20 Surprising Whisper Confessions From Girls Who Think Games Are Ruining Their Marriage

When two people are in a loving relationship, they often amp up romantic gestures towards their partner. The guy might send his girlfriend flowers at work, and she might alphabetize his Blu-ray collection. That courtship may lead to the traditional “bend the knee” marriage proposal. After a beautiful wedding or even a great visit to the local courthouse, they both begin their future together.

The wife might think she knew everything about her loving husband, but marriage changes things. Living together, combining assets, and bringing children into the mix often is a happy transition, but it can lead to negative consequences. She knew he liked video games, and they may have met over a game of Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, but she didn’t understand how bad his addiction was.

The husband may not understand how badly his video game habit is affecting the marriage. He may begin to rely on gender roles in the household, where the female is expected to cook, clean, and care for the children. Marriages aren't so "traditional" anymore, and an overworked wife will begin to blame both her husband and video games for ruining the good life she had before marriage.

Every marriage is different, but the secrets in this list all share the same theme. This article delves into some of the most heartbreaking Whisper confessions from wives who think video games are ruining their marriages.

20 She’s Saving Up For Freedom

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For this wife, she’s had to put up with her husband’s addiction to playing video games for awhile. He doesn’t think gaming is causing any issues. The husband may have been ignoring her to play another match. The two eventually ended up in a heated argument about how much he played video games. From this confession, it sounds like this wasn’t the first fight over gaming. He doesn’t care enough to stop his habits, and likely thinks she’ll get over it. She has reached her breaking point. This wife has managed to save up money in a secret account to leave him. She seems dead-set in taking off and leaving him with what he loves the most: gaming.

19 Love Turned Into Hate

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From this Whisper, the wife and husband are both gamers. It’s possible they met over a gaming session or at least bonded over them during their relationship. The pair eventually got married. She cut down her gaming habits, but his only seems to be getting worse. While she has been taking care of the household, his habit became an addiction. She can no longer take how long he invests into games. She may be exaggerating how much he plays games, but it sounds like he plays them as soon as he wakes up until he goes to bed. He gets more fulfillment from a game than his own wife. We just hope they have a long talk about it and try to repair their relationship before things get worse.

18 He Wanted Another Mother Instead Of A Wife

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This wife is extremely irritated by her husband. He spends all his free time playing video games and doesn't do anything to help her at home. She is expected to take up the household chores, work a full-time job, and make all of the financial decisions. If the wife didn’t do these things, they might not be done at all. To make matters worse, he commands her around and treats her like a slave. She is expected to wait on him hand and foot while he enjoys a carefree life of playing video games. It’s unknown if he works at all, so she really might be taking care of a man-child. It seems like this husband wanted another mom instead of a loving wife.

17 Mario Isn’t Taking Responsibility For This Addiction

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This wife has had the same problem every night. She hopes to spend time with her husband after a long day. He has more interest in playing video games. This issue has been going on so long that she can’t even remember the last time they were intimate. He doesn’t realize how much his addition is hurting her and their marriage. She still loves him, but she hates that he chooses pixels over her. The wife has also hinted that it may be Nintendo causing the issue. Though they aren’t to blame for her husband being addicted, they made the game he would rather play than to be next to her at night. We don’t want Nintendo to stop making fantastic games, but her husband needs to stop choosing them over her.

16 He Thinks Her Valid Complaints Are A Joke

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Marriages often have a communication problem. The wife might try to talk to her husband about an issue, but because he doesn’t see them, he thinks she’s just being over-dramatic. We can’t blame this wife for being proactive and trying to ask her husband to cut down on his video game time. She doesn’t even mind that he plays them at all. It’s only when the games take priority over her that she gets upset. He doesn’t take her complaints seriously. To make matters worse, he laughed at her for expressing her feelings. She truly wanted to talk things out, but he has no interest in saving their marriage. If he were to listen to her concerns, they could compromise on gaming.

15 Her Hatred Only Increased Over Time

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This wife knew that her husband played video games before marriage. Though she didn’t like gaming, she put up with it because he had other outstanding qualities. She may have expressed her concerns to him, but he was unwilling to quit or even cut down on the amount of time he played games. Her dislike of video games only worsened over time. She now has no problem expressing her hatred of gaming. We don’t know if she talked to him about his gaming habit, but we can only assume she doesn’t like it when he plays games instead of spending time with her. If he was willing to put down his controller and be with her more, their marriage could have a higher chance of improving.

14 He Has No Idea How Bad His Addiction Is

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Communication is vital in any relationship. We don’t know if the husband was an avid gamer before marriage, but now things have gotten worse. For some reason, the wife is afraid to tell her husband he’s spending too much time playing video games. She may have a fear of being that stereotype of a nagging wife that appears on family sitcoms. Of course, he has no idea this is an issue and thinks their relationship is great. Hopefully, she talks things through with him. He may be thankful she spoke up and is more than willing to cut it down. The first step is for her to speak up. Otherwise, she’ll be dealing with his video game addiction for years to come.

13 He Cares More About Digital Women

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This Whisper confession is short and to the point. Her husband is neglecting her needs because he is so addicted to playing video games. He doesn’t care that there is a living, breathing woman beside him. She legally and spiritually committed to being with him for the rest of her life. He doesn’t care about her needs. He would rather play another game. The husband feels more fulfilled playing video games for several hours instead of spending time with his wife. At the same time, he may have to spend long hours with her and only finds solace behind a screen. It sounds like they haven’t been intimate for a long period. The wife blames him, but mostly video games, for their physically stale marriage.

12 No Impulse To Save This Marriage

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Video games are expensive, especially at launch. We have $60 games with online costs, microtransactions, and cosmetic DLC. This Whispering wife already knows about the insane price of video games. Her husband is spending too much time and money on video games. She hasn’t been able to tell him because she likely handles all the finances. She may care more about his happiness and doesn’t have the heart to admit they can’t afford everything he wants. He also makes impulsive purchases that are quickly draining their bank account. He may not be mature enough to handle money, so she has to hide the problems from him. If she spoke up, he might realize how much his poor financial decisions are hurting their marriage.

11 She Wasted Seven Years Of Her Life

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When two people get married, they expect serious changes in their lives. Not only does their situation change financially but also their lives become intertwined. Unfortunately for this couple, it sounds like their relationship has remained stagnant for the past seven years. Seven years is almost an entire decade of someone’s life. She feels the time was wasted. She may have wanted to grow as a couple and raise children together. Instead, he is more invested in increasing his bond with his favorite game. It sounds like their schedule has been the same for ages and he’s grown too comfortable in the situation. She’s angry to have wasted so much time with a man addicted to gaming. No matter what happens to this couple, she’s put up with an unsatisfactory marriage for seven years.

10 Husband Doesn’t Understand Why Wife Is Annoyed

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This wife believes her husband wants everything his way without considering her feelings. The husband spends long hours playing video games, most likely online. He has fun with his co-op buddies and ignores her. He probably doesn’t offer to play games with her. While she’s off waiting for him or hoping he’ll turn the console off, he only does it when he’s ready. After the gaming session is over, he expects his wife to be intimate with him. She refuses to follow his commands. Like an immature kid, he gets upset when she refuses his advances. The husband needs to be more mature and grow up. His wife probably imagined a storybook romance while he just wants to immerse himself in a video game’s story.

9 Using Games to Mask a Serious Problem

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This wife probably knew that her husband played video games before they got married. She likely accepted his hobby because it didn’t seem bad at the time. He may have even promised to cut down how much time he played games once they were married. Video games are only getting better and not worse. He wasn't able to keep his promise. She realizes that he’s still addicted to gaming and doesn’t seem like he cares enough to stop. He may be wondering “Why should I stop?” They’re legally married now, so it’s not like she can easily walk out the door now, but she's thinking about it. She realizes his habit is ruining their marriage. She may have tried to talk to him about it, and he has no interest in stopping.

8 His Addiction Makes Her Feel Hopeless

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This unfortunate wife sounds like she’s at the end of her rope. She was used to the attention he gave her before they were married. Now that they’ve signed the marriage paperwork, he couldn’t care less about her. According to her, he no longer cares about her. He would rather watch videos by himself than with her. The husband is also willing to play video games for hours instead of spending quality time with her. She feels that he’s more interested in videos and spends no time with her. The situation has gotten so bad that her self-esteem has taken a serious hit. She feels like she doesn’t matter to him, which makes her wonder if she matters at all at home.

7 Investing More Time In A Game Over His Wife

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Many games that require a hefty time investment to improve your skills. Players who love the game are more than willing to invest several hours, every single day to increase their score. Once you’re married, things have to change. This wife is tired of her husband spending long hours playing video games. He spends too much time trying to get better in the game. She is tired of his addiction and is frustrated he doesn't want to spend time together anymore. He doesn’t seem as interested in spending time with her as he does his game. He may feel like he already “won” ger by getting married, and the only other level up is to have children. Let’s just hope they work on their marriage before the couple brings children into the situation.

6 Video Games Over Employment

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When two people get married, they usually have some insight on how the other person lives. In this confession, the wife may have known that he liked playing video games and smoking, but didn’t know how bad it was. She may have seen the signs upfront but had on rose-colored glasses. He could have also hidden his hobby and smoking habit with her. Either way, he’s in his 30s, and we’re in the dark if he has a high school or college degree. She takes care of the household, so he feels no responsibilities. Since he isn’t employed, she’s probably exhausted from being the only income provider. There are children involved in this horrible situation. We can only hope they get it together for the kids.

5 Ignoring The Wife In The Room

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This couple is already struggling. It’s unknown if they’re going through counseling or trying to work things out on their own. Whatever they’ve chosen to do, it’s not working. He’s been gone for a week and doesn’t seem happy to see her. He was likely happy to get away from the tense atmosphere in the house while she had to take care of everything while he was away. Now that he’s back, he decides to take solace in his favorite game instead of talking things out. She likely wanted to spend time with him and talk things over. He might be ignoring her or she may be giving him the silent treatment. Since we’re not in the room with them, all we can do is assume their house is really quiet and awkward right now.

4 He’d Rather Make Himself Happy

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Marriage may seem great at first when you realize you’ll be combining paychecks. Unfortunately, it sounds like this husband and wife team are struggling financially. She may feel that she needs to sacrifice small comforts for herself to make ends meet. Instead of buying herself something nice once and awhile, she likely feels pressured to budget for bills and save for a rainy day. Meanwhile, he feels that they have more than enough disposable income, mostly thanks to her budgeting skills. She’s angry he didn’t come to her first to discuss if they can afford a $130 video game. The money likely isn’t the biggest issue here. He was more concerned with his happiness and didn’t realize his wife needed a bare necessity: shoes.

3 Ignoring His Family For One More Level

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This whisper confession is not only painful for the wife and also the children. From what she says, it sounds like she works a full-time job to help make ends meet. She is likely in charge of cleaning their home, paying bills, and wrangling their three children. What does he do? He puts all his time and energy into video games. He may be addicted to playing multiplayer games online, so he can remember being young and without responsibilities. Unfortunately for him, he is not a kid anymore. He should step it up and help his wife. Three children, especially if they’re young, is a lot to handle alone. At this point, she may feel like a “married, single mother.” Didn’t this guy ever hear “If Mama isn’t happy, nobody’s happy?”

2 She Got Out Before His Addiction Got Worse

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When they were first married, she knew her husband liked video games and hoped he would spend less time with them when they tied the knot. It’s not shocking that their lives would change and they would commit to leaving their old, destructive ways behind. Sadly for this former wife, her now ex-husband wasn’t willing to make the commitment she was. We don’t know if they attended counseling or if he ever made an effort to change. She had to make the difficult decision to get a divorce. Everyone deserves to feel like an important person to either themselves or to someone else. This Whisper serves as a cautionary tale: cut down how much time you play video games alone and pay attention to your wife unless you want to lose her forever.

1 Follow Her Advice Or Start Filing Divorce Papers

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This wife is already thinking of ending the marriage. She’s tired of her husband coming home and going straight to his console or PC. She may have been able to put up with it for a few years, but now she’s at her breaking point. She’s doing everything by herself when she expected a partnership. He doesn’t spend quality times with her nor their children. The husband also doesn’t help with household chores and expects her to do everything. We can only hope they talked about things or else she will feel like she’s taking care of another child. The wife posted this confession for others to see as a warning of what their future will hold if they keep up the bad habits.

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