10 Reasons You Keep Dying In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Having trouble with FromSoftware's new game? Here are the top 10 reasons players keep dying in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

From Software's newest action-adventure video game is a mega-hit with Souls-fans and newcomers alike. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice follows protagonist Wolf, a shinobi who is tasked with trying to rescue Kuro, The Divine Heir. Made from the same developer as Dark Souls, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice bares many similarities to Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Sekiro, however, is far more challenging and surprising than Dark Souls. Character improvement still aids players in battle, but it seems to have less of an effect in Sekiro. Inexperienced players will have already died a handful of times in the early game—enough to want to give up. These are 10 reasons why players keep dying in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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10 You Are New To The Souls-Genre

First and foremost, players who are new to the Dark Souls-genre aren't going to be able to master the game right away. In fact, those who have the time may want to play Dark Souls before attempting the game. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is not meant for people who are new to gaming. Regardless of experience, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a more challenging game, but it is also more fulfilling. Defeating bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice is a beautiful feeling.

9 You Don't Know How To Block

After blocking an attack with LB/L1, players may want to use a counter-strike with RB/R1 or roll away with O/Square. Standing still for more than six seconds pretty much guarantees Wolf will take damage. It's inadvisable to try to block more than two strikes at a time. Blocking should be used in combination with dodges since blocking by itself proves to be ineffective. Unlike Dark Souls, Sekiro's protagonist doesn't have a shield, and sword parrying is less effective. Become an expert at parrying and the game will be much easier to play.

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8 Not Hitting The Deathblow

Sneaking up on bosses and using Deathblows will take out half the damage of a boss and slay a significant number of NPCs. Failing to use Deathblow will make the game way harder than it should be. Players can activate the Deathblow by perfectly timing a block or by sneaking up on an opponent.

By obtaining the Anti-air Deathblow Text from the Blackhat Badger, players can use Anti-air Deathblows that allow them to Deathblow a jumping or flying opponent. This move proves to be highly effective for defeating some bosses. It may or may not work on Lady Butterfly, but it definitely works on Shichimen Warrior.

7 You Don't Counter-Attack

Once an enemy is agro, the player will need to be ready to counter-attack. Counter-attacking is useful for adding incremental damage to opponents without taking damage yourself. Running at opponents for a quick strike only works about half of the time. It is much easier to deal damage by using one of Wolf's techniques such as the counter-attack. Blocking and quickly attacking afterward gives a small amount of damage. It is also recommended to counter-attack with a charged attack for extra damage.

6 Trying To Attack Opponents Head-On

Attacking opponents head-on is not recommended in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Think of a shinobi as a highly-trained ninja. Naturally, stealth is a strength of a shinobi, so it makes sense to use stealth in most battles. Charging at bosses and other enemies head-on is more difficult than sneaking behind them. A backstab Deathblow can finish enemies in one strike. Also, throw Ceramic Shards at people instead of at the ground. Ceramic Shards can be quite useful in combat.

5 Blocking Instead Of Strafing

Blocking proves to be less effective than it was in Dark Souls. Bringing heavy shields to the battle is no longer possible in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice combat as players are limited to a sword, prosthetic attachments, and items. In many circumstances, it is more useful to strafe by sidestepping an opponent. In combination with jumping, strafing works to avoid attacks from most foes. Lady Butterfly is an example of an enemy who can be defeated by sidestepping during the entire battle.

4 Unable To Counter Perilous Attacks

The most complicated techniques to counter are Perilous Attacks. It can be difficult to predict what type of Perilous Attack will be headed Wolf's way. Perilous Attacks are identified by a red symbol that pops on the screen a moment before it strikes.

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There are four types of Perilous Attacks. The thrust, sweep, grab, and lightning Perilous Attacks can be dodged or countered in different ways. Thrust attacks can be easily countered with the Mikri Counter technique, players can jump over sweep attacks, grab attacks can be sidestepped, and perilous lightning attacks are best countered with the Reverse Lightning technique.

3 Skipping NPCs

Do not skip mini-bosses, bosses, or any enemies because it will be detrimental in the end. NPCs in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can drop valuable items that aid Wolf in the game and give him experience points to unlock skills. Skills are vital to progression in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Also, from slaying NPCs, players will practice combat, which will prepare them for when they have to fight a really tough enemy. There is an abundance of reasons to slay all enemies, and few reasons not to. Simply put, don't skip NPCs!

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2 Not Using Your Prosthetic Arm

Players may forget that they have another weapon that can do ample damage in a fight. These prosthetic tool upgrades include the Spring-loaded Axe, the Spinning Shuriken, and the Leaping Flame. Using the Spinning Shruiken allows players to break the defense of an enemy and follow-up with a strike. A charged attack with the Leaping Flame prosthetic attachment will knock enemies down and consume them in a fiery blaze. Wolf's prosthetic attachments can be found at various places in the game.

1 Not Studying Enemy Move Sets

The key to winning clashes is to study an opponent's move set. Each enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has a limited number of moves, which makes it easy to analyze their move set so that the player can react appropriately. Enemies who deliver a sweeping attack can be beaten by jumping when they start their swing. Thankfully, there is notice before each move strikes, so players can eventually beat tough enemies after a plethora of attempts.

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