Shanghai Dragons Make Overwatch League History...By Actually Winning A Game

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Whether it’s Rocky, Rudy or the immortal classic Cool Runnings, seeing someone fight up from the bottom all the way to the top is a thrill. Almost every sports league has at some point had one of these stories, and now the Overwatch League has one of these stories too.

Because the Shanghai Dragons have finally won a game.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Shanghai Dragons, during the inaugural season of the Overwatch League the team ended up going 0-40 for the entire season. Nothing seemed to work, whether it was the removal of their head coach or bringing in popular player (and the first female Overwatch League player) Geguri to play on their team, they simply couldn’t score a win.

Well that has finally changed, and Saturday, February 23, 2019 will go down as the day that luck finally turned around for the Dragons. They managed to score a win over the Boston Uprising, defeating them by a score of 3-1. As big of a deal as this must have been for the players themselves, the fans in attendance absolutely exploded for the victory. Many fans in the crowd broke into tears as the plucky Dragons finally shattered their losing streak.

As strange as it sounds, a team winning their first game ever is actually a historic event. And not just in the Overwatch League, but in sports itself. The Shanghai Dragons lost 42 games over the course of the 2 seasons the league has been active, which is the longest losing streak of any professional sports team. It’s a bit of a dubious record to hold, but this is also why the Dragons have become the favorite team of most fans. People want to see them succeed after so many heart breaking losses, and the catharsis from this win is enough to bring out the emotion in just about anyone.

Well, except maybe for Boston Uprising fans.

The question now is if the Dragons can transition from a losing streak to a winning streak. Overwatch League fans have got to be invested in the story of the greatest underdogs in esports. If they somehow managed to turn things around to the point that they wind up in the finals of this year’s season, it could become one of the true greatest underdog stories of all time.

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But perhaps that’s aiming a wee bit too high for now. After all, comparing one win to 42 losses does seem a bit lopsided. The Dragons simply need to buckle down, train hard and see if they can continue to turn things around.

The Shanghai Dragons next game will against the Chengdu Hunters, at 11:30PM EST on Friday, March 1st. Fans are sure to have their fingers crossed that they can make it 2 wins in a row.

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