roll away. Hey if you’re already disturbing the peace, may as well destroy an innocent vendor’s shop.

5 Bigfoot

The Predator mission has a cool secret hidden within. It takes place at nighttime in the woods, and you have a sniper rifle with a thermal scope to help you track down the O’Neil brothers. If you zoom in on the dot of heat on the bottom right, you’ll see that it’s Bigfoot.

Like the Cranley ghost, shooting it doesn’t do anything, and it disappears after a few moments. It’s also a throwback to GTA: San Andreas, as rumors circulated that Bigfoot could be spotted in Back O’ Beyond. They were confirmed as not true, which could be why we got a glimpse in GTA V.

4 UFOs

via: gta-myths.wikia.com

Believe it or not, there are five different UFOs to be spotted in the game. You’ll need to have a thorough look, because they can’t be seen from far away. Three of them require 100% completion: one on Mount Chiliad, one above Sandy Shores, and one above Fort Zancudo.

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One of these UFOs is always available, northeast of Noth Point, at the bottom of the sea. The fifth one can be seen in a resupply mission, in the south of Fort Zancudo. Where did they come from? Some even have FIB markings – could the government really be involved?

3 Shoot Michael's House

Here’s a fun one: if you’re playing as Franklin or Trevor and you sneak around Michael’s house, he will call or text you asking if you’re sneaking around. How did he know? A little more extreme than that – try shooting at his house and you’ll get an angry phone call or text demanding that you stop.

It’s pretty funny, and is worth trying if you want a little break from missions. I guess I’d be mad if my friend shot rockets at my house, too. Still, hasn’t Michael got better things to do than watch what you’re doing?

2 BMX Escape

A reference to a Carl Johnson mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas can be found in the Hood Safari mission. On the final turn, before you reach Grove street, three people can be seen riding down the street on BMXs.

They look a lot like Big Smoke, Sweet, and Carl Johnson, as they appeared in the Sweet & Kendl mission. Back then, they stole BMXs after some Ballas gangsters performed a drive-by shooting, using the bikes to escape. They were chased all the way back to Grove Street, where we catch them again in GTA V.

1 Dial-Up Internet

When using your in-game phone, try dialing 948-555-0100. You should hear the classic dial-up internet sound from the 90s. It’s bizarre hearing that kind of nostalgia in a modern game like GTA V. There’s more to it, though, as this is the same number you use to call ZiT in GTA IV, the song identification service. It’s a shame it doesn’t work that way in this game. This trick also works if you dial any of the cheat codes from GTA IV or from Episodes from Liberty City; the dial-up sound will still play.

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