Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Sells 3.8 Million Copies

After hitting 2 million copies sold just ten days after release, FromSoftware's parent company has confirmed through recent financial statements that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has shipped 3.8 million units.

FromSoftware put itself on the map with its Armored Core series of games. From there, it would go on to create well-respected first-person action role-playing games like Eternal Ring and Evergrace. The list of successful titles for the company is a long one, but Sekiro's instant success took many in the industry by surprise. Not only was the game able to garner a lot of attention worldwide, but its popularity has led users to create some interesting and hilarious mods within the game involving both Shrek and Thomas the Tank Engine. The game's difficulty, coupled with its dynamic environment, has allowed it to continue to grow and expand to the point that it now has sold over 3.8 million copies.

While the numbers are surprising, it's a good indication that FromSoftware hasn't lost its touch and that it remains committed to game quality and user experience. If Sekiro continues to exceed expectations, it could lead other companies to adopt a similar development model, which would be good for the gaming industry.

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News of the rise in sales comes via a financial report released by FromSoftware parent company Kadokawa Corporation. In it, the company confirms that the game has almost doubled its initial release day sales and that it has gained "Strong overseas royalty income." Kadokawa Corporation goes on to state that it plans to expand the game's reach across the world and that it hopes to achieve greater financial success through market sustainability practices. Additionally, the report states that Sekiro "Contributed greatly" to the company's overall profits.

While Kadokawa Corporation tends to focus on creating Japanese light novels primarily, this news could cause the company to direct its attention more heavily on the game development side of things going forward. While the company didn't detail all of its plans, it's hard to imagine that FromSoftware won't be given a wider range of products to work on in the coming years as a result of Sekiro's success.

It's hard to make a difficult game and have it achieve worldwide success, but FromSoftware was able to do just that. Their commitment to quality and to customer service has helped them to secure a major foothold in the industry and a lot of companies could learn from them.

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