New Trailer For Session Looks Like It Could Secretly Be Skate 4

The Electronic Arts’ 2018 E3 press conference has come and gone, and with it, so too has the optimism surrounding a potential new game in the Skate skateboarding franchise. However, for fans of the genre, hope may still be alive in the form of an entirely new title.

The trailer for Session – an open world skateboarding simulation game inspired by the early 90’s and 2000’s – was unveiled at the Xbox E3 2018 briefing that took place on Sunday.

The game will be playable later this year for the Xbox One and PC, through the use of Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access, with the full game slated for release sometime in 2019. Session is coming to life thanks to a wildly successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign from Montreal-based indie developer Creat-ture Studios, which generated more than twice its goal amount.

The control scheme for the game will focus on a balance system that utilizes dual stick controls, making it a bit more complex than other titles within the skateboarding genre (the developer makes it clear that controls will not resemble anything in the Skate franchise). There is also no scoring system, as Creat-ture wants the focus to remain on skating and style itself. It will accomplish this through a filming mode, “allowing a second player to follow their skater friends online and film their performance live during the session”, as well as a video editor that will allow for user-created videos to be posted to the online multiplayer community.


The build-up to E3 2018 gave Skate fans ample reason to believe that a fourth title in the franchise would be announced at the conference, such as Skate 3 servers recently being switched back on. Unfortunately, the announcement never came, which resulted in some hilarious responses from the Skate fan base, which included jokes of Skate 4 being a battle royale game, amongst others.

Hopefully, fans will be able to draw enough comparisons to Skate, and take solace in Session’s open world experience to satisfy their “grinding” needs. Session certainly has high expectations to live up to, but Creat-ture Studios appears to be excited and committed to take on the challenge.

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