New Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Mod Lets You Play As 2B From Nier: Automata

First, there was Thomas the Tank Engine. Then there was Shrek. Now, someone has done the only thing left to do in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twiceadd a mod that allows you to play as 2B from NieR: Automata.

It's something that won't come as a shock to many though, considering the immense popularity that NieR: Automata has gathered since its release in 2017. Other companies should take note of this, as it was thanks to the free reign that Activision and FromSoftware gave end users when it came to modding their game. While you will find a laundry list of mods for the game as of late, this complete skin change of Sekiro to 2B really shows how far the modding community has come in a few short months.

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The new influx of fantastic mods isn't just great for the community at large, it's great for the gaming industry as well. It's never an easy thing to open your own creation up to the world in this way, but it seems to be paying dividends for Activision, as Sekiro continues to rise in popularity. Game companies aren't always going to be able to add everything the end user wants due to time and budget constraints, so allowing players to create their own world within the game is the next best thing.

Changing a player model is certainly nothing new within the modding community, but you'll quickly find that asasasasasbc went much farther than that with this creation. Not only did they update the movement mechanics in the game to mimic that of 2B, but they also went to the trouble of replacing Sekiro's sword with 2B's Katanas. While there isn't a voice update for the mod yet, the creator of this fantastic addition points you toward another add-on that lets you replace Sekiro's voice with that of a female.

Given that the mod has just been added to the game, it's not really a surprise that many haven't flocked to it yet. That will soon change though as players begin to uncover it in all its glory. Seeing as asasasasasbc has continued to update the mod with regularity, we remain hopeful that they will continue to make improvements to it in the future, and inspire others to do similar work.

It's hard to take anything away from this mod, apart from the fact that the color and lighting on the model itself seems a bit dull at times. The movement is seamless and is absent of any abnormalities that we typically see with mods like this. Additionally, it would be nice to see 9S in this mod. Hopefully, someone in the community will add him in at some point.

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