Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: All The Endings And How To Get Them

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is earning a reputation for its difficulty, so much so that other gaming sites are putting out articles asking for an easy mode. If people are having such a hard time with the game that they need an easier setting, they're not going to be happy with this next bit of news. It turns out Sekiro has four different endings. That means making it to the final boss once isn't enough, not if you want to see everything.

Thankfully, a dutiful Redditor by the handle Showhand1234 found a way to do all four endings on one save file. While that still has you fighting multiple end bosses, at least you won't have to go through the entirety of the game four separate times. Here's our guide to the various Sekiro endings, and how to reach them. Obviously there will be SPOILERS.

The very first thing to do is to save before you talk to Owl (Wolf's adoptive shinobi father). When you talk to him, he will offer you a choice that will set in motion the end game events, putting you on a path you cannot go back from. If you plan to do all four endings, a save point right before the Owl encounter will be a helpful starting point for each one.

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Shura Ending

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This ending, considered the "bad" ending, is probably the easiest to get. Owl will ask if you want to side with him, betraying young master Kuro. If you agree, you will quickly be put on the path to fight two bosses. Defeating them will turn Wolf into a Shura, which is supposed to be a terrible fate but is pretty badass. It also earns you a new special move exclusive to this ending, which will come in handy if you decide to start a New Game Plus.

Also of note is that the bosses you fight in the Shura ending are unique to that ending. So while it is a bad ending from a story perspective, it does offer gameplay you won't get anywhere else in Sekiro.

Immortal Severance Ending

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This is the opposite of the Shura ending, showing what happens when you choose to stay loyal to Kuro. Like the Shura ending, it doesn't require any special or hidden activities. You just follow the story through to its "good" end.

Things definitely end better here than in the Shura ending, and yet you get the feeling that you could probably do better. That's where the next two endings come in.

Purification Ending

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Emma plays a bigger role in the Purification Ending, which you might expect as she's been curing Dragonrot this whole time. Purification is kind of her specialty. Unfortunately, she seems to be hiding some things about her past and her abilities. You'll need to do some good old-fashioned shinobi eavesdropping to get this ending out of her.

Remember that pre-Owl save point we advised you to get? That will get you a crucial piece of story needed for this ending. Go to this save and find Emma BEFORE fighting Owl. eavesdrop on her conversation with Isshin. Then, once you've heard what she has to say, go talk to Owl and choose to stay loyal to Kuro. Once you defeat him, you can talk to Kuro and burn some incense.

Everything you're about to do now, you should do before you go to Fountainhead Palace and defeat the Divine Dragon. Go to Kuro's room and hide behind a statue. Soon, you will be able to hug the wall and eavesdrop on Kuro. The information you learn will allow you to have a certain conversation with Emma, who is now waiting by the idol near the Owl fight location. After the conversation, take a rest at the idol. Emma will tell you that she plans to visit a grave. That's your cue to travel to the Old Grave idol.

At the Old Grave, you'll have another conversation with Emma where she reminisces about the past. She also resolves to go talk to the Sculptor, which means you should head to him as well. Back to the Dilapidated Temple it is. Talk to the Sculptor, he will suggest you eavesdrop on his conversation with Emma. When you do, even more will be revealed about the past. However, there's no substitute for seeing it yourself. Confront Emma about what you just heard, and she'll give you a bell to do just that.

Offering the bell at the statue in the Dilapidated Temple will transport you back to Hirata Estate. Only now you're experiencing new parts of this memory. You'll also experience another fight with Owl, only harder this time. Defeating him will earn you the Everblossom. After this, you can complete the game as normal. The difference is that once you defeat the final boss, you will offer the Everblossom and Divine Tears to Kuro. This will trigger a different ending than before.

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Return Ending

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The best ending is of course the most complex. Again, you'll want to do all the things listed here before you take out the Divine Dragon in Fountainhead Palace. The interactions with the Divine Child should be done before you fight Owl, because you'll need the rice she gives you to give to Kuro.

The first item you'll need is the Holy Tome: Infested. Where you get it depends on if you've completed Senpou Temple. If you've been to the temple before defeating Genichiro, you'll probably have encountered a monk next to the Main Hall idol who gives you the tome. If you already defeated Genichiro but haven't fully explored the temple, you'll need to have the dive ability to use in a pool near the Temple Grounds idol.

Once you give her the tome, she'll give you rice in return. Take it, eat it, and keep doing that. You may need to rest, but you need to keep taking rice from her until she gets sick. When she is, she'll ask for a Persimmon. Give her one, and she'll give you rice specifically for Kuro. Now you can talk to Owl as usual and stay loyal to Kuro. After defeating Owl, you must give the rice to Kuro.

Now that Kuro is fed, you must go back to the Divine Child. You speak with her, then rest, then find that she's moved to the boss room of the Folding Screen Monkeys. In this room, she'll tell you she needs another tome from the master of the temple. You find his corpse instead in a cave near the temple entrance. The tome is on his corpse, bring it back to the Child. The tome turns out not to be enough, though, she needs two fruits next.

The first fruit is the Fresh Serpent Viscera. You'll need the Puppeteer Ninjutsu to get it. You start by going to the beginning area of Senpou Temple, where one of those short guys with the hats stands next to a kite. Control him and make him raise the kite. Then you can get on it. You'll have to go through the first temple and climb near the old lady to where you can see the other side of the valley. Use the kite to get to the other side, then use the cliff edges to eventually get to a cave above the Great Serpent. Using your height, you can get an aerial Deathblow on it, finally killing it for good.

Next is the Dried Serpent Viscera. You need to go deep into the Sunken Valley for this, down to the area with poison enemies and traps galore. You'll want to look for the Mob Merchant of this area and a cave entrance near him. When you enter, you'll be greeted by a massive snake body with its head guarding a small shrine. Don't cross the bridge, but instead look for a small hole leading to a monkey that seems to be cowering in front of the serpent. Kill the monkey and Puppeteer it to lure the serpent away. With the guardian gone, you can finally access the shrine and the Dried Serpent Viscera within.

Give the two fruits to the Divine Child and then rest a few times. Eventually she will give you Frozen Tears. With these in hand, you can complete the rest of the game as usual. After defeating the final boss you'll get the chance to give Kuro items. Give him the Frozen Tears and Dragon Tears to complete the Return Ending.

And those are the various endings to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Did you find this guide helpful? Would you like to see more content like this from TheGamer? Be sure to let us know!

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