10 Sequels You Didn’t Know Were Announced At E3 2019

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (otherwise known as E3) came and went once again. And 2019 seemed to be overall a decent year in terms of conferences leaning more towards good than just mediocre.

These are all varying opinions but it seemed like Microsoft did well, Ubisoft didn't change at all, Devolver was crazy as always, Bethesda had one particularly excited fan, the PC Gaming Show wasn't as much of a mess as it usually is, and Nintendo blew Smash fans away. Now that's a lot of conferences to watch, and that's not even including the floor, YouTuber, or developer coverage that's been popping up ever since. So let's talk about the most titles to appear at E3 this year, sequels in particular.

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10 Luigi's Mansion 3: Make Way For Goo-igi

First up is Luigi's Mansion, which got tons of screentime, yet isn't being talked about very much. Fans of the series were able to tell at first glance that Luigi's Mansion 3 looks special. The game has co-op and a tower mode both of which are only possible thanks to the horribly named "Goo-igi".

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The setting this time around is a hotel which allows for some varying environments and tons of floors to explore. Overall the game just looks well...great! There's no official release date yet, but we do know it's coming sometime in 2019, which is just boo-tiful.

9 Psychonauts 2: More Of The Same, Thankfully

Psychonauts. One of the deservedly beloved niche games. To give a personal opinion, it's one of the most creative and charming games of all time. Yet the trailer for the sequel was only briefly shown, and there wasn't much buzz after. Maybe because there is no "official" release date still?

In any case, the game looks great. It seems to be very similar to the first in terms of gameplay and powers. Which normally would be a bad sign, no updated mechanics since 2005? But, it's obvious what was shown was the very beginning of the game. Surely as the player progresses through the sequel, new powers, abilities, and mechanics will be unlocked.

8 Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Potential Evolution Of The Franchise

Next up there's the newest Fire Emblem game. This one, as opposed to most others, is being developed as a console game. The last FE game that was made for consoles was Radiance Dawn twelve years ago, so fans are ecstatic to see one again. Especially one with such an interesting plot.

The player character seems to be a teacher at a school that houses students from all three of the big nations, who obviously will soon go to war. Sure its the anime cliche where it takes place in a school, but it different enough. The game comes out July 26th, so there's not long to wait and see for ourselves.

7 No More Heroes 3: Hopefully A Future Touchdown Sales-Wise

No More Heroes 3. A game that fans have been anticipating for nine long years. This violent, chaotic, and moe hack-and-slash title had it's first "real" trailer at E3 2019. Travis Touchdown is back after the recent spinoff game, Travis Strikes Again, which was basically the bridge between this new game and No More Heroes 2.

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Basically, Travis is seven years older, married Sylvia, had two kids, retired, then got back into being an assassin. There, now we're all caught up and can get excited for this amazing looking mainline game that's coming sometime in 2020.

6 Wasteland 3: Same Gameplay, More "Chill" Setting

Wasteland, a series that was started way back in 1988 with a world similar to plenty of other nuclear post-apocalyptic franchises like Fallout and Terminator. It only relatively recently came back into the public eye thanks to the success of its Kickstarter-funded sequel, Wasteland 2 in 2015.

That game is most-positively known for its branching storyline based on the player's decisions and great writing. And, the trailer we saw of Wasteland 3 at E3 2019 looks to be more of just that. Though this time around its set in the freezing tundra of Colorado, and it seems to have more of a comedic tone.

5 Dragon Quest Builders 2: Still Not Minecraft

Now, this is a game one would expect to get a bit more screen time since it's a beloved franchise in Japan. Dragon Quest Builders was a game that was incredibly underestimated. During its lead-up, most assumed it was just a Minecraft clone for some easy sales. But, the game turned out to be much more than that, earning itself a positive overall reception.

Now, Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been available in Japan since December 2018. But it's finally coming to North America! The E3 2019 trailer revealed that it's coming to PS4 and Switch July 12th, 2019, with both offline and online multiplayer now included.

4 Baldur's Gate 3: Apparently Now With Extra Eldrich-y Horrors

Its finally coming. Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 were some of the biggest games of many peoples childhoods. It's what introduced kids from the '90s to what Dungeon and Dragons could be. They've always been incredibly dark and complex games both in their story and mechanics, and the third one has been in and out of development since 2003.

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But now, along with an incredibly gruesome cinematic, we're seeing the first footage of the third game. It's not much footage mind you, but this Cthulu-esque monstrosity that we see a random soldier turn into really sets the stage for the tone of this coming sequel.

3 Chivalry 2: Another Epic Games Store Exclusive

There' an entire button dedicated to shouting at your enemies. Just shouting! Thats Chivalry: Medieval Warfare's in a nutshell. Dedication and screaming. Now many probably missed this announcement due to it being in the PC Gaming Show, but Chivalry is getting a sequel. Sure the timing is a bit bad considering that Mordhau was just released. Also not great that it's apparently exclusive to the Epic Games Store (for the first year).

But still, the game looks fun to play! And Chivalry was the trailblazer for games like Mordhau and For Honor, at least with the casual audience. So here's hoping the sequel does well after its release in 2020.

2 Panzer Dragoon Remake: Not Quite A Sequel But Shut It

Now depending on who one talks to, this next game might not necessarily "count" as a sequel. But, Panzer Dragoon is getting a remake. The original rail shooter from 1995 has been a niche favorite of many gamers for over a decade. It's just such an interesting concept.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the remaining humans use Dragons to fight over the futuristic technology of the "Ancients", players fly through levels and lands fighting ancient monsters all while growing closer to their dragon homie. Honestly, it's just great to see a modern-day rail shooter considering the genre has been all but forgotten since the early 2000s

1 Doom Eternal: Just Come Out Already

Doom Eternal, voted "Most Wanted Game" at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards. The game, made by id Software and set for release November 22, 2019, looks so dang good. And the newest trailer that dropped during Bethesda's E3 2019 conference really highlighted just how movement-oriented this sequel will be.

The Doom Slayer now has a grappling hook, an air boost, and can scale walls. Honestly, the game looks to have all the push-forward gameplay of the original with the maneuverability of classic shooters like Quake or Unreal Tournament. All that combined with the absolute brutality the Doom Slayer is displaying in this trailer makes gamers everywhere drool with anticipation.

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