Senior Producer Claims Borderlands 3 Is 'Much Bigger' Than Borderlands 2

Gearbox senior producer Anthony Nicholson said that Borderlands 3 will have "a ton of content."


Borderlands 3 is going to be “much bigger” than Borderlands 2, in case you were wondering.

We already knew that Borderlands 3 was going to be a big game. Speaking to Venture Beat at this year’s E3, creative director Paul Sage estimated that Borderlands 3 would take 30 to 35 hours to play through the main campaign. That’s if you completely ignore all the side quests, exploration, and boss farms that you could be doing for sweet sweet loot.

Borderlands 2 had a campaign that took roughly 30 hours to complete, so the main campaign will be roughly the same in the sequel. However, Gearbox senior producer Anthony Nicholson said recently that’s not really a good way to measure the two games, and that Borderlands 3 will have “a ton of content” compared to its predecessor.

“It’s much bigger than Borderlands 2,” Nicholson told GamingBolt in an interview. “There’s all different types of side missions, there’s the main mission, of course. Then there’s other things like all of the different challenges that we have: like the rare spawns, and the enemy hunts, the crew challenges. There’s so much to do in the game that I can’t express enough. And those are just different mission type things you can do. There’s also exploration, boss runs, things like that. So there’s a ton of content.”

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Content isn't the only thing players can expect from Borderlands 3. For the first time, four new vault hunters will leave Pandora and travel to other worlds to experience new terrain and kill different enemies. There's a new craftable vehicle system so you're not stuck running around the in same jeep or pickup truck the whole time. There will also be new co-op gaming features, new streaming integration, and more.

There will even be crossplay, but not at launch, apparently.

Folks are definitely excited for Borderlands 3, although the recent streamer controversy with Take-Two Interactive might have put a damper on things. We’ll find out when Borderlands 3 releases on September 13th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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