A Shovel Knight Board Game Kickstarter Is Over 50% Funded After Only Three Days

A Kickstarter campaign for a board game based on the hit indie game Shovel Knight launched three days ago and is already halfway to its goal. The developers, Panda Cult Games, describe the new board game as, "A 1-4 Player competitive side-scrolling board game based off Yacht Club Games famously crowdfunded videogame "Shovel Knight!"

The game, auspiciously titled Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duel - A Miniatures Board Game, features miniature figurines of Shovel Knight as well as many of his famous enemies, including King Knight, Plague Knight, and Spectre Knight. With over $40,000 of its $80,000 raised in just three days, the campaign is poised to follow in the footsteps of its uber-successful namesake.

Shovel Knight began its life as a crowd-sourced game in 2013. It managed to raise $311,000 from almost 15,000 backers and became one of the most successful indie game Kickstarters of all time. Despite numerous lengthy delays, the game went on to sell over 2 million copies, has been ported to every system, and has grown to include new 3 additional campaigns, including the upcoming (and repeatedly delayed) King of Cards campaign.

Shovel Knight himself has appeared as a playable character in more than a dozen games, including the recent hot title Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (which we gave a 4 out 5). He has his own Amiibo, appears as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and soon, will have his own board game.

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The campaign describes the game as a four-player competition to defeat enemies and collect as much gold as possible to prove which one of you is the true Shovel Knight. There is a unique side-scrolling mechanic that involves removing the back row of game tiles, sliding the remaining tiles to the left, then adding a new row of tiles on the right. It gives the effect of your characters progressing forward each turn and is a pretty clever way to tie the game back to the source.

Panda Cult Games has promised to add stretch goals as the campaign goes on, the first of which being playable boss character once the campaign reaches $90,000. It's a fantastic call back to the stretch goals of the original game, and considering the success the campaign has had so far, seems likely to succeed.

Currently, there is only one pledge tier available: pledge $70 or more and you will receive the game, an exclusive Shield Knight model and hero card, and any stretch goals that the campaign reaches. The stretch goals will be packed in the box and more will be revealed as the campaign continues.

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