The 15 Worst Sega Dreamcast Games (And 15 Worth A Second Look)

The Sega Dreamcast was a short-lived system but it still saw a lot of games, most of which were rather bad. Here are 15 of the worst!

Sega put out the Dreamcast at a time that was pivotal for the company, as they had essentially lost the battle against Nintendo for top dog in the world of video games. Sadly, this console didn't blow up in the way that they were hoping it would, and they eventually had to give up on the dream of winning the home console wars. Due to its short life as a console and the fact that it eventually failed, most of the games on the console weren't too good...

We wanted to pull together some of the worst games that were released for the Dreamcast so that we can all have a stroll down memory lane and be glad that we don't have to play these games anymore! However, we're also going to throw in some of the games that don't get the love they deserve, the ones that went down with the Dreamcast, even though they had a lot to offer and definitely deserve a second look for anyone that's interested.

So, we think it's about time that we got started and took a look at some of the worst Dreamcast games of all time, while also giving people a chance to take a look at some of the Dreamcast gems that they may have missed the first time around! There's definitely still a lot to see on this console, whether fans really know it or not. Time to jump in and see what it has to offer!

30 Bad: Spec Ops II: Omega Squad

via: replayers.org

Being the only Spec Ops game to be released on Dreamcast, this game had a lot to live up to. As you can probably tell by the name, the player controls a squad of special operations soldiers.

The game lacked a story, offering instead a collection of missions for players to complete which didn't rub a lot of people the right way.

The first person perspective wasn't well enjoyed either, as players were used to the third person camera of other Spec Ops games.

29 Good: Sega Bass Fishing

via: mobygames.com

We know that fishing doesn't sound like much fun to most people in the real world, so it's going to be hard to get players to take on this game like they would the more action based games out there!

That being said, we really think people should give this one a look.

It may not look as good as it did back in the day, but the game offers a chance to catch some virtual fish for a while!

28 Bad: 90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football

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Soccer games are released all the time these days, fine-tuning the gameplay elements every single year. However, there was a time when there were no positive soccer games out there. It seems that without the right technology, it was impossible to bring the tense vibe of soccer to the world of video games. Not only that, but players weren't able to replicate the same shots and flash moves that the real soccer players were able to pull off in the real world.

27 Good: The Typing Of The Dead

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One of the various peripherals that are now famous for being developed for the Dreamcast was a keyboard that could be plugged in to type onto the screen, through the console.

Acting as a typing teacher, Typing Of The Dead tasked players with taking down zombies by correctly spelling words as fast as they possibly could.

We know this doesn't sound too fun, but believe us when we say that it genuinely is, especially if there are two people playing it to see who is better.

26 Bad: Spirit Of Speed 1937

via: replayers.org

It's well accepted that as technology moves forward, certain things become a lot better, and that includes automobiles. Surely nobody is arguing against that?

Why then, would anybody want to go back in time to the 1930s to drive something around? It wouldn't give people a chance to go very fast, would it?

With all of the video games around these days that allow players to race around a track in some of the most expensive cars of all time, we don't think this one is worth a second look.

25 Good: Space Channel 5

via: polygon.com

This was a rhythm game in the style of the time, asking players to hit corresponding inputs at the right time, but eschewing all realism at the same time.

Now, rhythm games attempt to make players feel like their favorite rock stars, or like they're being transported to some trippy realm.

Space Channel 5 is a camp romp through space, a game that is as funny as it is challenging. We think that everybody should go back and give it a play because they've likely played nothing like it.

24 Bad: Urban Chaos

via: steam.com

This game was an attempt to create an open world that allowed players to interact with a living and breathing city. As a game, it thrives on the sort of chaos people would later see in the GTA series.

That being said, it didn't do it nearly as well as the later games would.

Yes, people could run around and take out enemies with a fairly complex combat system, but it became routine and monotonous way too quickly, not giving players enough options to enjoy the maps they were given.

23 Good: Grandia II

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Grandia is one of many role-playing games out there that was sadly overlooked due to the fact that Final Fantasy became the king of that genre a long time ago now! While it did have a real-time strategy battle system like the Final Fantasy games, it added a little more depth than that, throwing in the ability to move while fighting.

It allowed players the chance to cancel enemies moves and double up for combos as well! We think that if people want their role-playing fix but are going off constant Final Fantasy updates, this is where they need to turn to!

22 Bad: Nightmare Creatures II

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Nightmare Creatures II was a survival horror game that completely misunderstood what it is that makes a survival horror so tense and entertaining.

The best survival horror games make you feel pretty powerless, while also forcing people to look after their provisions so that they can survive.

However, this game is a hack 'n slash, a video game that pretty much has to turn the player into a genius fighter, therefore removing any of the survival horror elements from the game!

21 Good: Power Stone 2

via: replayers.org

Well before Super Smash Bros. proved that people liked big battle arenas filled with colorful characters all trying to pummel each other, there was the Power Stone series, which is one of the best-remembered franchises from the Dreamcast era. Filled with special powers and a lot of items, Power Stone set the stage for games like Super Smash Bros. and allowed gamers the chance to get their mates round for a free for all with up to four players!

20 Bad: ECW Anarchy Rulz

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It took a long time for technology to catch up to the expectations of wrestling fans, which is why pretty much no wrestling games before a certain point are that well remembered by either wrestling or video game fans. The lack of any good graphics meant that players were expected to play as characters that only looked slightly looked like their favorite wrestlers, while mashing buttons in an attempt to pull off moves that looked a lot better in real life...

19 Good: Chu Chu Rocket

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Pretty much no modern video games that we can think of really offer the same sort of manic action that this puzzler offers players. Not only that, but the rather absurd art style and music will definitely appeal to some of you out there!

Players are tasked with attempting to direct as many mice as possible into rockets, while avoiding the cats that are there. 

We think that it's best to play this against someone else, as that's when things really start to ramp up and get ridiculous. Players can direct cats into each other's rockets and have to constantly be sabotaging each other as well.

18 Bad: Star Wars: Demolition

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Star Wars fans have proven over the past few decades that they're essentially willing to buy anything, which must be why the developers and LucasArts thought they could get away with making this game. We feel confident in saying that no Star Wars fan out there want a game that lets them roll around their favorite fictional universe engaging in vehicular combat on the ground. They either want to be in a starship taking down villains or have a lightsaber in their hands!

17 Good: NFL 2K

via: polygon.com

Okay, so it's not as good as many of the game on the market today that let people play as their favorite football stars, but it's definitely worth going back to if you're the sort of person who plays all of the football games out there. It was one of the first games that actually looked good, allowing the players to feel like they were closer to the pitch through a video game than ever before. As we say, it's ancient compared to todays standards, but for the time it was a wonder.

16 Bad: Exhibition Of Speed

via: replayers.org

This is probably the only game on this list that doesn't have a Wikipedia page, meaning that it's so bad, people couldn't even be bothered to write down just how bad it is. This was yet another attempt to try and bring racing to the Dreamcast, and just like pretty much every other attempt, it proved to be entirely futile, a complete waste of time.

There are already a lot of racing games already out there, but for any video game speed freaks who are looking for a vintage fix, this is not the video game that you're looking for...

15 Good: Dead Or Alive 2

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Fighting games are an odd genre of video game, as they're incredibly niche, attracting a small following of hugely dedicated fans who will drop you if you so much as tweak the formula. That being said, Dead Or Alive used something else to appeal to younger gamers, the chance to get a look at women in a way they wouldn't see anywhere else!

The Dead Or Alive franchise continues to this day, and they've even had a spin-off series in which the girls from the fighting game come together to play Volleyball...

14 Bad: Ducati World

via: replayers.org

For some reason, the amount of racing games out there that allow people to ride motorbikes is much lower than those games that put you behind the wheel of a car. We suppose this comes down to what is more popular, but we've been holding out for a good video game that lets us race people on motorbikes for a long time now. What we're trying to say is, this game didn't scratch the itch, as it was pretty bad. Not only did it look bad, but it played terribly as well, offering players nothing to enjoy...

13 Good: Code Veronica

via: dreadcentral.com

The Biohazard series is one of the most famous video game franchises of all time, spawning numerous video games and movies across the years.

One of the spin-off games in the series was Code Veronica, which originally showed up on the Dreamcast, before being ported onto other consoles.

At the time, the graphics were amazing, but now it stands up entirely on its gameplay mechanics that continue to prove entertaining.

12 Bad: Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000

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If we can't find a good motorbike racing game on the Dreamcast, does that mean we can find a good motocross game? Maybe this one?! No, no we cannot...

This game is largely forgotten, as it was a loud and ugly mess, offering nothing of entertainment to the poor children that ended up with it!

Not only is the game bad, but it's not even original either! There was another game under the named Supercross 2000, so the only thing this game really had going for it was an endorsement from Jeremy McGrath.

11 Good: Ikaruga

via: gameoctane.com

This is one of the most famous shoot-em-up franchises of all time, offering people an edge of the seat experience that they won't be able to find anywhere else, even to this day. Players are not only forced to take down enemies, but correctly dodge bullets that are both black and white. Players have to be the same color as the bullets if they don't want to be taken down.

It is a very hard game, so this is one that we suggest for people who just don't think modern games are giving them the proper challenge that they deserve. We're looking at you Dark Souls fans!

10 Bad: Ready 2 Rumble

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At first, boxing feels like a natural fit for video games, as it has concrete rules surrounding a game that tasks people with knocking someone else out.

However, in practice, they've never been very good, and Ready 2 Rumble is one of the worst boxing games out there.

At the time, it was quite commercially successful, but critically people have found that it wasn't actually any good when compared to older boxing games on the market, such as Punch-Out!

9 Good: Rez

via: polygon.com

To this day, there are only really a handful of trippy rhythm games for people to choose from, and this was the game that lay the foundations for all of them. Rez tasked players with taking down enemies on a rail shooter while surrounded by insane visuals and a pumping soundtrack that is still worth listening to today.

A recent game that is comparable to this one is Thumper, or even the port of Rez to PS4 and PlayStation VR, Rez Infinite.

8 Bad: Incoming

via: replayers.org

Despite the fact that technology was moving fast at the time, with things changing at a rapid pace in the world of video games, developers were still struggling with trying to create within a 3D space.

Games like Incoming were casualties of this time, experiments in seeing what could be achieved in a 3D space.

Sadly, it was bland, and one thing that developers couldn't yet do is make a 3D space look even slightly enticing to the player!

7 Good: Daytona USA 2001

via: replayers.org

We have a lot of video games these days that attempt to replicate the feeling of being behind the wheel of some seriously powerful cars. However, there was a time when this was pretty much impossible.

When technology wasn't so advanced, video game developers usually focused more on making sure that the driving felt fun!

This is why we often miss the arcade racers of old and think offer something that most modern racing games don't

6 Bad: Slave Zero

via: steam.com

We're not sure why, but there was a period of time when video games decided that it was time to grow up, and rather than change the ways that they were written or developed, they just changed the graphics. Slave Zero is a very ugly game, and while some may have been able to look past the greys, blacks, and browns on the screen, the gameplay wasn't too good either. There is nothing about this game that is worth revisiting. It is just pure awful.

5 Good: Skies Of Arcadia

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It has got to a point where there are so many forms of role playing game out there, that the main thing that keeps people coming back ends up being the story. Skies Of Arcadia went for big scale in the hope of creating something enticing.

They succeeded, with many players relishing the chance to play as a pirate that sails through the skies.

This was something that had yet to be seen in a video game, especially turned into a full story, so it worked well.

4 Bad: South Park Rally

via: wikia.com

After Mario Kart came out, everybody was looking to try and cash in on that type of game, and only Crash Bandicoot was able to come up with a decent alternative. South Park was a big franchise at the time, so a developer decided that they should try and make a kart game that brought everyone's favorite South Park characters to home consoles. The graphics were pretty bad, even for the time, and the repeated lines got boring quickly. On top of that, it just wasn't any fun compared to Mario Kart.

3 Good: Virtua Tennis

via: replayers.org

Video games have been attempting to bring sports to arcades and living rooms for years, and this was one example of when a developer got it just right.

There are definitely better tennis games now that the technology has moved forward, but at the time this really was a big hitter.

If people want to see the foundations that were laid down before the bigger tennis games of today became popular, they should definitely give this one a look.

2 Bad: Sonic Shuffle

via: replayers.org

When a game makes it big, it's no surprise that other developers will jump on the bandwagon in an attempt to make some money out of the popularity. This is exactly what happened with Mario Party.

When everyone was trying to make the next big party game filled with mini-games, somebody threw Sonic into the mix.

However, the mini-games were nowhere near as fun as those found in Mario Party, so it didn't end up being the winner they were looking for...

1 Good: Crazy Taxi

via: playstation.com

One of the most famous arcade games of all time, Crazy Taxi has probably been ported to pretty much every single video game console out there, but people best remember it on the Dreamcast. Players were tasked with driving around a city as fast as possible, picking up fares and taking them to where they needed to be. What sounds like a fairly dreary game was actually a mad dash to try and make as much money as possible in a relatively small amount of time. Still worth a look today!

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