You Can Only Get The Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PS4 Pro By Being Lucky And Dutch

A game about feudal Japan is releasing a limited edition themed console exclusively through a Dutch retailer. Baffling as that sounds, that's the way the gaming industry works. Retailers vie for certain perks and giveaways to entice consumers to pre-order through them, and consumers can only hope their chosen store gets the good stuff. For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the lucky consumers are those who shop at Dutch store Game Mania.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice already has a good amount of hype behind it, with it being a Samurai action game from FromSoftware, the studio behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Much like those two games, Sekiro seems to really lean into the aesthetic of its setting. The special edition Sekiro PlayStation 4 Pro is no exception, sporting a stunning wood finish meant to evoke bamboo. It also has the game's title engraved in Japanese.

Unfortunately for anyone living outside Belgium or the Netherlands, this limited edition console is only obtainable by those who pre-order through Game Mania. Even then, there's no guaranteed way to get one. Apparently those who get a Game Mania pre-order will be sent a box with chopsticks inside. If those chopsticks are gold, then you are the lucky winner of this awesome limited console. If not, you probably contemplate seppuku.

There's certainly no shortage of limited edition themed PS4s. Last year saw the release of a sleek red Spider-Man themed machine. Earlier this year, Kingdom Hearts III got its own themed console, one that GameStop oversold pre-orders on much to fans' dismay. The Sekiro bundle might prove even rarer than that. Stock won't just be limited by the game store's potential incompetence (though I'm sure Game Mania knows how to run a business), it'll also be subject to the competition aspect. Look for these things to fetch insane prices on eBay.

For those of us that don't feel like paying tons of money for a cool PS4, just remember that PS5 could be on its way soon. Several patents certainly seem to suggest so.

(Source: Destructoid)

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