Shenmue 3: Quickest Way To Earn Tokens

Earning tokens in Shenmue III isn't easy, but thankfully this guide will have you swimming in tokens fast - as long as you don't mind turtles.

Bailu Village in Shenmue III is a strange town that is seemingly powered by minigames, as they make up at least 80% of the local economy. In order to play the minigames, Ryo Hazuki has to spend cash on tokens, which can then be spent on entry fees or bet on games of chance. There is a quicker way of acquiring tokens and it requires the aid of divination and some teenage average racing turtles.

Actually, the easiest way to acquire tokens is to purchase the Day One edition of the game and claim the download code that comes with it, as the player will be given five-thousand tokens off the bat. These tokens can purchase a lot of the items at the Prize Exchange, but it won't be enough to buy everything.

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The quickest way to stock up on tokens will be available to the player once they are able to visit the fortune teller's hut on Sunset Hill. The sign outside the hut has the yin-yang symbol on it. In order to strike it big, Ryo needs to pay the fortune teller for a lucky color prediction. The fortune teller will tell Ryo his lucky color is either red, blue, green, or yellow.

With this knowledge in hand, Ryo can go to the turtle races and bet tokens on them. Select the turtle whose starting color matches the fortune teller's prediction and best as many tokens as possible. Once the race starts, the player then has to play a QTE minigame in order to cheer the turtle on to victory. If the QTE is completed correctly, then the turtle will keep gaining boosts of speed and will win the race, earning Ryo lots of tokens in the process.

Shenmue 3 Turtle Racing

Once the race is over, return to the fortune teller and ask for a new lucky color prediction and repeat the process. Make sure to manually save before visiting the fortune teller in case there is a problem completing the QTE on time. Godspeed, little turtles!

Shenmue III will be released for PC and PlayStation 4 on November 19, 2019.

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