Mod Gives Sekiro A Boss Rush Mode So You Can Experience True Suffering

If you happen to be one of the Sekiro masters who's looking for a new way to play, then we have a boss rush mod that's got your name on it.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be an exceptionally hard game. Even by the standards of  previous From Software games, Sekiro is an often brutal experience. Especially if you haven't yet mastered the lightning deflect move, and are still cursing the name Genichiro Ashina to the this very day.

Yet, despite the high level of difficulty, there are many players who have managed to conquer Sekiro and now find the game to be a breeze. These elite gaming samurai are now gliding through the air, slicing and dicing foes like they were made of tissue paper. If you happen to be one of these Sekiro masters hungry for a new way to play, then we have a boss rush mod with your name on it.

The mod is exactly what it sounds like. Modder thefifthmatt has created a boss rush mode that allows you skip past most of the game, so you can get right down to the epic boss battles of Sekiro. It does this by turning the Sculptor's idols into warp zones, which transport you directly to the showdowns with big names like Lady Butterfly, or the aforementioned Mr. Ashina.

The mod streamlines the game so just about everything can be dealt with at the Dilapidated Temple, including things like the Bell Demon. It also allows you to skip the opening tutorial, and get straight to business.

On top of allowing you to get to the real meat of Sekiro, it also comes with its own reward system. You can get just about everything you'll need to boost your health and attack power despite skipping over most of the game, as long as you don't die a bunch, as just about everything will be purchasable with Sen. If you're feeling like a completionist, you can add on the challenge modifiers, and that should give you enough currency to get every upgrade you'll need to take down foes like the Guardian Ape.

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Sekiro doesn't offer as much replayability as other Souls-like games, so a mod like this is a perfect reason to step back into Wolf's shoes. An actual supported version of this mode is something that really should be implemented by From Software themselves. Much like the various mods that have been created to improve PC versions of games like Dark Souls, however, this is just another example of modders doing the job that the developers won't.

If you're feeling masochistic, and want to play the "Oops! All Bosses" version of Sekiro, than you can download it from Nexus Mods, and load it up today.

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