Where To Find All Prosthetic Tool Upgrades In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice your prosthetic is easily your most valuable tool and critical to defeating your opponents and accessing different parts of the world. Giving you the ability to reach high areas through the grapple hook, stunning enemies, throwing shurikens and unleashing hellfire with your flamethrower, players have a vested interest in upgrading their prosthetic to its full potential.

But like any game that comes out of From Software, the world is huge with lots of secrets and hidden paths. Many of these difficult to find locations contain the very upgrades needed to get your prosthetic to its full potential. So to aid in making your ninja warrior more dangerous on the field of battle here are detailed steps on how to find every prosthetic tool upgrade in the game.

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11 Grappling Hook

This prosthetic tool upgrade is the easiest to find, you simply start the game and speak with the Sculptor inside the Dilapidated Temple. No secrets, no challenging bosses, it’s simply given to you at the beginning of the game.

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Which is fortunate because it is easily the prosthetic tool that’ll be utilized the most in this game. The grappling hook allows the player the ability to scale up tall buildings and trees handy for quick escapes, high level surprise attacks, and ways to bypass difficult enemies. At the very least it’s great to sit on a rooftop and get a lay of the land.

10 Loaded Shuriken

This prosthetic tool upgrade requires a little more effort to find than the Grappling Hook, but isn’t too difficult. It’s found inside the Ashina Outskirts in the early part of the region. There’s a long building on the path next to the one that leads to the Sculptor’s Idol. On the second story of this long building is the prosthetic attachment.

The Loaded Shuriken upgrade is worth finding because it gives your character the ability to attack enemies from a distance with shurikens. Admittedly they don’t do a whole lot of damage, but can be great for getting an enemy’s attention and do bonus damage against airborne enemies, so it’s worth the little side trip to obtain.

9 Shinobi Firecracker

There are two ways to obtain this prosthetic upgrade, the first and easiest is to purchase it from the merchant located on a plateau just after the Gate Path in Ashina Outskirts. The merchant is the Crow Memorial Mob and sells the upgrade for 500 Sen. The other option is to buy it from the Battlefield Memorial Mob merchant located to the left of General Naomori Kawarada, it also costs 500 Sen and requires beating Lord Gyoubu Oniwa to obtain this way, so it’s not recommended.

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The Shinobi Firecracker is an incredibly useful upgrade that can stun multiple enemies and scares beasts. While the 500 Sen might be steep for new players it’s a valuable investment for long-term survival.

8 Flame Vent

This prosthetic upgrade is located at the Hirata Estate which is accessible after obtaining the Young Lord’s Bell Charm from the woman in Ashina Outskirts used to unlock Wolf’s memory of that area. Starting at the locked door on the main path of the estate it’s to the right at the end of a row of smaller houses. It’s located inside of a large bonfire surrounded by soldiers so it’s hard to miss.

It’s worth the scuffle with the soldiers as the Flame Vent grants the player the ability to do fire damage, cause damage over time through a burn effect, and scare enemies that have red eyes.

7 Loaded Axe

Also found in the Hirata Estate this prosthetic upgrade can be found inside of a small hut in the second area. This small house is under guard by bandits so prepare for a fight before going after this upgrade. As with the Flame Vent you’ll need to unlock Wolf’s memory of the Estate before being able to find this upgrade.

The Loaded Axe is a useful prosthetic tool for breaking shields and stunning enemies. Wooden shields in particular will fall to a single blow from this tool and immediately stagger the enemy that was holding it. It is a slow weapon, but a successful blow can turn the tide of battle and fill up an enemy’s posture bar very quickly.

6 Mist Raven

Yet another upgrade in the Hirata Estate, this one is a little more tricky to find as it’s located in a secret area. To find this upgrade talk to Anayama the Peddler, he’ll give you the details of a secret unnamed treasure in the pagoda located on the cliff at the back of the estate. This three story building is visible above the Bamboo Thicket Slope.

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To get there go into the river and swim to the waterfall, there’s a platform on the right where a secret cave is hidden behind the bamboo. Using wall jump to climb the cave you’ll reach the pagoda, but be ready for a fight because a really tough ninja will be waiting. You can either fight him or lure him away and steal the upgrade inside if you’re fast.

It’s worth the effort as the Mist Raven will give players the ability to teleport behind or next to enemies in battle which ironically would have been useful when fighting the ninja.

5 Loaded Spear

This prosthetic upgrade is located in the Ashina Castle which is accessible after beating Lord Gyoubu Oniwa. Once at the castle go across the main bridge to another that you hid under in the beginning of the game. You’ll find two soldiers talking about Gyoubu’s broken horn and it being moved to a gatehouse in the area. Take a minute to get this information and then kill the soldiers, one will have the gatehouse key on him.

Once the key is in your possession go to the Ashina reservoir and find the building you hid under in the prologue. Open the door with the key and inside will be the Loaded Spear. It’s a ranged weapon that can drag enemies into range and stuns them. It also has the possibility of stripping enemies of their armor if it’s of low quality.

4 Sabimaru

The Sabimaru is also in Ashina’s Castle. To get this tool requires a bit of platforming and fighting, but shouldn’t be too difficult. While in the main room of the Upper Tower Antechamber where the Ashina Elite patrol the walkways look for a large hall below. You’ll see a beam you can use your grapple hook to reach and landing in that area will put you in a fight with four soldiers. After dispatching them simply look for a large chest in the next room which contains the upgrade.

The Sabimaru is very useful in battle allowing the player to initiate a series of rapid attacks and deal poison damage, just don’t become the victim of a counter-attack.

3 Loaded Umbrella

This is the last prosthetic upgrade found in Ashina’s Castle and arguably the easiest to obtain in this area. Simply go to the Old Grave area near the back of the castle. There’s a building below the Sculptor’s Idol and inside is Blackhat Badger, a Senpou Assasin. He’ll gladly sell you the Loaded Umbrella for 1,400 Sen.

This strange prosthetic is incredibly useful when surrounded by long range enemies. Wolf can spread the metal umbrella open and deflect incoming projectiles while he closes the distance or makes an escape.

2 Divine Abduction

This prosthetic is in the Sunken Valley behind the Gun Fort Shrine. Getting this upgrade is a challenge as player’s must first fight the Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe. Defeating this mini boss will yield the Divine Abduction and is definitely worth the headache of fighting this monster.

This fan creates a gust of wind that can turn enemies around and momentarily disorients them. If a player acts quickly they can either make an escape or get in stealth kills. It’s nice when outnumbered or if you simply need that one guard to turn around to take him down and he just simply isn’t moving.

1 Finger Whistle

This is the final prosthetic upgrade in the game and arguably the most useful of all, which makes the nightmare of obtaining it worthwhile. Located in the Sunken Valley past the Sculptor’s Idol past Bodhisattva Valley. There players will find the monstrous Guardian Ape who is also the final boss of the area.

If players can defeat this bad monkey they’ll obtain the Finger Whistle, which makes all those Ceramic Shards you’ve been collecting useless. When used it can capture the attention of a single enemy and draw them away from their buddies for an easier kill. It can also be used to drive beasts crazy which forces them to attack anyone and everyone in their path, useful for creating a distraction or thinning the herd before wading into battle.

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