Shenmue 3 Backers Will Get One-Hour Demo In September


The long wait for Shenmue III is coming to an end and fans will soon have a chance to experience a brief snippet of Ryo's next journey, as a demo for the game will be released in September.

The Kickstarter for Shenmue 3 was announced during Sony's conference at E3 2015 and it quickly broke all kinds of records, with the game earning over seven million dollars from backers. The development of Shenmue III has been a tumultuous one, with numerous delays pushing the game further back, while an Epic Games Store exclusivity deal has led to backers asking for their money back since Steam codes cannot be issued until after the previous deal has expired.

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The release of Shenmue III is still a few months away, but backers will be given the chance to experience the game next month, as a trial version is due to be sent out during the second half of September. A new update on the Shenmue III Kickstarter page has revealed that the trial version of the game will allow players to experience the early parts of the story.

Shenmue III
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The Shenmue III demo will allow players to explore Bailu Village, which is one of the first areas of the game. The trial version has roughly an hour's worth of content, but there will be other activities that the player can come back and enjoy. The demo will come with a PDF guide that explains the basics of the game.

One disappointing aspect of the trial version of Shenmue III is that the content doesn't carry over to the main game, which means that some players might want to hold off on playing it. Shenmue fans have waited a long time for the next entry in the series and they could survive holding off a little longer in order to experience the story in full and prevent the need to repeat the first hour of the story a few months down the line.

The demo version of Shenmue III will be released during the second half of September. Shenmue III is due to be released for PC and PlayStation 4 on November 19, 2019.

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