25 Surprising Whisper Confessions From Geeky Girls

As a lifelong gamer who is marrying another lifelong gamer, I’ve heard all manner of complaints and geeky trivia from my better half. Unfortunately, the complaints are typically about random guys adding her on PlayStation Network. They “found her” randomly on various friend websites. I cannot even begin to explain how shady that is. PlayStation needs to fix this. Anyway, she’s not the only female geek out there dealing with unwanted compliments, proposals, and shit-talking from male counterparts. Often, these ladies are competent enough to win the round for their team. Sometimes, just sometimes, they’re good enough to place first. However, more often than not, ladies just want to have fun. They want to read the latest science-fiction novel, pick up a comic book, or wait in line for the midnight release of Call of Duty!

Thankfully, we have the Whisper app. A convenient location to voice concerns, complaints, and little secrets from daily life. When you’re dealing with the gaming community, which is known for its toxicity, you need to vent somewhere. These women, all of whom enjoy the geekier side of life, put themselves out there–anonymously, of course–and shared their wisdom, puns, and innermost thoughts with the world. This is, of course, entirely anonymous. Some may be fake. Some may have been exaggerated slightly. Who knows?!

Without further ado, here are 25 shocking whisper confessions from geeky girls just looking for an enjoyable time in their respective hobbies. Some play video games, some read comics, all are part of a fandom, though!

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25 Flirtatious Geekdom

Via: Whisper

You know what, it’s entirely okay to flirt online. Heck, I met my significant other online. We started out with an incoherent mess of a conversation. There were even some bad puns and accents thrown around carelessly. It’s part of being a geek. We’re just awkward. I mean, all of us are awkward in some way. If you enjoy the nerd-life, then chances are you’re happier discussing Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings than touchdowns or the horsepower in a V8 engine. We get it!

Part of being a geek is being yourself. There’s no need to hide anymore. Geeks have indeed inherited the earth. Without us, the STEM fields would lack in brilliant minds. And creative types? Don’t even get me started. We need geeks who are outgoing, flirty, and fun.

24 A Fake Out?

Via: Whisper

It’s tough to hear someone repressing their inner desires and enjoyment because of other people. Remember Revenge of the Nerds? Those teens were picked on mercilessly for their love of nerd culture–chess and the like. They weren’t free to be themselves due to other people.  When we hear of a geeky girl who is afraid to show her true self, that's just wrong.

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel, then let it shine. If someone makes fun of you for that or wants to nitpick your love of a series, then you don’t need that person in your life. Discuss Marvel to your heart’s content! Chances are you’ll find someone out there willing to spend a few hours discussing the intricacies of Iron Man’s super suit or the shield of Captain America.

23 Breaking Up A Good Book

Via: Whisper

Yep, most of us can attest to that. You sit down to read a novel on your day off; next thing you know, you’re flipping the final page and closing the book. It’s tough. You just sat through an entire story; an entire world; characters with feelings and drive. A good book pulls us in and captivates us for a time. A terrific book sticks with us after we’re done. It’s an emotional reaction that is worth it every time.

Now, this little Whisper is undoubtedly an exaggeration. Anyone who has gone through a break up understands the raw emotion and feeling that exists within such a situation. Books are lovely, but losing someone dear to you is tough. Sometimes a book is just all-around better to be around, though.

22 Highly Educated Or Highly Arrogant?

via: whisper.sh

Confidence is wonderful, especially within the geek world. However, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. This Whisper treads the line. Whether it crosses is up to you to decide, though. Sure, there are plenty of women who’ve made a name for themselves by winning tournaments and earning cash for their gameplay. Then, there are those who simply enjoy the game, and they’re good at it, too.

Now, that’s not to say it’s bad to kick butt. In fact, it’s certainly welcome. Heck, win us the round, get me some more experience points or a loot crate. I don’t mind. Just don’t shove it in my face that you’re smarter and better at everything. That’s the time of teammate no one wants–male or female.

21 Sign Me Up

via: whisper.sh

Oh, man. If there were a ‘nerd bar’ in my city, complete with cult classics and comic books on each table, I think I would never get any work done. I’d be too busy having a drink and reading through The Punisher series. Oh, if only. Sure, you hear stories online–particularly through Buzzfeed–about various cafes and bars around the world with unique gimmicks. They’re few and far between, though.

I particularly like the cosplay waitress staff idea, too. Could you imagine a having a regular waitress at your booth, but they’re wearing a different character each day? That would be so much fun. It’s also expensive, though. Cosplaying isn’t cheap. And making a costume takes time. The business would only work in the right location.

20 Supernatural Lifestyle

Via: Whisper

I’m made fun of all the time for loving Supernatural. It’s just a fantastic series with quirky characters and a bit of fantasy that is enjoyable to watch. For some reason, the show is touted as a woman’s show. If you’re a guy and you love Supernatural, you tend to receive more animosity from people. Whatever the reasoning behind such feelings, it’s a fantastic series; a long series. It’s worth a watch, though. Really, give it a chance.

Now, if you go so far as to put salt in your room on the windowsills so demons cannot enter the premises, then you need to step back. Reevaluate portions of your life. There’s loving a series; then there is taking things too far. Read the books, look at some comics like the rest of us. Don’t take everything to heart, though.

19 We Level Up

Via: Whisper

I have a problem with this saying. In fact, most of us who play video games do. It’s saying that, in some form or another, has been passed around the internet for some time. Chances are this woman didn’t create the original on Whisper. It’s simply a stolen meme.

Now, it is true that most of us play a lot of video games. We respawn, then play some more. Or we swap out the game in our disc drive and enjoy another time period or setting. In that sense, we can “level up” or “live another life.” We’re all getting older, though. Enough of this childlike mentality. Video games and geek culture is for everyone, not just the young. Your grandpa may very well enjoy Marvel.

18 I'm Online, Mom!

Via: Whisper

Many parents today do not care about video games. They don’t have the time nor inclination to wait for a “pause-able moment.” With an online game, there is no such thing. If you go AFK, you’ll either be kicked for idling, or you’ll contribute to the loss for your team. Everyone will hate you. You’ll most likely be booted from the server for causing a loss. This fact is especially true if you’re playing a competitive game. There is no way to pause.

That being said, most of us have been playing games since early childhood–men and women. We understand the nature of video games. We know they cannot be paused when online. Keep in mind, though, as parents, we’ll most likely think the same way as our mothers and fathers did. Chores have to get done; the school bus is pulling up outside; whatever the case, game or not, life goes on.

17 Use The Force, Geeks

Via: Whisper

Honestly, I barely understand the nerd saying. I guess that just makes me a geek. Star Wars is always relatable, especially with a new movie coming out every year since Disney purchased the franchise. Mass acceleration, on the other hand, is a topic that requires a degree and knowledge beyond video games and science fiction novels. I’m sure I’m not alone in this thinking either. Let’s just enjoy PUBG!

Now is the time to unite. Both nerds and geeks must come together, rouse success and confidence from each other, and show the world what we’re capable of. It is not the time to remain divided. In the old days, both sides were considered outcasts. They were picked on and manipulated. No more!

16 "Cool" Nerds

via: whisper.sh

Yes, yes you are. Being offended over something being “too cool” now makes you a hipster, not a nerd or a geek. If this is your way of thinking, then chances are you’re not actually a nerd either. Perhaps a poser, but not a nerd. To all of us, our way of the world–nerds and geeks–has always been cool. We all love what we love, and we’re not going to deny anyone entrance into the party because they’re late to the door. We’ll welcome them inside with open arms, show them World of Warcraft, and let the addiction grow naturally.

Sure, there are “fake geeks” out there. They make a lot of money off Instagram by licking a controller in a bikini. I could do that, too. No one would want to see it, but I could do it. Many of those “models” don’t play games, nor do they own a console. The controller is simply a prop.

15 Friendly Competition... Right?

via: whisper.sh

Those of us with significant others who game knows this type of argument all too well. You play a game of Overwatch; you win the round when they’re on the opposite team, then it’s the silent treatment for a few hours. Sure, it’s petty. Some would say downright childish. It’s also part of the fun. As gamers, we’re often a competitive bunch. When you marry two players, a little friendly competition is bound to happen.

Competition brings us closer, though. Withholding stuff on the grounds of a red shell; well, some would say that is downright too far. Of course, it’s her choice, though. The next time they play, you can bet the husband is going to let her win, though. Or, he may just fight even harder to take first place. Who knows?!

14 A Little Late, Hedwig

Via: Whisper

Okay, let’s talk about how ridiculous this confession is before delving into the fan side of things. If you live near the woods, chances are you’ll hear owls hooting all the time. In fact, you may listen to them each night. It’s pretty normal. Yes, this post is all in wholesome fun. You’re not getting that letter, though, you muggle.

Ever since the release of Harry Potter, the fandom has gone crazy. Some would call the writing lackluster, some praise it as a godsend. Whatever side you lie on, it’s a fun experience filled with magic and mortals butting heads. But, it is just a book. A delightful story; nothing more. Don’t take it as a bible; it was never meant to be considered as such.

13 Male Seeking Adventures

Via: Whisper

For a time, I used dating apps and websites before meeting my significant other. I met a few people there; apparently, none of them stuck or made an impression. I distinctly remember a few profiles seeking “adventures” or “companions” for a trip. They wanted an experience. There’s nothing wrong with that. Life is an adventure. Some would argue that coffee and bagels with a total stranger are an adventure all its own. Those people would be right, of course.

Whoever wrote this confession seems a bit cynical. You should find that other geek to share adventures with. You know, travel the world, complete a co-op game on the hardest difficulty, meet fellow nerds at a convention. Just get out there and enjoy yourself with someone new!

12 Me_IRL

Via: Whisper

Unless you’re taking college-level courses, few of us read to increase knowledge. Most of the time, we’re just looking for a delightful story. You know, something to ease our minds after a long day, or escape from the torments of school for just a little while. That’s the majority, at least. There are some of us who truly do enjoy learning, though. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Sometimes you just want to know how a corpse is handled by a mortician, or perhaps the science behind fruit mold. Whatever the reason, just keep reading. That’s what makes the world go around, after all.

Do not let anyone shame you for your choice in books.

11 Don't Stop Believin'

Via: Whisper

When the books and films first released to the world, people were obsessed with Harry Potter. It was a phenomenon. One that made author J. K. Rowling quite wealthy. She released numerous books, continuing the story of young wizard Harry and his adventures. There was sorrow, excitement, and cliffhangers aplenty. It was truly captivating.

As you can see from this whisper, one geeky girl got Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ stuck in her head, then paired it quite well with a Harry Potter theme. We have to admit, the beat pairs very well with her lyrics. Go ahead, sing it to the beat, you’ll see for yourself. It’ll be caught in your head all afternoon.

10 Book Nerds

Via: Whisper

I cannot even begin to count the number of novels I’ve read in my lifetime. There’s simply too many to count. My “to-read” list is currently sitting at, oh, maybe one-thousand. If I had the time and income, I’d certainly tackle that list a little more eagerly. However, despite reading daily since an early age, I cannot think of any book that brought me to tears. No story, nor character, that tugged my heartstrings so violently that it brought such an emotional response. It just never happened. Perhaps I read too much horror. Oh, well.

If you happen to find that novel, send it my way. I’d be more than happy to binge-read it one night.

9 I Have Anxiety

Via: Whisper

Having social anxiety is almost a prerequisite to geekdom. It’s a rite of passage, a requirement, that most of us will undergo at one point or another. Sure, some medicines help care for the symptoms. They make it easier to navigate the social world. Perhaps even help make some friends. It’s still tough. Most of us just want to talk about video games or superhero movies, but we’re social wrecks.

Do you ever have those nights where you lay awake thinking of a dumb thing you said eight years ago? Yeah, so do we. That’s anxiety wracking at your brain, day and night. It’s subtle at times and crushing at others. Don’t let it break you, though. Even if you just talk to one person, that’s enough!

8 You're A Wizard, Harry!

via: whisper.sh

You know what, there’s nothing wrong with doing this. If it pays the bills, then why not dance in a bikini for some extra cash? Even better, dance in a wizard costume that’s quite revealing and dance to Harry Potter music. That’s a next level entrepreneurial mindset. You manage to score the market for schoolgirls, stripping, and Harry Potter geekdom. It’s a trifecta of cash flow that won’t cease anytime soon.

Of course, when it does end, she can always move on to the next grandiose thing. You know, maybe dress up as Rey from Star Wars. That’s sure to bring in a crowd. Twirl a lightsaber around while hanging off a pole. That’s a money-maker. You just need a little creativity and drive. Probably some flexibility, too.

7 Abusive Community

Via: Whisper

There’s a stigma within the gaming world. People often hear the term “gamer girl” and instantly think of fake gamers. You can thank Instagram for that. You know, women who claim to be models holding Xbox controllers or posing in cosplay. Some of them are fans. Some of them don’t have a single clue what their cosplaying. It’s just a skimpy outfit to show off a bit of cleavage. That’s where the stigma comes from. Of course, you always have the guys posing as girls online. That makes things interesting, too.

However, the real gamers who are female shouldn’t receive hate. They should be encouraged. We want more diversity within the gaming industry. We want more females playing actual games, not mobile titles (those don’t count).

6 Just Here To Game, Lads

Via: Whisper

Okay, I’m a guy. People don’t hit on me online. So, I have zero experience with this particular situation. I do know the feeling of just wanting to play, though. Heck, I’ve ditched friends and family to finish off a game before. It’s nothing new. When someone is pestering you, it’s downright annoying. You want to tell them off, to shut them up so you can spend some time with your one true love: video games.

The only surefire way to avoid this kind of behavior as a woman: turn off the microphone and opt for a non-gender username. Sure, it’s not ideal. In fact, most would rather men just have the common decency to leave them alone, but it works.

5 Twenty Questions

via: whisper.sh

This confession stems from the Instagram argument once again. People are tired of “outsiders” capitalizing on the hobby without actually being a fan. They’re tired of “models” giving the hobby a bad name, posing half-unclothed and enticing young audiences. The real gamers don’t care about dressing fancy. They don’t care what game you play, whether it’s on console or PC. Okay, well, some do. Those are PC Master Race enthusiasts, though.

Not that it’s anyone’s business, but when you’ve been tricked by a fake gamer, you’re likely to be cautious. That’s partially the social anxiety of geeks at play. No one wants to put themselves out there only to discover it was a facade. Seriously, though, if someone is trying to play a game, don’t add them on Steam or PlayStation and start interrogating them.

4 What, You've Never Seen These Before?

via: whisper.sh

Yep, women have chests. And yep, they also own controllers if they’re a gamer. Oh, and some, perhaps even most, own a Call of Duty game. Get over it, guys. There’s nothing overtly special about a girl gamer. They’re just like you and I. They enjoy long walks to the game store, the tight grip of a controller, and the smell of a new game case. Nothing more, nothing less.

In this particular confession, the woman talks about being an old-school gamer. Now, that could have numerous meanings. She could have grown up on video games, or perhaps she enjoys the classics. Whatever the case, game on, girl. Don’t let the haters bring you down, and don’t let the odd message from a lonely guy break your spirit. Keep playing!

3 The Perfect Relationship

Via: Whisper

I can confirm, the events detailed in this particular confession occur on a regular basis in my household. We routinely stay in pajamas for an entire day–usually on the weekend–and play video games. Sometimes we play separately, and typically we play together. There’s nothing more entertaining than a co-op game or a race to the top of the leaderboards against your significant other.

If you can find the right one, someone who enjoys the same games or genres, then you’re in luck. Gaming is a hobby that has transcended geekdom. Everyone has a favorite these days, even if it’s just a simple mobile title. Sift through the mess, ignore the random love letters on Xbox Live, and find the one for you!

2 Stereotypes And Stuff

via: whisper.sh

Honestly, Lara Croft should not be the epitome of females in gaming. She’s attractive, sure, but fake. I mean, those curves are sculpted from imagination. Come on!

If you’re after a girl gamer, find someone realistic. Find someone who loves to play Tomb Raider, but doesn’t try emulating a fake woman. Girl, be yourself. That being said, most gamers have a fantasy in their head. After hours of playtime, they’re often attracted to a character in their favorite game. That’s okay. It’s important to separate reality from fantasy, though. Sure, your significant other could cosplay as said character, and that’s a fantasy for you to explore. Otherwise, she’s probably wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt, and has her hair in a bun. That’s great, too!

1 No Squeakers Allowed!

Via: Whisper

In a video game rated M for Mature, the last thing people want to hear is a little kid goading them over the mic. It’s downright annoying. If you look at gaming clans, most have a “no squeaker” requirement. It’s there for a reason. Sure, young kids deserve to play video games, too. Why shouldn’t they play? But they need to choose age-appropriate games. Well, their parents need to, more like.

Now, if you’re a woman with a high-pitched voice, especially over an in-game mic, you may have some trouble with certain crowds. Sure, they’ll call you a “squeaker,” and they’ll hurl insults. Ignore them, then wipe the floor with the entire team. That’s how you get back at bad talkers.

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