Shadow Of The Colossus Remaster Coming To PS4 Next Year

Japan Studio's classic Shadow Of The Colossus is getting a PS4 remaster!

In what may be the biggest reveal of E3 so far, Sony has announced that a remastered version of Shadow of the Colossus will be coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018.

The original Shadow of the Colossus, released on PlayStation 2 over a decade ago, is widely considered one of the most riveting games of all time. Made my Team Ico following their far less successful game Ico, Shadow of the Colossus follows the story of a lone warrior named Wander as he travels to a far away land in search of a being capable of resurrecting his lost love. Coming to a shrine, he meets a powerful, shadowy creature that says he may be able to bring her back, but he must first defeat 16 colossi, which are giant stony-yet-hairy creatures that wander the landscape.


No spoilers, lest we ruin the game for those that haven’t played it, but the rest of the story is filled with big reveals, tear jerking scenes, and some of the greatest cinematic storytelling, puzzle adventuring, and giant-baddie-weak-spot-stabbing the world has ever seen.

via PlayStation on YouTube

The first game was known for being a gorgeous example of what then current generation consoles could achieve, but it suffered from frame rate issues on some of the more intense colossus fights as the PlayStation 2 just couldn’t render what it was being asked to. From the trailer released yesterday of the remaster, the PS4 doesn’t seem to have that problem.

The game looks gorgeous, with actual gameplay footage looking more like true-life cinema than a game. The original had struggled with the hairiness of the colossi, as well as the moss and grass covered landscape. The remaster brings it all to life, with single strands waving in the breeze. The dynamic lighting brings light and shadow into play in ways the original could never have dreamed of. Flying birds and falling debris, swirling fog and running water, blowing sands and murky swamps, all of it is in beautiful ultra-HD in something that’s hard to imagine being a mere remaster.

The trailer ends with only a vague 2018 release, but we’ll be sure to give more details as they appear.

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