The Senran Kagura Girls Are Bouncing Into Kandagawa Jet Girls

Summer is officially over, ushering in the season of pumpkin spice and spooky festivities. That means that the last big games of 2019 are upon us, soon to come in a rush of releases leading up to the holidays. After that, we'll have some downtime before the surefire hits of 2020 come at us. You know what's perfect for that slow, end-of-winter period? A game about busty anime jet skiing girls!

We already reported on the existence of Kandagawa Jet Girls a few weeks ago. But here's a refresher for the forgetful: it's a racing/action game where duos of girls partner for jet-skiing and water gun fighting. Simultaneously, of course. Since it's a product of Kenichiro Takaki, the creator of Senran Kagurathere will also be heavy customization elements. Think lots of skimpy bikinis for the girls. It seems Takaki also arranged for a special appearance by two Senran Kagura ladies.

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It turns out that Asuka and Yumi from Senran Kagura will be DLC characters in Kandagawa Jet Girls. We actually already had a hint of this, as Asuka and Yumi content was hinted at in the ridiculously large limited edition of the game. That package will come in a giant box and include art books, the soundtrack, a blu-ray of the Kandagawa Jet Girls anime, and more. So they decided to be nice and throw in the DLC as well.

The anime of Kandagawa Jet Girls started airing on October 8, so fans should already be starting to declare their favorite girl in anticipation of the game's January launch. There will be two game-exclusive ladies, however, so it seems adopting both mediums will be necessary to get the full experience. And with DLC of two popular Senran Kagura girls announced, fans may want to wait for  launch before naming a waifu for laifu.

Meanwhile, the game version of Kandagawa Jet Girls is slated for January 16, 2020 on PlayStation 4. Sadly too late to for a holiday gift. If you're curious about the game, you'll have to actually go into a store yourself to buy it. Or just order it online. Considering the... content involved, online may be the best option.

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