Sekiro Speedrunner Has Beaten The Game In Fifty Minutes

There are dedicated gamers and then there are those that fall on the extreme side of the spectrum. Despite Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice only being out for a week, Twitch streamer danflesh111 pwned the community by finishing an Any% run in just over 50 minutes.

Completionists will shudder and completing this particular speed run limits the endings that you will experience, but to finish this game in less than an hour is an incredible feat. What's more, this likely isn't the best anybody can do.

Everybody is new to the game and this means a lot of room for improvement. Further, Sekiro (a hugely critical acclaimed release) has a huge audience playing it and surely they will discover some more shortcuts as the weeks pass.

Why is Sekiro so easy to beat quickly? One of its strengths is the levels it possesses, which has interlinked areas that gamers can easily jump to. Speed runners love this kind of situation, so you can bet a lot of people are already finding ways to be more efficient.

But be warned, some of the shortcuts that danflesh111 used are due to bugs or glitches, which means that developer From Software may patch these and speed runners will have to make other attempts to beat the record. Also, even a quick glance at the footage shows that there are areas where this speed run can be improved, because danflesh111 didn't quite nail some jumps (for example) on the first try. Each little mistake cumulatively expands the time of the speed run, so again, once people get more used to the interface we are sure to see some faster gos at Sekiro.

The game has already caused buzz for an obscure yet useful part of the game, which was the use of shards. Players discovered that the tutorial didn't explain the use of this pottery very clearly. At first, gamers began chucking the pottery close to enemies on the ground, but when the bad guys ignored what was going on, gamers tried lobbing stuff at their heads instead. That did the trick, but so many people were laughing about the situation that it generated a Reddit thread with hundreds of comments.

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